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Thread: One Beacon Court a.k.a. Bloomberg Tower - 151 East 58th @ Lexington - by Cesar Pelli

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I'm sure Rich was referring to 599 Lexington Avenue (53rd Street) -- that lovely sleek skyscraper by Edward Larrabee Barnes. *It gets lit up beautifully at night and is a wonderful companion to Citicorp. *

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Rich: From the Bloomberg website:

    The building will reach more than 850 feet in height totaling 52 stories.

    Would you agree that 850 feet will be the minimum, but its Bloomberg's call to rise higher? What potential heights are we talking about here, what are the chances. Is this good corporate citizenship or are the motives otherwise. The entire process is confusing.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    The complexities of putting up a big building, never mind a colossal skyscraper, are astounding. *I don't think the powers-that-be are calculating variables when hundreds of millions of dollars have been committed, hundreds of workers are under contract, and two massive cranes are 800 feet in the air.

    It's true that the spire of the Chrysler Building was a surprise, but that was purely decorative and did not involve ungodly amounts of money and planning.

    I don't think hard-headed businessmen like Bloomberg and Roth and seasoned architects like Pelli work on contingencies: if the market is up when we near 52 stories, we'll add on...if we gain extra cachet by besting the Trump Tower we'll add on...

    If Bloomberg says 850, that's what I'm going by. *Anything else would be a surprise -- a pleasant surprise, but a surprise all the same. * *

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    850 feet is a comfort. A relief in that the process that is Alexander's Tower is over! This has been a great act of drama, however complex this show has been. Roth has talked from nearly 1000 feet, 900 feet, and the tragedy 450 foot twins, 720 feet, 780 feet. 850 feet sounds to be a climax. This has been a rollercoaster, but from the looks of things it looks as if [we] the internet skyline enthusiasts havent faired too badly.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    i truly hope that they make it 850+ because midtown could really use it. the cluster of 650-750fters throughout midtown could use some more focal points. Since bloomberg is around 60th st near the end of midtown the skyline would really nice with a large building here to go along with citicorp. Now if we could only get a 1000fter somewhere in there

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I think that any height addition would be purely decorative and as such, it may actually happen. *I doubt that they will alter the number of floors on the building, but I wouldn't put it past Mike Bloomberg to chip in a few bucks for a Chrysler-like surprise. *Especially if the completion of the building coincides nicely with a potential reelection campaign.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    what does bloomberg have like 5 billion dollars??..lets hope he's not cheap id like to see him spend a little extra and push it past TWT.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Trump World Tower is hiding behind the Citylights building, on the left. The striped Citigroup Center in the center. To the right, the tower of Four Seasons Hotel with scaffolding on top. The cranes of The Bloomberg tower (731 Lexington) appear on New York skyline, far right. 9 February 2003.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    It would be my guess that at this point it is nearing 450 feet.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Excellent progress.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    On my way to work today I counted 24 complete floors, so the 450 foot figure may be a bit excessive. *I would guess the height at 400 feet.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Really? i don't know if anyone here lives or works near the Bloomberg Tower site, but can any one tell me wut floor they are currently on? *Also, does any one have any info in the Con Ed site? *I heard that one confirmed tower was 900 feet, and they were trying to make another, much bigger one... could some one please clarify, it would be a help, thanx

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Like Eugenius said, they're on the 24th floor as of last weekend.

    The tower is much more slender than I expected.

    The glass around the base is nearly complete, although the renderings show that the tower will have a different curtain wall - alternating light dark stripes.

    The Third Avenue end isn't finished, but it is topped out.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Slender's good. Right, Fabb?

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