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    Default 450 Seventh Avenue - Macrae-Gibson Architects

    I like the LED screens on the buildings.

    450 Seventh Avenue
    17 stories
    Macrae-Gibson Architects P.C.

    Nelson Corner *
    *The Northwest corner of 34th Street and Seventh Avenue is occupied by a five-story bank building. The project involves the interior demolition of this building and the construction of an additional twelve floors of commercial office space above, connected into the neighboring 450 Seventh Avenue office building. The lower five floors would be used for retail. The façade would be clad in continuous LED panels that would display seventeen-story-high images to Penn Station and Macy’s, located to the south and east respectively. *
    client: Kaufman Management Inc.
    location: Midtown, New York, New York
    services provided: Design
    budget: $15,000,000


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    Default 450 Seventh Avenue

    Interesting to see high-rise development on such a small parcel. *It completes the streetwall nicely, lining up to the 1916-era setback on the adjacent building. *There are a number of sites like this along seventh and eigth avenue in the garment district -- too small to build up under current height/bulk ratio type zoning.

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    Default 450 Seventh Avenue

    Not bad, very different, eye catching.

    When is this planned for?

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    Default 450 Seventh Avenue

    I find the strong horizontal banding to be kind of harsh next to the strong verticals of its neighbour.

    Other than that it's a neat infill project.

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    Default 450 Seventh Avenue

    What's that ?
    Leave the Nelson Tower alone !

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    Default 450 Seventh Avenue

    I think the strong horizontals of the design are perfect. *What is so often completely overlooked by everybody is the horizontal quality of that whole neighborhood. *There aren't too many *neighborhoods in Manhattan (other than Park avenue) where the intentions of the 1916 setback zoning are so clearly manifested.

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