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Thread: The Bank of America Tower a.k.a. One Bryant Park - by Cook + Fox Architects

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    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    I'm currently liking this building less as it's going up. Very bulky.
    I think it'll look better once it's covered with glass.

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    I think it will look better not only when it is finished, but from a block away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    I'm currently liking this building less as it's going up. Very bulky.
    I always feel like a building that bulky should be taller, lessens the "bulkiness" of it. I'm curious to see what the Goldman Sachs tower will actually look like once it rises. Both could loose a little weight.

    I also want a 700 fter on the block below the Verizon. If the park people complain, just demolish that HBO building, and extend that open plaza there. It would be one of the few visually striking areas in Midtown.

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    APRIL 28, 2007

    1. The Times is not the only tower that can play with spires...






    7. joining the new "shiny" towers down 42nd Street...


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    Close up of glass going up from 4/27.

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    cranes on the skyline

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    ^ What a shot!

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    Remember that, when it comes down to it, aesthetics are secondary. What counts is how much rentable floor space they can pack into the building, and, both by extenstion and by itself, how much space they can pack on each floor (tenant like to break up their offices across floors as little as possible).

    We can sit on the web, and debate aesthetics as much as we want. But these buildings are investments. So, from the developers stanpoint, where aesthetics can be a selling point, they'll give them attention. But were aesthetics and profit work against each other, profit will take precedence.

    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    I'm currently liking this building less as it's going up. Very bulky.

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    Smile The fun part is

    we get to be sidewalk superintendents!

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    The New York Times
    Roundabout to Fill a Brand-New 89-Year-Old Theater
    Published: May 10, 2007

    If everything stays on schedule, the number of Broadway theaters will increase by one in the fall of 2008, with the reopening of the 89-year-old Henry Miller’s Theater, a stamp of old Broadway on 43rd Street that will be surrounded by the glass modernity of the new 54-story tall Bank of America Tower.

    But enough with the nostalgia. Who’s getting it?

    The Roundabout Theater Company is in the final stages of negotiations for a 20-year lease with the Durst Organization and Bank of America, the owners of the theater, which will have around 1,000 seats.

    The Shuberts, Nederlanders and the Jujamcyn theater chain all approached the Durst Organization about the theater, some interested in becoming owners or part owners, but were unable to make a deal. As a long-term tenant it was Roundabout that fit the bill, said Douglas Durst, a co-president of the Durst Organization. (It can’t hurt that Mr. Durst sits on the Roundabout’s board.)

    Of Todd Haimes, the president of Roundabout, Mr. Durst said: “I’ve watched Todd, both as a part of Times Square and as a board member, and he’s just been so successful at the projects he’s undertaken that we thought the best way to go would be with Roundabout.”

    The company already owns or leases two Broadway theaters — the 740-seat American Airlines Theater on 42nd Street and the 920-seat Studio 54 on 54th Street — and has an Off Broadway presence at the 420-seat Laura Pels Theater, part of the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theater on 46th Street.

    Keeping shows in all of these theaters partly explains the company’s $40 million budget.

    The idea, Mr. Haimes said, would be to put a popular show for an extended run in one of the three Broadway theaters and use the others for the traditional two- or three-shows-a-year Roundabout schedule.

    That extended-run show, as first reported in The New York Post last week, could be a revival of Sam Mendes’s production of “Cabaret,” which, conveniently enough, was the first Broadway show to play Henry Miller’s Theater in 15 years when it opened there in 1998. If the Roundabout had that theater last year, Mr. Haimes said, it would have been a logical home for the popular revival of “The Pajama Game.”

    But what is the Roundabout, a nonprofit company whose official mission is to interpret “the masterpieces of the world’s great theatrical heritage” doing looking for a popular hit?

    “I have no problem producing something that I think is popular or commercial to make money,” Mr. Haimes said, “as long as the money goes for the not-for-profit purpose.”

    “The reality,” he added, “is that the only way we ever sort of get ahead of the game financially is to have some successful shows.”

    Neither Mr. Haimes nor Durst officials would give details about finances.

    There are risks that come with taking on one more production — in a leased theater, no less — even if that production has all the signs of being a smash. But, Mr. Haimes said, “there’s a risk with everything.”

    Henry Miller’s Theater, named for an actor, director and producer has a serious pedigree; Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” opened there in 1938. But it had been more or less out of the Broadway business when “Cabaret” moved in. In 2003 plans for the Bank of America Tower, between Broadway and the Avenue of the Americas, were announced.

    The Georgian facade was protected by landmark status, and, though the insides have been gutted, the developer was bound by state regulations to keep the space a working theater. The $30 million renovation is under way, though for now only a bare intimation of a theater can be made from concrete and scaffolding.

    There are no plans to change the theater’s name.

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    From that ^^^ NY Times article ...

    dbox for Cook & Fox Architects
    A cutaway depiction of Henry Miller’s Theater on West 43rd Street, in the
    Bank of America Tower, scheduled to open in the fall of 2008.

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    I wonder when they will top out.

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    How many feet are they up to?

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    Looks like about 750-775'. The highest occuppied floor space is supposed to be 814' and the roof line (glass curtain) ends at 945'. Conde rises to 808' at the top of the "4" box, which gives you some reference

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    That's a great shot. From where, Top of the Rock?

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