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Thread: 7 World Trade Center - by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Hard to contain my excitement. I hope to get a summary of the building tommorow, second hand. It shoud be in the papers Thursday.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    No good, but still worth posting.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Newday has an article up - but no picture.,0,...op%2Dheadlines

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    You can find articles by using the google news search

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Finally a decen pic. Thanks

    Another pic from Newsday...

    This is a photo of a model of the new 7 World Trade Center, released in New York on Wednesday. The 52-story, 1.6-million-square-foot office tower, scheduled to open in late 2005, has been designed with enhanced safety provisions, including sturdier fire proofing than is required by the current building code, and wider stairs for rapid evacuation.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Looks like a nicer box.. and are those corners slightly rounded or is it just me?

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    One more from Newsday...

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Things are looking up for Downtown. *We now have planned towers of 750, 600, and a potential 1,050 ft. *And thats before the planned redevelopment of the WTC has been revealed.

    Wonder if Grasso is having second thoughts about running away from the 900 ft NYSE tower...

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    Some more photos...

    All Images from

    Not too bad, sorta like a mini NYTimes without the spire or the great skin...but

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    I like the view in that second pic...

    More details from the press conference...

    The 52-story lower Manhattan office tower will be 750 feet tall and cast a smaller footprint in order to offer great views of the surrounding area, said architect David Childs of Skidmore Owings and Merrill.

    It will also be narrower than its 47-story predecessor so Greenwich Street can be restored as a through street.

    Childs noted that a special skin created for the building will allow it to act as a piece of art.

    “You see the changing clouds and the color of the sky actually penetrating into the skin, something that’s never been done before that we think will be a dramatic statement about this building being open and strong,” said Childs.

    Gov. George Pataki hailed the plans as another step in New York’s recovery from the terrorist attacks.

    “We’re not just going to recreate what existed on Sept. 11, 2001, we’re going to move beyond,” he said. “... This building, 7 World Trade Center is an important symbol but more than that, it is a concrete step” toward rebuilding the area, he said.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    750 ft is a good height for the location. Taller than WFC and 1 Liberty but not too tall to overshadow whatever will be built at the WTC site itself.

    It does look a bit like a skewed version of CIBC but will hopefully have a better "skin". In this case though I think a bit boring (like CIBC) is good. Maybe just a white and/or lighted band around the top is enough ornamentation.

    BTW, what is the 600 footer planned for downtown?

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    WOW, this is on the same level as NYTIMES. Infact much better...

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    I absolutely love this. That design is!!! Much nicer than the original.

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    Default 7 WTC renderings

    The 600-footer proposed for Downtown is 270 Greenwich Street, a bit north of the site of 7 WTC. *It's the one that TriBeCa NIMBYs have been so adamant against being constructed.

    Oooh, the new 7 WTC is very nice. *Me like a lot!

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