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Thread: One Beacon Court a.k.a. Bloomberg Tower - 151 East 58th @ Lexington - by Cesar Pelli

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    The cranes of The Bloomberg tower appear on New York skyline. The view across Central Park Pond. 1 May 2003.

    For comparison, a picture from 18 January 2003. The Bloomberg tower will rise near the blue bullet of International Plaza Building, on the left.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I think Citigroup will remain the eye-catcher from this angle. Taller and more distinctive.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Quote: from Fabb on 2:11 pm on May 3, 2003
    I think Citigroup will remain the eye-catcher from this angle. Taller and more distinctive.
    But now it has a younget brother to share the skyline with.

    (Edited by Evan at 5:35 pm on May 3, 2003)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I agree, unless Bloomberg adds another 100 feet.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    What's that ugly building in the middle of the Bloomberg Tower and the CitiCorp building.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Is it the Galleria you're talking about ? (the building that looks uncompleted)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Yes. It looks horrible.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    New York skyline, from left to right: the cranes of Bloomberg Tower, Citigroup Center, House III by Roy Lichtenstein, the spire of Chrysler Building, The Four Seasons Hotel. The view from the roof garden of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I swear the construction on the top of the Four Seasons has got to be as slow as anything I can ever remember.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Maybe it's a permanent feature. That would be a big surprise, right ?

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    LOL. Permanent black netting as design feature. Maybe the building's a widow.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Renovation takes forever. *Look how long it took them to do the Paramount marquis in Times Square -- they built the Reuters building and were halfway through the Ernst & Young tower by the time it was finally finished. *And don't forget about that big hotel above the Gap on 42nd that has been behind black netting for as long as I can remember.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    LOL Edward, I particularly like the arc created by Citicorp, House III and the Four Seasons.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Here are some computer models by Jon Seagull \

    Copyright Holder: 7th Art Pictures
    Production Notes:
    A 3D model and presentation renderings of their project were in hand, but a client promoting their new luxury office/residential project in midtown Manhattan wanted a striking visual for their promotional material that conveyed the refinement they were seeking, quickly and on a budget.
    By turning their existing model into a crystal sculpture, with the attendant play of light, a whole new way to experience their building presented itself.
    The crystal graphics were incorporated as graphic elements in video, web, and print materials, providing an anchor for the building's identity.

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