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Thread: Memorial rises first Downtown

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    Default Memorial rises first Downtown

    If there are any slight hints of plans for a 16-acre memorial or even a 9-acre memorial as part of the plans for ground Zero, there will be sure to be stiff opposition from many quarters, and there should be.

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    Default Memorial rises first Downtown


    9/11 Memorial Draft Calls For 'Final Resting Place'


    The memorial to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack should include space set aside for the unidentified remains of the World Trade Center victims, according to draft guidelines announced Wednesday.

    The draft also calls for a memorial that will preserve the footprints of the twin towers and recognize each of the more than 3,000 victims of the attacks at the trade center, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania.

    Separate committees made up of victims' family members, local residents, architects and others drafted the memorial program and its accompanying mission statement, which will be incorporated into the competition guidelines for designing the memorial.

    The draft memorial program and mission statement are generally vague, full of phrases like "respect this place made sacred through tragic loss" and "acknowledge all those who aided in rescue, recovery and healing."

    "What the committees really felt strongly about was the opportunity to provide participants with the flexibility to interpret and transcend what was presented," said Anita Contini, who heads the memorial process for the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., the agency in charge of revitalizing the area around the trade center site.

    Diana Balmori, a member of the program committee, said: "The whole ethos of the thing was to see if one really could leave the hands of the designer free. The whole point was to give some general sense of the concepts or the principals and not tell them what to do."

    The inclusion of a final resting place for the more than 1,300 victims whose remains have not yet been identified is important to many of the victims' family members.

    "There has to be a provision in this memorial to inter the remains of those people who were never identified and who were never recovered," said Sally Regenhard, whose son Christian Regenhard, one of 343 firefighters killed at the trade center, was never found.

    Gov. George Pataki praised the draft memorial guidelines in his State of the State speech Wednesday, saying, "The guiding principals rightly call for an area of the memorial as a dignified, final resting place for all those who are known only to God."

    When they are made final in the spring after a period of public comment, the guidelines will form the basis for an international design competition. A design for the memorial is scheduled to be chosen by Sept. 11 of this year, the second anniversary of the attacks.

    LMDC officials have said that the memorial will be built before any office buildings are constructed at the site.

    A public hearing on the memorial is scheduled for Jan. 14 at Pace University.

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