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Thread: Progress of Temporary PATH Station in WTC 'Tub'

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    Seems that website is down again.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    May 28,2003
    Work continues on tempy PATH station. Entryway being erected
    at Church.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    Cool pics. My father works for PATH and he's been workin in Ground Zero and has taken a load of pics. Im from Jersey City and the Exchange Place station is scheduled for opening on June 29th. I've been down there and it's been completely done over. It's goin to be impressive when it opens. I can't wait till the two stations are joined up again. It will revitalize businees and growth in both downtown Jersey City and Lower Manhattan.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    Photos taken July 5, work continues on the temporary plaza to the PATH trains...

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    How things are shaping out...

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    Would anyone know if PATH service from the WTC will be affected when construction of the permanent terminal starts?

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    I don't think so. *The permanent station is going to be in the same configuration and location. *It's west of Greenwich street anyway; The most intensive work is going to be on the other side of the 1 and 9. * The photo shows that pretty clearly.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    I was there on the Fourth of July, I noticed something when I was there that I thought was odd that is *in the picture NYguy posted.

    On the roof of the temporary PATH platforms, are those AC compressors?

    I thought the temporary PATH station was going to be a bare structure, no amenities. Those look like AC units on top, especially right under the red "G" of the Greenwich street NYguy put on the picture.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    I'm not sure what's going on with that, but here's a larger view...

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    Looks like it's going to be air conditioned, which is strange considering that they previoulsy mentioned that the station would be bare and also because the station opens in November.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    By "temporary" they mean a few years. *It will have to be bearable in the summer of '04, '05, and probably '06. *It needs to be cooled and ventilated, no biggie. *The tents that they put up in Bryant park for fashion week have AC. *

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    NY Times...

    A Signal of Rebirth Downtown

    The fanfare will come another day. So, too, the speeches and ribbon cuttings. For now, let it be noted that the horizon at ground zero has been broken for the first time since the ruins of the World Trade Center were hauled away.

    Two slender 60-foot-tall structures twins, really stand today like sentinels at the foot of Fulton Street, forming a new gateway to the site.

    For many months, clearance and construction have occurred below street level, lending a sense from sidewalk vantage that the 16-acre expanse was unchanged and unchanging. Suddenly, tubular tendrils have sprouted there, reaching upward, expressing aspiration, promising change. Something is really happening.

    Not everyone will welcome the sign. Abstract as they may look at the moment, the masts are three-dimensional heralds of the transformation of ground zero at least a corner of it from a place of contemplative emptiness back into a bustling, hustling hub.

    They do more than break the ground plane. They break the spell.

    But their real purpose is utilitarian. These elongated right triangles of steel, spaced 90 feet apart, will support the canopy that covers the Church Street entrance to the rebuilt PATH station, scheduled to open this fall.

    In time, they will largely be obscured by the curves of the trusswork cable-stayed canopy, which will cantilever off the masts in two gentle arcs, front and back. That should be completed this summer, said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is constructing the station.

    Until then, the pylons are likely to strike some viewers as hauntingly reminiscent in their own abstract way.

    No one would mistake them for a deliberate evocation of the trade center, but it is impossible not to be struck by their doubleness. Nor can one fail to notice their almost ghostly whiteness.

    The agencies responsible for the site have been fielding queries about the mysterious objects. What are they, callers wonder, supports for a Ferris wheel? Gigantic goal posts?

    Certainly not. But perhaps they are more than pillars framing a commuter train station. Perhaps they are stepladders to the sky.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    The Times is reporting that "for the first time" the horizon has been broken.... Where have they been, it's been up for over a month.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    So evocative, so beautiful, so... functional. NY Guy, I have to jump for joy :cheesy: when I see your picture of these entrance pillars. I predict that they will become permanent landmarks down the road.

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    Default Progress of PATH station in WTC "tub"

    NY Times...

    Relatives Say Plans Infringe on Twin Towers' Footprints

    Several structures now being built within the excavated World Trade Center site encroach on the footprints of the former twin towers, a development that has drawn the ire of a group of relatives of people killed in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

    Many victims' relatives view those areas as sacred representations of where their loved ones died and want it free from any new development a position that has been embraced, at least in part, by Gov. George E. Pataki and other rebuilding officials.

    But officials at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey acknowledged yesterday that five structures planned or in place below ground level and within the foundation walls of the former basement of the trade center an area known as the bathtub impinge on the tower footprints.

    Although the buildings themselves did not extend below ground level into the area where the construction is now taking place, some victims' relatives say that the symbolic tower footprints extend down to bedrock, about 70 feet below ground level. And the footprints have been recognized as holding distinct status; they were incorporated into the requirements for the competition to design the memorial to be built at the World Trade Center.

    The latest dispute demonstrates that almost no decision about the site goes unchallenged and that even as plans for the rebuilding of the site move forward, powerful constituencies intend to try to influence even the smallest of decisions.

    Greg Trevor, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is overseeing the construction within the site's boundaries, said the structures are emergency exits and other safety-related structures associated with the temporary terminal for the PATH commuter rail line.

    The structures include two beneath the trade center's former south tower: an emergency exit from the electrical substation that will power the PATH terminal and trains and an operational shed housing electrical and communications equipment that sits alongside two of the PATH terminal platforms.

    Three others sit under the north tower footprint: an emergency exit stairwell to serve the temporary PATH terminal, a crash barrier for one of the PATH tracks and the construction ramp that extends from ground level into the excavated pit.

    The structures will be or can be removed once the permanent station is built, Mr. Trevor said. "We're doing everything possible to respect the footprints, but we cannot compromise safety," he said.

    But the family members say they doubt the promise of temporary status, adding that they believe the Port Authority could have designed even the temporary structures around the footprints if they had tried.

    "Even if they are temporary, they are a violation of the sanctity of the site," said Anthony Gardner, the chairman of the WTC United Family Group, which is part of the Coalition of 9/11 Families.

    Mr. Gardner and four other members of the families' advisory council to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation wrote a letter last week to rebuilding officials asking for an explanation of the new structures.

    Mr. Gardner and other family members frequently invoke a promise by Mr. Pataki, who said at a public meeting that the state "will never build where the towers stood."

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