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Co-Op Residents vs. Sloan-Kettering
Updated: Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012, 7:31 PM EST
Published : Wednesday, 07 Mar 2012, 7:31 PM EST

MYFOXNY.COM - Irina and Lenny Dukhon say they spent their life savings on their 6th-floor apartment overlooking the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. It is a view they likely won't have for long. The Dukhons and several of their neighbors at 440 East 62 Street say that Memorial Sloan-Kettering's plan to expand is leaving them short sighted.
Sloan Kettering is proposing to build a 261-foot outpatient center. Neighbors say it is going to leave a courtyard and nearly half the apartments in the building in complete darkness.
"I understand that in New York City you can lose a view and lose some of the view, but being put into a shaft and in a tunnel is a totally different version," Nicole Detko said.
The co-op board said that when the hospital center is complete in about three years, it will completely enclose all of the apartments on the south side of the building.
Co-op board president Cabot Marks claimed the hospital will not even meet them halfway.
"We had proposed that they provide a passage way from 61st Street into our backyard to allow some light and air to get into our terrace," Marks said. "They refuse to talk about it."
But Sloan said it has participated in several community board meetings on the matter. Sloan also told Fox 5 it has "heard the concerns regarding a loss of light raised by individuals. However, the program for twelve operating rooms and the required functional elements necessary to safely support those operating rooms, along with city, state, federal and department of health codes, drives the overall building size."
But neighbors said this isn't over.
"We are fighting like hell and we will continue to fight to obtain some kind of concession," Detko said.

Video interview with residents' concerns accessed with link.
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That is effed & I hope they win.