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Thread: 7 World Trade Center - by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

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    I hate to resurrect the silly "WTC Must be Rebuilt" thread, but here's my quote in that thread:

    The east-west streets are not important for traffic. They can remain pedestrian only. You make the same mistake about Greenwich St that others have. Though it's called Greenwich St, it's really 7th Ave South-Varick-West Broadway that runs through the site. Look at a map. It's a major southbound route. Because of the superblock, that traffic has to turn to Broadway to continue south. Streets such as Chambers become clogged.
    I also stated that a street once built has the flexibility to be configured as wanted, while a building in the way tend to remain in the way.

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    I noticed on a ground plan that the 7 WTC will be surrounded by roads on all sides. It seems ridiculous to me for 1 skyscraper to be entirely cut off like that. Why do the planners allow this? Couldn't they block at least one of the roads off to make it a pedestrian plaza between 7 WTC and another building or something like that? (just something to better connect it to the other buildings and the streetscape)

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    Washington St (between 7WTC and Verizon) was demapped several years ago, and is pedestrian only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp
    I hate to resurrect the silly "WTC Must be Rebuilt" thread ...
    I don't think that that questioning the reopening of Greenwich Street through the WTC Site is necessarily the same thing as calling for the entire old WTC plan to be rebuilt as it existed on 9/10/01 (although I do think the old plan was better than the new one). Even under the new Libeskind plan, however, which is much better than what most of its opponents are calling for (see, e.g., today's Op Ed piece in the Times), I think that a closed, pedestrian-only plaza on Greenwich Street would work better one a street with cars running through it. Given the news about 7 WTC, it seems that the one benefit you cited -- improved North South traffic flow -- won't happen. Rather, the street will just end up as a parking lot for tour buses. Although nobody ever mentions this, I think the real reason for the reopening of both Greenwich Street (and Fulton Street, for that matetr) through the site was to lop off for redevelopment big chunks of the old WTC "superblock" that otherwise would have shared a parcel with the "sacred" footprints. I view this as a beneficial motive, but not necessarily a sound urban planning one. Standing up to the five or so vocal family advocates who are shaping this agenda, in my view, would have been the better way for the politicans to go.

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    You misunderstood my statement about the "WTC must be rebuilt" thread. I didn't want to draw attention to it by citing a quote from it.

    Given the news about 7 WTC, it seems that the one benefit you cited -- improved North South traffic flow -- won't happen.
    The news about 7WTC is that the portion of Greenwich in front of 7WTC will not be open to thru traffic. I'm talking about the other side of the triangle, West Broadway. That street will flow into Greenwich St south of Vesey. I thought my previous post explained this.

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    OK, looking at the street map, I understand your point now. The block of Greenwich in front of 7 WTC is fairly unimportant. Traffic on West Broadway will run southbound into the reopened Greenwich Street. I still think there are benefits to keeping it pedestrian only, but vehicle flow will be improved somewhat. For it to really make sense, however, they would have to rework Greenwich south of WTC so that it feeds into the BBT, rather than dead end right at its base as it does now.

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    Keeping the entire 16 acres 'pedestrian only' basically keeps the superblock intact. Sound urban planning would be to have at least one of those streets open to vehicules, for traffic flow and also for optimal street activity. While there are notable exceptions, 'pedestrain only' streets generally haven't been as successful for businesses as streets with at least some vehicular access. Something about cars making the street look more alive that brings more people venturing onto its sidewalks. Many pedestrian malls around the country are reopening to traffic for this reason.

    For those who like 'pedestrian only' streets, there will be plenty of those as well, but it's good to have the option of opening and closing streets as necessity dictates.

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    7 WTC continuse to rise from the ashes...(5/9/2004)

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    go baby go!

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    Default ...

    Quote Originally Posted by DougGold
    go baby go!
    i have the same sentiments..lets get movin!

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    The building is rising quickly, I suppose because there are three cranes and plenty of room for staging.

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    I can describe the feeling this building produces with one word:


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    Today, I walked by an open gate at a Tishman trailer, and saw what I think is a mock-up of some of the facade. Two side-by-side panels, about 4 feet wide, untinted glazing.

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    I agree 100%...Let's get this baby up!

    Quote Originally Posted by NyC MaNiAc
    I can describe the feeling this building produces with one word:


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