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Thread: One Beacon Court a.k.a. Bloomberg Tower - 151 East 58th @ Lexington - by Cesar Pelli

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Mar 23, 2003

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)


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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    This is still the office part of the building, right ?
    Is there going to be a transition from steel to concrete when the residential part is reached ?

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    The structure (columns and beams) on this building look extremely thin for a building in the 800 foot range. *I thought the structure on
    the Times Square building (currently rising) looked thin *too but it at least has some diagonal bracing for stability.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    The Times Square Tower is actually pretty narrow in the East-West dimension compared to the Bloomberg, while also being broader in the North-South dimension. *Therefore there is expected to be greater wind pressure against the building, and less girth to withstand it. *For that reason it needs diagonal bracing.
    Most of the very thick beams in the Bloomberg building are within the core, and are not visible from the outside.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I agree. The broad base stabilizes the structure.
    There are several floors with diagonal bracing too.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Hey guys, I have been reading this forum for a while now, and I can say that I have a little information about the building.
    I am working for the company that is installing the curtainwall system for the building.
    The transition from steel to concrete floors will be on floor 30, where the residential area starts.
    Overall height of the building as of the latest info that I have is going to be right around 855'-6" and that at the T.O. Coping....which is about the latern area at the top. *Anything else of interest that I can think of, I will add.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Hi 731GUY. Welcome to the forum.

    That's great news to get a real height figure for the building. There's been so many conflicting reports.

    One question though. What's T.O. Coping? Is that the very top cap of the building?

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Yeah, T.O. Coping is the top cap on the curtain wall/highest point that we are working with, and we have gotten no further instruction that the height is going to change.

    (Edited by 731GUY at 4:11 pm on Mar. 24, 2003)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Thanks for the height figure 731 guy

    Nice and tall...just the way we like 'em!

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Assuming the crown is taller than 6 feet, this building should surpass the Trump World Tower. *If it is taller than 48 feet, it will surpass Citicorp.

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Thanks 731Guy. Finally a height, in feet and inches.

    Now about that crown, well.......what about the crown?

    (Edited by NYatKNIGHT at 4:30 pm on Mar. 24, 2003)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    What exactly do you guys mean by a "crown"? *If it is the back-lite part (otherwise known as the Latern) of the building that you guys are referring to, that height of 855'-6" is the height at which the building will top out at. *If that isn't what it is, then let me know.

    (Edited by 731GUY at 5:28 pm on Mar. 24, 2003)

    (Edited by 731GUY at 5:44 pm on Mar. 24, 2003)

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    Do you have a firm floor count, 731GUY?

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    Default Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    855'-6" ? Really ?
    I can live with that.

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