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Thread: The Bank of America Tower a.k.a. One Bryant Park - by Cook + Fox Architects

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    Yeah I thought the original renderings for 1 Bryant Park called for a 1.5 million square foot building. *
    Therefore if they just add additional floors to make up the difference in space, that could push it to over 1000ft tall (rough math 1.5 to 2 = 33% increase; 781ft x 33% = 1,041) *I'm sure the math I just used is going to make a lot of people on this board laugh. *

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    1041 ft ?
    That doesn't make me laugh.
    I'm starting to yearn.

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    Quote: from Zoe on 9:01 am on May 27, 2003
    2 million square feet with a billion dollar price tag sounds like a significant building. *Does anyone know what the height restrictions are for that block (are there any air rights near by that Durst can purchase)?
    There are no height restrictions for Midtown or most of Manhattan. He could build whatever size building he wants as long as he complies with the site's F.A.R. which lets him build 2 msf. here. He could build a 100 story building if he wanted to by only using half the lot or by letting it setback significantly.

    I think the 1.6 msf was without the other lots, now that he he has them ( or going to get them), it will be up to *him to decide if the area added will be used to increase the floorplate size or increase the number of floors.

    If he couldn't acquire the lots, he probably could have bought their air rights and still build a 2msf tower. It would just have to be taller instead of bulkier.

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    Hopefully it is at least taller than Atlanta's BOA tower (1,023').

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    That cheater ?
    Hopefully, it'll have more than 55 floors.

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    Hopefully the corporate identity will influence the design, as you have all mention for the better and higher.

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    In the buisness world's view skyscrapers can be a powerful advertising instrument, "an image that captures the public's attention".

    Bank of America is looking to expand into an already competitive New York market, it could use a New York landmark as a company hallmark.

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    i think at 2 million sq ft it should definetely be above 1000 ft, that is if he doesnt make it a wide beast, for example like 7 wtc was, which was a 2 million sq ft building. I will say he wont make it that wide because it would make this new building way too close to Conde Nast, i assume he would want to keep them as far apart as he could to minimize view blockage or an oppresive closed in feeling for workers.(im sure Bank of America will say the same)
    Aon(flat top) in Chicago is at 1136 ft with 2.5 million sq ft and it has shorter floor-ceiling heights than the new higher style of buildings like Conce Nast and 2 IFC in Hong Kong so 2 million at 1000 ft makes sense. This would be the PERFECT spot for anything above 900 ft at the very least! please make it so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    If the state condemned the property, Mr. Durst would not have to negotiate a sale price with the owners of the two parcels he does not already have. In all likelihood, the state would take control of the land and lease it back to the bank and the developer for a nominal sum. The state would also have to persuade a court that the condemnation was for a public purpose.

    The Empire State Development Corporation is expected to issue a notice this week that it will hold a public hearing on condemnation.

    The older rendering that we have is of the smaller version of the project. *It the state condemns the site and gives Durst total control, he can the move forward with the larger version, putting the tower closer to or on 6th Ave. *Sounds great, I'm sure BOA would like a distinctive tower, but there's plenty of competition with the NY Times tower not that far off. *Also, I'm not sure if Durst wants anything blocking his new antenna.

    (older rendering)

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    Default Future tower for Bank of America

    Thanks NYGUY for the 1.6 million (midblock) elevation. Having seen a model of this particular scheme the curves on this baby are really spectacular.

    And I hate to break it to you guys but the latest scheme for the 2 million square foot option "One Bryant Park" was not much taller, but rather a fatter curve with a spire reaching 881 feet (max). Subject to changes, ofcause.

    The 2 million square foot option:

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    Default [One Bryant Park] Future tower for Bank of America

    Works for me with any variation of that design. Obviously I'd prefer if it was taller, but for the most part that goes for all projects.

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    Default [One Bryant Park] Future tower for Bank of America

    This building has a real sleek design.

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    Default [One Bryant Park] Future tower for Bank of America

    I'm loving it already! Bring it on as soon as possible. Let's see a massive 55 floor tower rise on site! Sorry, but I had to get my feelings out.

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    Default [One Bryant Park] Future tower for Bank of America

    lol It's hard not to say things like that for a building that looks so great.

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    Default [One Bryant Park] Future tower for Bank of America

    Screw height, that design melts my heart It works very well with the three boxes framing it in the Bryant Park rendering, and the boxy side of its elder brother.

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