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    Default Chrysler Building Roof

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    There was a thread here a loooong time ago with pictures from a little reception in the uppermost spaces... it looked sparse.

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    great photos- everytime I look up at the magnificent crown my imagination pictures the inside to be like the father's office in the old film Metropolis. The gutted reality is not so romantic but the potential is obviously there.
    These pictures renew my wonder at the fact that the space doesn't contain something like a cocktail lounge or maybe even a holographic skyscraper exhibit of some sort (okay , i'm reaching). It just seems like such a waste that it has gone from "Cloud Club" to -empty attic-.

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    In those pics the one of downtown, the woolworth building appeared to lit up green am i wrong?

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    Check out the recent film, "The Aviator." The film's set designers did a spectacular job of recreating the Chrysler Building's art deco atmospheric observation lounge. Now, I wish those same artists would come to my place and build one for me, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law & Order
    Who knows how the roof at 60 Wall Street is set up? (Deutsche Bank)
    Its mechanical under the actual roof itself. The top floor is meeting rooms and executive dining room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law & Order
    So is it just a big green thing that covers the stuff on a flat roof? Say you were hanging on for dear life and you were as big as a lamp could you crawl in through the spaces? You probaly wont understand this to well. I have a picture from a calender I can scan to show you what Im talking about.
    You're right, I don't understand the question too well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law & Order
    You can see some of the supports inside, in the original picture they are easy to see. So is it just one big green piece on the top of the flat roof just to make it look better?
    Its a flat roof and there are a bunch of boxes containing various equipment on top of it. Without the green roof piece it would look like a flat roofed building with a lot of mechanical junk sticking up on top of it.

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