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Thread: 7 World Trade Center - by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    There was a series on PBS that dealt with the construction of the Worldwide Plaza. *It had similar details....

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    can someone please post a picture of the construction site and how its coming along. thanx

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    New York Daily News -

    WTC plans got trashed


    Wednesday, August 27th, 2003

    A Bronx bagel store owner made a stunning discovery in the trash outside his shop: blueprints for the electrical and mechanical systems of the first building set to rise at Ground Zero, the Daily News has learned.
    Cops confiscated the 27 pages of documents detailing some of the innards of the planned replacement for 7 World Trade Center yesterday as the tower's developer and other officials expressed shock at the find.

    "I would say the guy ... has no brain," the Riverdale bagel store owner, who didn't want his name used, said of the person who tossed the blueprints in the trash.

    The merchant turned the documents over to City Councilman Oliver Koppell (D-Bronx), who contacted police. The NYPD launched an investigation.

    "Assuming that there's nothing nefarious here, it's just irresponsible and grossly negligent to leave plans like this lying around," Koppell said yesterday. "Let's assume someone saw it who had some gripe, who's sympathetic to terrorists. ... Do we really want them to have it?"

    The blueprints detailed the foundation plan for the new 7 WTC, as well as transformer vaults, column widths and the location of a "mechanical penthouse" on one of the building's highest floors, a News review of the documents showed.

    The original 7 WTC, built on land owned by the Port Authority, was destroyed in the terror attack nearly two years ago.

    In November, developer Larry Silverstein unveiled plans for the new tower, designed by architects at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

    The original building housed a Con Edison electrical substation, which is being rebuilt in the new tower. Some of the plans are related to those power systems.

    Silverstein spokesman Howard Rubenstein said, "Those plans are obsolete and incomplete and of no value to anyone." But he added that the developer "is launching an immediate investigation to find out how this may have happened."

    PA spokesman Michael Petralia said his agency would help Silverstein investigate.

    Con Ed spokesman Michael Clendenin said, "We have no way of commenting. We don't know what [the documents] are."

    The tempest in a trash can started two weeks ago, when the deli owner arrived at his Riverdale Ave. store about 4:30 a.m. and saw the schematics lying on top of cardboard he had set out for recycling.

    They were dated March 2003 and stamped "received" by Tishman Construction, which is overseeing the project. They also bore the names "Silverstein Properties" and "Skidmore, Owings and Merrill."

    Handed over to pol

    The owner picked them up, brought them into the store, wrapped them up with a rubber band and forgot them for a week while he went on vacation. When he got back, the sight of them nagged at him.

    So when Koppell came into his shop Sunday for a nosh, the owner turned the plans over to him.

    Yesterday, Koppell contacted cops, who sent two counterterrorism detectives to pick them up. "This is actually an investigation now," said Detective Brian Martin of the criminal investigation section, counterterrorism unit. He added: "We get leads, but not like this."

    Tishman officials didn't return calls, and architects working on the project weren't reachable.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    'Silverstein spokesman Howard Rubenstein said, "Those plans are obsolete and incomplete and of no value to anyone." But he added that the developer "is launching an immediate investigation to find out how this may have happened."' That is probably the biggest lie I have ever heard. They want to calm the public into thinking nothing important was released. Sort of like how they said the air at the WTC site was safe. Why would obselete plans actually make it to the construction site and be there during construction?

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Also, I wonder if it was a dropoff arranged to be picked up by some terrorist mastermind or something bad like that. Let's just hope nothing like that happens again.
    BTW, Brooklyn Rider, I like Fox News

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    After all of the suspense they trash the plans. I guess the Post was right when they said it would never get built.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    NY POST...


    September 2, 2003

    A STROLL along the narrow Vesey Street walkway between Church and West streets traverses two bustling construction sites: ground zero on the south side, where the Port Authority is racing to complete the new temporary PATH terminal, and Larry Silverstein's 7 World Trade Center site to the north.

    And it's about to get a lot busier. Most of what's visible so far above ground at 7 WTC is a structure to house a new Con Ed transformer station. But by the middle of next month, Silverstein's spokesman confirms, the first steel beams are scheduled to arrive for the 52-story, David Childs-designed tower itself.

    The raw steel - 70 tons' worth - landed near Baltimore recently, and is being fabricated at a facility in New Jersey.

    So much for the off-base speculation that Silverstein would not build 7 WTC without tenants signed up. You do not return 70 tons of steel in a postage-paid envelope.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Well now I cant wait for mid october. Then we can start seeing some real progress

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    That's a key-phase of the rebirth. If all the tower is filled fast with tenants, the other part of the project could suddenly become more ambitious.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Fabb, on that note, do you have any idea on whether it will fill up fast? Are there any tenants seriously interested? I sure do hope it is bought up quick. Maybe then they'd beef up the spire on the FT?

    (Edited by Freedom Tower at 7:33 pm on Sep. 2, 2003)

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    No. I have no idea.
    As a matter of fact, the zeal, (or the reluctance) of Silverstein to find tenants fast, will be the sign of his determination to increase (or reduce) the size of the other buildings.
    He'll use that as an argument later.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Silverstein will get his 10 million sq. ft. one way or another. If he is unable to rent it out quickly it may at worst delay the project. It'll be if he can't get people to rent the upper floors that could throw things into disarray. Silverstein will want a redesign to get his sq. footage but all under the 20th floor.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Nice, it could be like a little Sao Paulo in NYC. *We don't need TriBeCa or Chinatown anyway.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    What if tenants demand offices with a view ?
    Siverstein will be forced to offer them what they want.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    What if tenants demand offices with a view ?
    Siverstein will be forced to offer them what they want.
    That would be fantastic!

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