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Thread: Woolworth Building - 233 Broadway - by Cass Gilbert

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    Make that ~ NINE X as large
    Thanks for doing the research! (you're always good for it) I was going to say eight times as large, but not wanting to veer into hyperbo-land I went with a lowball figure.

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    To continue along this tangent, I thought those fold out postcards pictured above (on display at the skyscraper museum) were pretty neat. They also had a bigger collection, but it was hard to get a good picture. picture

    Anyone know a place that would have vintage postcards like this (besides ebay)? I know you can buy reproductions of vintage postcards at gift shops, but I would be more interested in ones that feature buildings that aren't around anymore.

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    The Woolworth Building

    The Woolworth Building under construction in 1912.

    Thursday, March 12th 2009, 2:47 PM

    Skyscrapers, they were called, towers that climbed so high that they seemed to, not to put too fine a point on it, scrape the sky, and if F.W. Woolworth's colossal "cathedral of commerce" at Broadway and Park Row was by no means New York's first skyscraper, it for sure was the biggest, for years, and an extraordinary fixture on the city skyline.

    Standing 60 stories at its completion in 1913, merchant prince Woolworth's monument to his dimestores and himself was indeed the tallest building in the whole world for nearly 20 years, till the Chrysler and Empire State came along to dwarf it.

    Long ago become a relatively stubby little pile as all the city around it shot heroically upward and ever upward, the Woolworth Building nonetheless remains a stirring emblem of a notion of fabulous limitlessness that once there was.

    Polishing the world-famous spire, 1932

    2009 Daily News, L.P.

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    Lit up tonight. Awesome.
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    Awesome building. It gets me wondering, was Old Man Woolworth's famous office near the top, under the spire?

    Also I think those pointy corner bits are ventilation intakes. Looks like they are covered in plaster grilles maybe.

    In this picture the spire appears to be terra cotta rather than copper. Just an optical illusion?

    Also I keep reading it has 57 stories or even 60. However counting them all up and even including the spire as another 7 that figure still seems like nonsense

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    What Woolworth building?

    Hope I got these angles right.

    Derek2k3, I hope you didn't mind me cropping and enlarging one of your photographs for this as it has reduced the quality.

    If you do, I will remove it.


    June 2007 and January 2010.
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    I actually didn't realize Woolworth was gone when I was up there. But it is sad.

    If only they built the tower where Pace stands.

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    They didn't actually destroy Woolworth....Beekman just blocks the view of it.

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    phew! what a relief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    I actually didn't realize Woolworth was gone when I was up there. But it is sad.

    If only they built the tower where Pace stands.
    Problem is Derek, unfortunately, when a new building goes up, someone loses a view, wherever you build it.

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    Posted this earlier in the 7 WTC thread, but probably belongs here.

    Alan Miles NYC

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    The similar views of woolyb from beek and from the eventual 99 church need to be here as well.

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    The Woolworth Building seems to define downtown as a symbol the same way the Chrysler Building defines Midtown. Both buildings are striking examples of the architecture and engineering in their day. I have not forgotten the Empire State Building. She is New York.

    Zippy's shot reminds me how the Woolworth building is an excellent example of how style, classic style, against plain skyscrapers steals the show.

    I used to really not like the aged and dated look of Woolworth. I remember its many restorations which must have been tedious dealing with steel beams held together with rivets and thousands of pieces of terra cotta. There was a comment on the History channel on "America-The Story of Us" last night that made reference to the fact that close to half of all men working on early skyscrapers were either killed or disabled in the process. Makes you look differently at the holistic beauty of the Woolworth Building NYC.

    Looking at some of the other photos, I am falling in love with the grand old dame of Broadway and Downtown.

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    They need to get that graffiti off the Bowling Green station.

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