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Thread: Riverside South Development

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    OK thanks. I knew about the rail yard/lines but I did not know the exact layout. This change was part of this country's shift from manufacturing to paper shuffling.

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    Map of the area from 1920, showing the RR lines coming into Riverside South.

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    City Council approves Extell's Riverside Center

    After agreeing to improve amenities for the surrounding community, Extell Development received a green light to build on the last undeveloped parcel on the Upper West Side.

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    Council Approves Five Towers of Fun at the UWS's Riverside Center

    December 20, 2010, by Joey Arak

    You know when's a perfect time to push through controversial neighborhood-altering megaprojects? Shortened holiday work weeks when most people are traveling, of course! And so today the City Council unanimously approved Riverside Center following an extremely bitter public review period—though the project's opponents can't say they didn't see it coming. Extell's development, which will take the place of an eight-acre lot between West 59th and 61st Streets from West End Avenue to Riverside Boulevard, will be dominated by five towers (the tallest climbing to 44 stories) designed by French starchitect Christian de Portzamparc. There's a whole lot more, which isn't a surprise if you've been following along, but here's a quick review via Extell's press release:
    Overview of new Riverside Center development:
    · 2,500 apartments
    · 250-room hotel
    · 140,000 sf of retail and service space
    · 104,000 sf of office space
    · K-8 public school (Extell pays for construction of the core and shell for the full 100,000 square foot school, with the School Construction Authority finishing at least 85,000 square feet of it)
    · Cinema
    · Parking for 1,500 cars
    · Affordable housing (500,000 sf - 20% of the project's residential floor area)
    · 2.76 acre public park and playground designed by Mathews Nielsen
    · Extell will add $17.5 million to the City's $2.5 million to finish the renovation and modernization of Riverside Park South and also to renovate the West 59th Street Recreation Center
    What, no shout-out for the water scrim?! Also not mentioned: a construction start date. Details, details. Here once again is layout of the plan, which is the final piece of the "Riverside South" community.

    Riverside Center []

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    Great news hope they get started soon.

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    Latest Riverside South tower to be glassiest

    Courtesy of Goldstein Hill & West [+] Enlarge
    Riverside South will boast more glass than any new buildings north of it.

    Also See

    One of the last of over a dozen residential towers to be built at Riverside South on the far West Side of Manhattan will be considerably glassier than its neighbors, according to the project's designers at Goldstein Hill & West Architects. The tower is part of a new residential cluster originally proposed almost a decade ago to rise at the former Pennsylvania rail yards between West 59th and West 72nd streets along the West Side Highway.
    The 650,000-square-foot residential tower at 40 Riverside Blvd. will be 33-stories high and boast more glass than any of the other new buildings north of it, Stephen Hill, a partner at Goldstein Hill & West Architects, recently told Crain's. Mr. Hill has been involved in developing Riverside South since 1995, first under his former employer Costas Kondyllis & Partners and now under his own firm Goldstein Hill & West. To date, he has worked on 10 of the projects, most recently, helping developer Extell Development design residential towers The Rushmore, Aldyn and Ashley.
    “The original buildings were governed by zoning and design guidelines that were restrictive in the amount of glass and stone used,” said Mr. Hill, who could not say when construction will commence. “With this building we have more freedom with its façade and materials.”
    Buildings on the northern end of the site tend to have heavier materials and smaller windows, he noted. The guidelines expired six years ago, according to the Riverside South Planning Corp. website.
    In 1992, the city approved plans to develop the 77-acre Riverside South. Donald Trump was the original developer of the first residential towers on the northern portion of the site, which also became known as Trump Place. But in 2005, Extell bought the undeveloped parcels on the site from Mr. Trump and his partners. Late last year, Extell received city approval to build Riverside Center, a proposed 3.1 million-square-foot, mixed-use property consisting of five high-rise towers on the southern end of the site, between West 59th and West 61st streets.
    The new tower at 40 Riverside will have a stone base but transition into more glass as it rises, he said. It will have an “appearance of a curtain wall.”
    “It will look cleaner, sleeker and more beautiful,” said Mr. Hill.
    While Mr. Hill could not disclose how many apartments the tower will include, he noted that it will have a mix of units ranging from one-bedrooms to larger duplexes and single-floor units toward the top of the building. The tower will also be chock full of amenities, such at swimming pools and regulation-size basketball courts that Extell's previous buildings are known for.
    “It's always a learning process,” he said. “We make an effort to make each building better than the last.”

    ©2011 Crain Communications Inc.

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    That patterned glass looks horrible.

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    Yep, gross.

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    looks like a cross between 101 warren and the eventi

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    So much for "more beautiful" as Mr. Hill seems to consider his building in relation to its neighbors.

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    Rendering suggests central air. That's an improvement over the trump buildings to the north.

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    Trump built his best building in Chicago...of course.

    I swear, the citizens of this city along with its greedy developers, talentless hackitects and idiot city government seemingly all conspire to make sure that we get the most mediocre, most bland and least ambitious new buildings possible.

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