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Thread: Picture Request - Biltmore

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    Default Picture Request - Biltmore

    Edward (or anyone else), do you have a picture from Weehawken of the Biltmore?

    It was just out of this photo.

    :angry: SLCE Archtects have outdone themselves here. Well if this was HK there would be 50 of these in a cluster.

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    Default Picture Request

    For an apartment building its not so bad.

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    Default Picture Request

    What is the building, located to the right of AOL Time Warner, that is under construction. *Is it Victory Apartments?

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    Default Picture Request

    It's the Random House Tower/Park Imperial.

    I found a pic but it's at night

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    Default Picture Request

    Phenomenal picture!
    This will definitely put the nail in the coffin of all those NYC vs. Hong Kong and NYC vs. Shanghai arguments. *No other city comes close to NY.

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    Default Picture Request

    Just think of what that picture will look like with NY Times building in it.

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    Default Picture Request

    Indeed. *Stunning picture.

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    Default Picture Request

    The NYT Tower would be in this picture. Times Square Plaza, PABT Tower, and the top of Times Square Tower would be lit here too. I think one day the whole row, from AOL/TW Center to the ESB, will have lighted bldgs..

    a nearly year old pic of downtown

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    Default Picture Request

    Derek 2k3... that first photo of Midtown at night is absolutely incredible... one of the best I've ever seen. I downloaded it for my own collection.

    As for the Biltmore, like Stern said, not bad for residential.
    I'm just SO glad it isn't red or red/orange brick!


    1.) I just looked out my window to do a comparison and I have to say it just
    * * doesn't look as slick as that rendering. (...but when do they ever?)

    2.) It largely obscures the Morgan Stanley building. Fortunely, as you can see
    * * in the night views posted here earlier, it doesn't block the canopy so it still
    * * glows unobstructed in night photos.

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    Default Picture Request

    The Biltmore Tower is alright, but it doesn't look much different than that status quo. It even reminds me of the proposed Regent Tower up the street, and I wish they could differentiate the two a bit more.

    The shot of Mahattan at night is great though, Biltmore is right in front of 1585 Broadway and it's amazing to think of how many buildings in that shot have been built in the last 20 years. The Marriot Marquis is still too big/bulky i.m.h.o. - they should have required setbacks on it.

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    Default Picture Request

    The view on Worldwide Plaza from across Hudson River, from Weehawken, NJ. Biltmore Tower in front of the blue and white stripes of *Morgan Stanley Building. 27 October 2002.

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