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Thread: Times Square Tower - 7 Times Square / 42nd @ B'way & 7th Ave - by S.O.M.

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    Default Times Square Tower

    I see.
    Well, you know... this is Times Square.
    I hope the complex harmony of the fašade won't be ruined by that addition.

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    Default Times Square Tower

    It'll only add to the cacophony.

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    Default Times Square Tower

    I wouldnt pass judgement until you actually see the sign. Overall I like the TXSQ Tower, but like you said, the architectural jury is still out for the building, sign and all.

    (Edited by Stern at 4:37 pm on July 30, 2003)

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    Default Times Square Tower

    In regard to our previous discussion about plywood in some of the windows...

    I was at Columbus Circle on Monday and obviously took the time to watch the progress and AOL-Time Warner. *I noticed that there are still pieces of plywood in the windows, but also that the cranes that run the height of the building have windbraces which connect them to the building. *The braces connect the building right where the plywood boards are. *Obviously, they wouldn't want to break expensive reflective glass while installing the crane.

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    Default Times Square Tower

    The view of Times Square Tower under construction and Knickerbocker Hotel from Avenue of the Americas. 2 August 2003.

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    Default Times Square Tower

    Another view of the TS Tower, along with the Conde Nast, also taken Aug 2...

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    Default Times Square Tower

    The whole power outage crisis..... yea...yea. It got me down. watching TV with the lights and splendor of Times Square and conculding to disregard warnings and blast my A.C. Sleeping off a good but very late last-night perspiring in an irregular sleep with pores clogged with salt water mostly of my own sweat.

    And to quit my ramblings. Today on TV news, Timesquare. AC blasting. The Wachovia sign installed on TXSQ Tower and looking great. Feeling horrible, but I already told you'll about that. And I hate sharing my problems. So YEY! new TXSQ signage, rejoice!

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    Default Times Square Tower


    Anyway the Times Square Tower website is up.

    Photo by Jock Pottle of Esto

    I don't really care for this tower.

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    Default Times Square Tower

    I think this may be one of the VERY few times the building outdoes the rendering. *

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    Default Times Square Tower

    There is NO doubt that this building outdoes the rendering! The facade is great and the views down 42nd St or down times square from the north end are nothing short of stunning.

    I also feel this way becuse the original rendering was done by Philip Johnson/John Burgee in 1984 as part of the "Times Towers" project. Tacky, kitschy, ugly, and the worst example of Postmodernism in the U.S. after the Portland Building, they were heralded as a corporate way to clean up 42nd Street long before Disney had moved in. There weren't zoning required setbacks either and they could have been placed nearly anywhere in the city.

    Times Square got something much better, now that the 4 sites that the orginal towers were supposed to be on, ended up sprouting the Conde Nast, Reuters, Ernst and Young, and Times Square Towers. Nothing against the "current dean of American Architecture", but what we got by Fox and Fowle, KPF, and David Childs was a great improvement!

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    Default Times Square Tower

    I think that the complicated skin of the tower is great, if it had any more little random bits on its skin it'd start to look like a circuit board!

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    Its looking sooo good now its crown is the only thing left to finish

    any pics?

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    The lobby looks great!

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    Im going to post some veiws from the top:

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