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Thread: One Beacon Court a.k.a. Bloomberg Tower - 151 East 58th @ Lexington - by Cesar Pelli

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    The Citicorp is radical. This will at best be slick.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    that was what i was thinking, just immagine if that was lit up in halogen blue. However, the top is glass will probably be lit up as a yellow beam, like Bear Sterns. Maybe they will do something like Citicorp or the ESB, and have lights focusing on the buildings skin, i feel at night the reflection of the blue building would be aewsome. I cannot wait to see BBT mixed with the sun on the skyline.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I'll be able to have a nice view of it, at least. *I can see the crane out my window as of now. *It won't obscure my view of Citicorp, but I think it'll block what's left of my view of the MetLife building (namely, most of the cornice logo). *But it won't be a total loss, I guess. *Can't wait to see Bloomberg finished in 2004.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Bloomberg Tower. Rising now, 18 storeys.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Wow, thanks for the update Stern.
    That sucker is gonna rise fast now that they're on typical floors.

    Do we still not have a definitive height on this guy?

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Great pics Stern, I gotta get over here and check it out. The facade looks great so far, the little of it that has been clad.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Yeah, I have to agree with JerzDevl, *REALLY great pics Stern!

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)


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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Thanks a for all the positive feedback.

    I love the highly detailed metallic façade on this baby.

    We still have conflicting heights, I was hoping to find a construction worker on break but was unsuccessful. I was also without luck on finding a security guard at the Hearst Building. The entrance was locked, but the remaining few retail tenants are closing and “moving to another location”, this is a positive sign.

    (Edited by Stern at 9:36 am on Feb. 9, 2003)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    The Bloomberg tower (731 Lexington) appears on New York skyline. The blue rocket of International Plaza Building on the right. 9 February 2003.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    And cranes from the ESB cam....

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I presume that the Bloomberg will become an icon in the skyline even before it's topped out. Midtown is really getting its act together.

    It's sad we can't say the same for Lower Manhattan.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    * The tower is coming together very nicely now. The fascade is beautiful, i cannot wait to see that metallic blue baby on the skyline when shes completed, i hope she has flood lights that show the metallic blue at night, kind of like citicorp and the building next to it. We can see the construction very distinctly now coming over and off of the 59th street brige. I highly doubt there will be any more surprises up Bloombergs sleeve, however there is 1 distinct detail that i should mention to all of you. Bloomberg, i believe, has made plans and blueprints all the way to the crown. This, i feel is where he will pull any surprises if any. Word around says that if the Bloomberg Corporation has a surplus left over in its budget alotted for the building when it has reached the crown, that they would go the extra mile to push the height a little further and possibly go all out for their tower to be seen in the night skies.
    * Just in case anyone is wondering where this information came from, it is from my firend that is an affiliate of Vornado and has kinda inquired for me and got a few chit chatting answers from some ppl.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    So the final height depends on a hypothetical surplus ? I'm not sure this is good news.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Rich, by the "building next to Citicorp," do you mean the Lipstick Building? *I do like the way the reddish tint of that building is highlighted.

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