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Thread: New Penn Station (Moynihan Station)

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    Good find, GG!

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    If you want to read one of the most idiotic and condescending defenses of Penn Station, here it is:

    Essentially it's good enough for fat people from Jersey, the trollish working classes, and meatheads.

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    Not so bad, uness you hate "fat people from Jersey, the trollish working classes, and meatheads."

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    There is nothing wrong with "fat people from Jersey, the trollish working classes, and meatheads" unless, of course, they end up Governor.

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    Meatheads take the Lincoln Tunnel.

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    Are they moving NJT commuter terminal out of the existing Penn to Moynihan? Is the LIRR terminal at GCT in addition to or a replacement for the current Penn terminal? This article makes it sound like they're moving everything out of the existing Penn Station. I thought only Amtrack was moving to Moynihan, and the commuter lines were staying where they are. I'm now confused.

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    It's basically a renovation of the lower concourses, including the ease of congestion, and the ease of access. The new move into the post office is for more space. all of the current tenants(Amtrak, NJT, and LIRR) will remain where they are.

    Penn Station will always be Penn Station, just with an ornate headhouse again.

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    Are they really going to name it Moynihan Station when it is essentially two new entrances to the existing Penn or is that just the project name? Even if "phase 2" is completed they should just call the entire complex Penn instead of having two stations that lead to the same trains and tracks.

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    Moynihan Station has yet to be constructed. Moynihan Station/Amtraks facilities are to be constructed in the courtyard of the "Historic" James A. Farley Building. The courtyard will be enclosed by a glass atrium. That is Phase 2, which will cost the good taxpayers of NY billions of dollars. Phase 1 is the reconfiguring of two tracks underneath Farley, and the construction of two new entrances at either end of the Farley Buildings grand staircase.

    Yes it a big waste...its a scam by former President Clinton to diminutize General Farley's monument.

    The Farley Post Office represents the New Deal and F.D.R.'s Administartion

    Clinton was Mr. "The Era of Big Government is Over."

    Obviously he was dead wrong.

    Neither Senator Moynihan, or the Clintons are natives of NYS.

    You should read Sen. Moynihns book on the ills of government secrecy....... for it was the late great Sen. Moynihan who stated at the stations dedication prior to his death that "Good old Jim Farley's name should stay on this Post Office".

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    Yes, it's all a big scam. The government is out to get you, always watch your back and check for listening devices in your toothbrush. Don't trust anybody, stay thirsty my friends

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    Funny when someone returns after a four year absence, and he's wearing the same Tin Foil Hat.

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    While it is true that Daniel Patrick Moynihan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 16, 1927, and moved to NYC when he was 6, for 40 years (1960-2000) no public official from New York in federal office upheld the public interest with such wisdom, vision, and foresight than this great man.

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    I think I have found something about Moynihan East that should interest you guys!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	storyboard.jpg 
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    What do you think? Also, I wonder if we should start talking about our ideal replacement for the current Penn Station/MSG. What features we would like to see? What Train Stations that would be a good design influence? We can dream, can't we?

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    Good find ^ Can you tell us where it's from? Should we assume that the big oval marks a new MSG?

    The #8 "Roof Line" diagram indicates the distinct possibility of scissor-like tilting towers.

    With a somewhat similar idea for the two big towers at Hudson Yards a few blocks west and another batch at Manhattan West at Ninth, this stretch between W 31st <> W 33rd would end up being a forest of sloping towers.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MoynihanEast_RoofPlan.jpg 
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