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Thread: The Standard Hotel - 848 Washington Street - by Polshek Partnership Architects

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    Well, I suppose that if ever there was a place for a brutalist design, it would be in the meatpacking district...
    Still, in my mind "perforated concrete" and "luxury hotel" do not go together.

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    Default Standard Hotel

    Gluckman Mayner Architects
    Standard Hotel New York

    The perforated concrete frame of this building, a proposal for a new hotel in the Meatpacking District of New York City, was inspired by the work of sculptor Erwin Hauer. The building straddles the High Line, a former freight railway serving lower Manhattan.

    High Line Hi-Jinks

    We don't normally devote space to hotel projects (dedicated as we are to the new urban home), but we couldn't help noticing this radical design by Gluckman Mayner Architects for Andre Balazs' new Standard hotel now rising in Manhattan's Meat Packing District. This site, once slated for a tower by Jean Nouvel, straddles the High Line, and employs a perforated concrete wall. Click through to the Gluckman Mayner site to see a view of the High Line as it passes through the hotel

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    Thumbs down

    I'm sorry but that is one ugly hotel.

    Looks as bad to me as the Garage at Queens Plaza.

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    I like the cantilevered massing. I LOVE the way it engages the highline in a similar way to the historical structures. And it does it in such a clean unfussy manner. The brutalist aspect is a dramatic antithesis to the ribbon of soft green that will pass right through it. It's skin is almost textile like and the orange sunsets of the westside will cause a gorgeous play of light across its textured surfaces. The cutout at the top mimics the larger one below in a way that I like. It even whispers Frank Lloyd Wright to me the way it builds itself up out of it's surroundings in geometric precision.

    The previous tower design was cool, but this is too. I went to the highline exhibit at MOMA earlier tonight, so excuse my zeal. but I really think many of you naysayers will like this once its built.

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    Default Standard Hotel

    I noticed before that permits state that the architects for this building is Polshek Partnership Architects and today Curbed confirms this. Polshek also does great work but I expect something more um...standard.

    UPDATE: Polshek, Not Gluckman, Designing Standard

    "The PR people for André Balazs were surprised to learn this morning that Gluckman Mayner's vision for the Standard Hotel was about to become reality, especially since Balazs himself chose Polshek Partnership Architects to design his High Line district structure last year."


    Standard Hotel
    848 Washington Street/439 West 13th Street
    19 stories 233 feet
    Polshek Partnership Architects
    Dev-André Balazs of Hotels AB
    Commercial Hotel
    206,872 Sq. Ft.
    Under Construction 2005-2007


    The Villager

    Where’s Andre? People are wondering what’s going on with Andre Balazs’ new hotel project on Washington St. in the Meat Market. Scaffolding is up around the site, but no construction is happening. One source, recalling that Balazs previously told The Villager he hoped to work with the community on the building’s design, said this hasn’t happened so far. There have been varying reports of the hotel’s height — 30 stories, 25 stories. One thing that is known is the architect is James Polshek, who designed the Museum of Natural History’s Rose Planetarium and the entrance to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.


    Manhattan Lodging Report

    Hotelier Andre Balazs has purchased a
    lot in the Meatpacking District bordered
    by West Street, West 13th Street,
    Washington Street and Little West 12th
    Street for $24 million to develop New
    York’s first Standard Hotel. The site is
    the same location once considered by
    Stephen Touhey for a 31-story hotel/
    condo. Balazs says the hotel will straddle
    the High Line, an elevated railroad which
    has been taken over by the city and will
    be turned into a park. James Polshek
    and Co. has been selected as the
    architect for the hotel which is expected
    to open in 2007.
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    Thank goodness that that concrete monstrosity will not be built!

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    Polshek stuff is so boring though. I can see them being an appropriate fit for the Clinton Presidential Library, but frankly I'm surprised that someone as trendy as Andre Balazs would pick such a conservative firm for his hip Standard hotel chain. Especially since he went out on a limb and hired Richard Gluckman for One Kenmare Square and Jean Nouvel for 40 Mercer, his two condo developments.

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    This is a project across the street from the Standard site:

    Coming soon to the Market…then again, maybe not

    By Lincoln Anderson

    An ad posted on the Web by a real estate broker shows a new high-tech-style movie theater and retail complex planned for the southeast corner of Washington and 13th Sts.
    Last month, James Ortenzio told The Villager he would know in about a year what he’s going to do with his property in the Meat Market. But a Web posting by a real estate broker has some thinking that Ortenzio — one of the few private property owners in the Market still renting to meat businesses — may already be close to deciding.

    The advertisement is for 837-843 Washington St., currently a low-rise building owned by Ortenzio, in which the tenants are about four or five meat businesses operating out of coolers, or refrigerated warehouses. The ad shows the property with a new cutting-edge, geometric-style building. According to the ad, by Robert K. Futterman & Associates, a national movie theater chain, featuring independent films, has committed to occupy the second and third floors of the new building once a ground-floor tenant is secured. The ad’s pitch notes the space offers “an incredible opportunity to establish a flagship retail store, showroom and corporate office — all in one — in the hot Meatpacking District.”

    Mark Finkel, the property’s broker, said, “The [new] building is 60,000 square feet and we’re out to tenants. The idea is that it would be built as soon as we have a tenant for the entire ground floor, which is 10,000 square feet. The theater is committed as soon as we get a great ground-floor tenant.”

    Finkel said he thinks a restaurant might work in the space, but he’s more enthusiastic about a flagship Nike Town or Puma store.

    Although the meat businesses have about two and a half years left on their leases, there’s almost always a demolition clause in commercial leases, allowing a landlord to evict tenants when ready to start new construction.

    One meat business owner currently a tenant said he had heard about the ad but didn’t want to comment, saying, as it is, he’s just trying to hang onto his space.

    Ortenzio for his part, downplayed any buzz the ad may be creating, saying it was just sort of real estate riffing and nothing of substance yet.

    “That’s a broker speculating,” Ortenzio said. “I’ve never even spoken to the broker.” However, Ortenzio admitted, “Actually, it’s an idea that I had. It’s a concept. A friend of mine authorized them [to do it], which is fine. I’m not sure it can be a reality — I have to talk to the tenants.”

    Asked if he might move to evict the meat businesses before their leases end, Ortenzio said no, but also hedged a bit, indicating he might possibly ask them to renegotiate their leases. According to sources, Ortenzio is renting the spaces at well below market rate, despite the fact that Meat Market commercial rents have gone through the roof.

    “People call me, and I tell them I don’t know what I’m doing [with the property],” Ortenzio said.

    Jo Hamilton, of Jane St., a leading Meat Market activist, said she’s also curious what Ortenzio intends.

    “I too had seen [the ad],” she said. “I talked to someone who spoke to James Ortenzio and he said, ‘Oh no, it’s just baloney.’ I’m
    going to take him at his word that it’s nothing.”

    There are about 20 meat businesses left in the Meat Market. Ten of these are in the city-owned co-op building a block south of Ortenzio’s building. It’s thought that within a few years the only meat businesses remaining will be those on the co-op block, which has a deed restriction for agricultural market use.

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    ^ That building is not really a friendly presence.

    It's way out of scale, and illustrates that scale has not much to do with height. A sensitive architect could put a thirty story building (or preferably two buildings) on this lot and not be out of scale.

    There's a lesson the NIMBYs should learn.

    But you can count on them to stay fixated on height.

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    Structure Tone

    The Standard Hotel
    Washington Street, NYC
    Hotels AB
    Polshek Partnership
    Square Footage
    Construction Cost

    Our firm is providing construction management for this new 350 unit luxury hotel. The Standard Hotel will include three levels, back-of-house, meeting rooms, public access space, and one basement level. The core will consist of four passenger elevators and one freight elevator. The façade will be brick masonry panels with metals covering the soffitt and selected vertical areas of the highline transfer bridge. Window walls will be utilized in hotel room areas, curtain walls at the lower floors, and moveable curtain walls at the floor lounge and dining areas.

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    Well, that's certainly different.

    We don't usually see this type of construction set up.

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    Here's a rendering from this NYT article.

    Polshek Partnership
    Polshek Partnership’s project for a Standard Hotel.

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    I guess they're not waiting on the High Line.

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