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Thread: 4 Times Square a.k.a. Conde Nast Building - 42nd Street & Broadway - by Fox & Fowle

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    The one with the green cladding is times sq tower, in front of that (the one with the slanted roof) is Ernst & Young. To the left of that is the reuters building (with the little spire) and then the giant behind it is conde nast.

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    Default Thanx

    Thank you for the new pics of 4TS - west side. Not sure if there are many Lumacomers smiling though, Michelle - no sign of the sign yet - AGM on Thurs. though may shed some light on it's installation progress.

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    Yeah, it looks the same as it always does up there.

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    Default 4TS sign installation

    All steel works have been done and are currently waiting to be lifted and assembled to the platform this week, which will go quick. Lumacom is still inside their time frame (Dec – January). You will actually be able to see the progressing works of the US (Conde Nast B) site on Lumacom’s website starting from this week, plus you will also be updated by letters from the Installers.

    NB - Webcam indicates lifting equipment now being installed on top of the western sign of the Conde Nast building

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    Im skeptical Lumacom will install the signs, more so that they even have rights to.

    Durst is still advertising the signs availability, its right there on their homepage.

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    Isn't Lumacom installing the sign mechanics? Durst is advertising leasing space on the signs - which I guess would only involve a computer program.

    With the new antenna and those bare sign grids, the top now looks like an offshore oil platform.

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    I understood it that Lumacom is/was renting the space and would then rent it out at a higher premium. I don’t recall Durst paying Lumacom to build and install, I would expect some mention of the up and coming technonolgy on Durst’s website.

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    I checked their website. They seem to be a products company. If Lumacom is just selling the technology, then Durst will still have to have it installed. It wouldn't make economic sense for the leasee to install it themselves.

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    I remember someone mentioned that the city was installing video screens on subway entrances. I couldn't find that thread, though. Since we are talking about video ad screens here, I hope you don't mind.

    I noticed in a pic by Swede at SSC (from the NY meet) that there appeared to be one of the screens on a subway entrance railing. Are those the video screens or some different ad system? (Swede said he didn't think that was one, but there were others around that were.) Are theses video screens only on a few or are they at subways all around the city now?

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    You generally find those screens practically everywhere below 59th Street. They're pretty powerful LED screens, so I wouldn't recommend looking directly at them from close up.

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    Default Screens on Conde Nast building

    Lumacom are leasing the space off Durst organisation. Clear Channel are finding the advertisers for the signs, on behalf of Lumacom and will collect about 25% commission for this. Lumacom will be responsible for all costs associated with the signs and will maintain ownership of them.

    Here is Clear Channel's home page advertising promotion for the west sign on building.

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    If Lumacom is leasing the space why is Durst advertising the space, without mention of going through Lumacom on their website?

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    Default Re Durst & LUM

    I would say that the info. on the Durst web site is old - probably prior to June 2003 when Lumacom and Totius Media signed a contract with Durst for the rights to lease the signage space. This lease was renegotiated in June 2004 as far as I'm aware.
    Both Lumacom and Clear Channel are publicly listed companies, and I'm sure they are giving accurate information to their respective bourses and shareholders.
    AGM for LUM is tomorrow, 25th Nov, 2004

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLOZ Link5
    You generally find those screens practically everywhere below 59th Street. They're pretty powerful LED screens, so I wouldn't recommend looking directly at them from close up.
    LOL :wink:

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    Default Sign installation Update

    From the Lumacom AGM on Thurs.

    Excerpt 1: Installation of the land-mark sign at the Nasdaq building situated in Times Square, New York is currently in progress.
    • The sign modules (272 in total) have been manufactured and shipped to
    New York.
    • All steel and structural work has been fabricated.
    • All matters involving the lease and approvals are complete.
    Commissioning is expected to be finalised early in the new year. The Nasdaq sign will be the largest roof top electronic sign of its type in the world and a prominent landmark on the Manhattan skyline.

    Excerpt 2: Installation
    Installation work on our LumaPanel sign at the Nasdaq building is in progress. The installation contract is with Spectrum Signs, a sign erector with considerable experience on large buildings in New York. All 272 LumaPanel modules making up the sign were manufactured and shipped to New York 2 months ago. The installation process is a complex one, given that the sign platform over-hangs the building some 50 stories high, requiring consideration for a host of strict safety issues during
    installation and post commissioning. The safety netting (which might sound like a simple task but indeed an important and time consuming process) has now been finalised and the steel base supports to which the 272, one square metre LumaPanel modules are affixed are now in the process of installation. Photographs showing the sign’s installation will soon be posted on our web-site so its progress can bemonitored. The installation schedule is very much governed by prevailing weather
    conditions, however, commissioning for the sign in day-time operation is earmarked for January 05 with electronic commissioning to occur during the ensuing 4 weeks.

    Excerpt 3: New York Landmark
    It is important to remember that the Nasdaq project at 4 Times Square is a spectacular site providing a flagship reference installation for Lumacom which few other sites will be able to match. Being the largest sign of its kind in the world, it will dominate the Manhattan skyline and will be seen from many vantage points in New York and New Jersey.

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