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Thread: Hearst Tower - 300 West 57th Street @ Eighth Avenue - by Norman Foster

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    I didn't mean to get everybody all riled up about this. I guess if ya boil down what I meant to say, is that even thought Hearst will be seen from the west and up/down 8th Ave, I think it's going to be missed from a lot of the city. Good design seems to go by the wayside - look at the Austrian Cultural Institute, or the Ford Foundation Building on 42nd St. (one of the best atriums in the city). With ground zero, everyone seems to be clamoring for all these amenities, and it must look good, fit in, be groundbreaking, daring, please the local residents, etc. I understand that 9/11 was a landmark day in our society, but how much have we learned if we demand excellence in rebuilding, but medoicrity in the rest of the city?

    I love New York - most of ya would probably s*** a brick at the stack of books I've read about the city. New York 1880, 1900, 1930, and 1960 by Stern, Mellon, and Fishman, the AIA guide to New York City, Manhattan Skyscrapers, and bunch more for starters. Design doesn't have to be run of the mill. I love Chris's pics of the Reichstag because they remind me of the excellent job tha I.M. Pei did with the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris. Hearst will work well - the base will give the groundbreaking glass top a great foundation in more than one way!

    We should demand excellence at ground zero, but more importantly, what we should demand is that this whole process that New York is going through in this 1st decade of the new century, will give us more gems like the afermentioned so we can have the city we deserve!

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    Bravo, once again, I admire your tenacity and determination! *

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    I think that whatever happens at the WTC site will influence how New Yorkers regard their public spaces. That's what makes this process so important.

    For about 30 years, NYC has been in gradual decline.We seemed to be breaking out of this for the last 5 years when 9/11 happenned. Now we're at a crossroad.

    But we've been there before. The 19th century NYC (Manhattan) was running out of room. The city of Brooklyn held more promise for growth. A revolutionary approach was taken, and the city expanded vertically, reinventing itself.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    Quote: from ZippyTheChimp on 8:49 am on Jan. 22, 2003

    For about 30 years, NYC has been in gradual decline.
    Certainly not.
    I don't know what you're talking about.
    In the field of supertall skyscrapers, maybe ?

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    Quote: from Fabb on 9:42 am on Jan. 22, 2003

    Certainly not.
    I don't know what you're talking about.
    In the field of supertall skyscrapers, maybe ?
    Do you remember the NYC of the 70s? I have lived here all my life, and I do. The crime rate was rising year after year. Businessess were leaving. The population actually declined. The general feeling was that NYC was becoming unmanageable.
    Remember Gerald Ford and "drop dead New York"?

    I know quite a few people who packed up and left New York in the 80s, and were amazed at the change in attitude when they returned a decade later.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    A malaise that lasted a few years. No more.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    Back to topic quite possibly the best part, the notched corners will be visible from Columbus Circle. It should be visually stunning.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    As long as crime is in check and taxes don't get out of hand (making things even MORE expensive), NYC will strive and be #1 for some time to come.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    I've always liked the "movie set" quality of the original building. If this is done right, it will look great. Located on the corner of 2 wide streets, with Bway nearby, will give it good visibility. My dentist has an office across the street. I'll be able to check progress - if my teeth hold out.

    Fabb: You seem to me to have little NYC experience. Do you live in the area, and for how long? *

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower


    I've been away from this thread too long to defend myself, so I'll just let it go. *Chris, I agree with you more than you might think. *It's just a matter of miscommunication. *The bold type was a little over the top, I think.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    A jewel box. Here is the corner angle I was talking about.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    What a beauty... Not him, the building.

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    Have no doubt, it will be visible... it might not define the skyline, but it will be visible... Most importantly, it will be visible right out my living room window!

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    Thanks for the tip, DBH! *You're right, it's not bad at all, and it's great that they're keeping the original base intact. *It looks like a good match-- two truly out-there designs stacked on top of each other-- but talk about a split personality!

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    Default Hearst Magazine Tower

    All the WTC talk has left me exhausted. All you Lord Foster
    fans might enjoy watching this one go up.

    I know I will.

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