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Thread: The Memorial Competition

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    Jasonic -

    Several weeks ago there was an item published by the LMDC (I don't know where off hand you'll find it in here) which stated that there will be up to eight finalists selected and they will share a stipend pool of almost $1,000,000! That's over $100,000 each for the up to eight finalists to complete Phase II of the WTC Memorial Design Competition selection process.

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    Default Finalists Announcement?

    Has anyone heard news of when the finalists for the WTC memorial will be announced? The last I heard was sometime in the middle of October.

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    The jury is still out but their deadline is fast approaching. October starts tommorow!

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    Default Juror says mid-October In This Story

    This link is to a story that appears in a New Hampshire newspaper and quotes one of the WTC memorial jurors who says a finalists announcement won't come until mid-October:

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    I have come to suspect the finalists have been notified, and what will be unveiled in October are the models and press materials they have developed in the meantime with the 100k.

    There has been a buzz about a dream team of contemporary masters working away at MIT. I don't know how credible my source is, but this scenario does not seem the least bit implausable IMO.

    Either way, we will soon see.

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    This waiting around for any kind of information about the selection of finalists is very nerve wracking. The THINK design team had links to MIT; but I don't think there is anything underhanded going on with the competition - at least I would hope not!

    According to William Stratas at (and a fellow WTC Memorial competitor), there was a revelation about a week ago at a design seminar in NYC. This information came from a source close to the jury and revealed that they had narrowed down their selection to about 11 entries; (later qualified to be about 18 entries still under consideration). It was also revealed that about 85% of the entries were quickly rejected by the jury because they were "emotionally driven designs" and immediately deemed unsuitable. That means the jury seriously contemplated about 780 of the 5,200 submitted art boards.

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    Default Competition Entries

    I'm guessing there are going to be a whole lot of ideas that are very similar like reflecting pools in the shapes of the tower footprints, etc. I wonder if they like an idea that is very common how they will resolve that?

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    There is an anecdotal tidbit from the jury deliberations that the most popular design concept submitted was the "3,000 whatevers" idea. (3,000 benches, 3,000 trees, 3,000 glass tubes, 3,000 lights, 3,000 things on a stick; etc.). It wasn't revealed if this concept was appreciated by the jury members or not, but in my opinion a memorial consisting of "3,000 whatevers" is just too many singular items to be the best approach for the WTC Memorial design; and it takes the competition instruction to "honor each victim individually" much too literally.

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    The "3000 whatever" idea was selected by the jury in Oklahoma City and the Pentagon as well as the many smaller wtc memorials around the country. Physical space limitations will prohibit large "memorial units" such as benches and trees at the wtc site.

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    I mostly agree that the "3000 things" idea is not so great. But I will say this for it, seeing 3000 of anything will really give you a sense of the loss.

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    Very True JM Garcia. But the Heart of Lower Manhattan is not the place.

    A memorial in such a place is unheard of, but then terrorists crashing 747's into Huge Buildings is also unheard of. The World Sucks.

    Thankfully, New York City dosn't suck as much. That's why I live here.

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    Default anonymity rule pulled from LMDC site

    I was just going to forward to someone the some text that I KNOW was on the LMDC site:

    about during Stage 1 of the competition ... talking w. member of the press etc would be grounds for DISqualification...

    it is no longer on the rules site... (or at least I can't find it)


    can we talk about what we all did now?

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    More questions about the wtcsitememorial website -

    How does this date correlate with the following italicized sentence?

    September Completion of stage I. (???)

    *Schedule and deadlines are subject to change at any time by LMDC. LMDC will provide reasonable prior notice of any such changes on this website. (!!!)

    This is from the SCHEDULE page; linked below:

    Does anybody know exactly what will be required of the finalists in stage II of the competition? (With a stipend of over $100,000, I'm sure they will demand that a lot of detailed work will be required to be performed on the designs!)

    Could the jury have possibly completed its selection of finalists and the LMDC is just waiting to have these designs reviewed by Pataki and/or possibly Mayor Bloomberg? Maybe there's just a million little details to take care of before the finalists are actually announced...

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    My opinion is the jurors have come to a decision.

    I assume a customized set of design instructions and modifications is being prepared for each finalist plan before the 100K is handed over.

    The LMDC may also be looking for any finalist rule violations such as media leaks.

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