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Thread: Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    From The Civic Alliance. The .pdf URL have better pictures.

    Possible Change in Towers:

    The following changes have been proposed to the Libeskind master plan, which could result in the mundane-looking “business-as-usual” office development shown at the right:
    • No commitment to the iconic Freedom Tower, including its sky gardens and elegant spire.
    • The addition of a fifth office building on the WTC site over the location of the permanent PATH station:
    increasing the amount of office space and obscuring the “grand entrance” to Lower Manhattan that was supposed to be open to light and air.
    • No commitment to substantively include Daniel Libeskind in a design team, or to strictly follow the design concept that Libeskind has put forward.

    Moving Memorial to Ground Level

    The image at the right illustrates the effect of the memorial site without the sunken memorial plaza, the
    central component of the Libeskind master plan. Without the recessed area, the plan loses much of its
    emotional impact. In the rendering, the memorial area is opened to commuters and residents crossing through the memorial site. As the site transforms to a routine short cut, the sanctity of the memorial space is

    Retail Changes
    The current program for retail at the WTC site calls for approximately 1 million square feet of retail space.
    Westfield Properties has lobbied for putting most of this substantial amount – larger than New Jersey’s
    Paramus Mall – in an enclosed shopping mall. Much of the square footage would need to be squeezed
    underground adjacent to the tower footprints and memorial. The image on the right illustrates that a fullfledged shopping center is not an appropriate neighbor for the memorial site.

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    Default New WTC Renderings

    Civic group criticizes attempts to change Libeskind plan

    Associated Press Writer

    June 11, 2003, 3:04 PM EDT

    NEW YORK -- Redevelopment power brokers are trying to water down Daniel Libeskind's World Trade Center plan by hiring different architects to design the buildings and possibly even raising the sunken memorial to ground level, a civic group said Wednesday.

    "The entire world is watching what we do at this site, and business as usual simply won't cut it," said Robert Yaro, chairman of the Civic Alliance to Rebuild Downtown New York.

    Alliance members charged at a news conference at Pace University that developer Larry Silverstein has denied Libeskind an active role in the design process.

    "The Libeskind plan was chosen as the result of an historic and inclusive public process," said Holly Leicht, director of design, planning and advocacy for the Municipal Art Society. "Attempts to dramatically change it undermine the public's trust in the rebuilding process that led to its selection."

    Libeskind, whose design for a rebuilt trade center was chosen in February, is currently under contract to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., but his role in designing the actual buildings is unclear.

    His spokeswoman did not immediately return a call for comment on Wednesday.

    Silverstein, who signed a 99-year lease on the twin towers just weeks before they were destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001, said Tuesday that it has "not yet been determined" whether Libeskind will have a hand in designing even the 1,776-foot "Freedom Tower" that is to be his plan's signature building.

    Speaking at a real estate trade show Wednesday, development corporation interim president Kevin Rampe said "a series of designers" would design the new trade center's buildings and "we'll end up really with something special in terms of diversity of design and the excellence of design that we've come to expect in New York."

    The Civic Alliance also noted that retail developer Westfield Properties has brought legal action against the Port Authority, charging that the Libeskind master plan isn't sufficiently retail friendly, and that some downtown groups have been lobbying to raise Libeskind's sunken memorial plaza to ground level.

    "The memorial space is clearly what distinguished the Libeskind plan from the other plans, and was the primary reason for its selection," said Ric Bell, executive director of the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects. "We understand that architecture plans evolve, but the critical ideas should not be altered."

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    Default New WTC Renderings

    How about no?

    And is that Bertlesmann in the first rendering?

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    Default New WTC Renderings

    "we'll end up really with something special in terms of diversity of design and the excellence of design that we've come to expect in New York."

    Diversity or cacophony ?

    Why would we want that ? To make it unclear whether each building belongs to the complex or not ?

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    Default New WTC Renderings

    Quote: from Gulcrapek on 4:19 pm on June 11, 2003
    How about no?

    And is that Bertlesmann in the first rendering?
    I was just about to say that. *It looks like they changed the color scheme slightly, but left it unchanged otherwise. *In fact, I think it is even the same approximate height.

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    Default New WTC Renderings

    or 50 percent taller.
    But it's still awful and inappropriate.

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    Default New WTC Renderings

    Personally, I think it is very important for the towers to have a design coherence like the World Financial Center, Rockefeller Center or ther original WTC. The Times Sq. model just won't do the site justice.

    I wouldn't mind the put being brought up to ground level if it was going to be an open park. But, its not. It is no doubt going to have some bombastic tribute to the pain of the survivors and I therefore prefer it to be removed from the day to day workings of the site.

    The underground retail in Libeskind's plan is as big as the old WTC mall. Its the additional retail space that is at street level. The old WTC was also headed this way with the addition of Borders and Cosi and the planned redesign of the plaza. I can't see where Westfield can complain. Perhaps if they made their complaints public I would understand.

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Masacre.

    By Katia Hetter
    Staff Writer

    The following is a transcript of an interview with architect Daniel Libeskind on Wednesday about the Civic Alliance's concerns:

    Q: What do you think of the Civic Alliance's concerns?

    A: "Somebody from the Bronx doesn't get discouraged so easily. I truly intend to stick to what the public has seen and what the public wants"

    Q: Will the end result at the World Trade Center site look like what you proposed?

    A: "I think, yes, absolutely. I wouldn't be involved if this was business as usual. "

    Q: Are all the proposals to change the plans part of negotiating strategies?

    A: "It's a natural part of daily business, and despite what you read in the press, we're actually forging consensus and moving ahead …What you see (in Libeskind's initial plans) is what will built on the site … There are many different opinions and interest groups. That is natural ... my role is to keep vision alive and to deliver the project public has seen … I'm not in this for the short run."

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    Um. *Let's be real please. *This is absolutely ridiculous in its portrayal.

    Funny too, that the tall tower in the 'horror' plan is a real building above floor 70. *Is that so horrible?

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    What the hell are they thinking. I usually say I don't like the Libeskind plan, but ugh. This is the stiffest most uninspireing design I've seen yet. This changes my view of the Libeskind plan. Even the people in the memorial pic are all stiff. All af them are in black suits. The buildings are just as uniformed as the people. :angry:

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    Dominicano, these aren't design proposals. They're illustrations of what could happen.

    In the first case, too many cooks.
    The 2nd, a ground level memorial.
    The third, too much retail below ground.

    It is really awful though.

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    Scare-mongering . . . though their hearts are in the right place.
    I doubt Silverstein is this crass a developer.
    'Dan with the master plan' will save us. *

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    I wouldn't count on it. The criticism of the ridiculous Libeskind plan and any changes to it is taking a life of its own. I still don't like it to tell you the truth. The office buildings are too short and too banal, the memorial site is still open to interpretation, and there are already signs of a power struggle between Silverstein and Libeskind over who will design the buildings. I don't lament Westfield's complaints about how the design will hurt their business.

    At least Yamasaki backed up his plans with 110-floor Twin Towers, plenty of underground space, and a relatively simple, if flawed, design.

    This has been too much of a top-down process, further exacerbated by a still-prevalent fear of tall buildings, and constant whining by the victims' families hasn't helped. Any suggestions?

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    I did not like the Libeskind design all that much. It was the third most liked, for me. I actually think that most folk liked it more for those skyline image[s] than for the design of the memorial space. Moreover, I think that his design, especially with the September 11th Place building, would be overpowering to any memorial that is to be built there. I have seen the renderings and I think they are much more "spacious" than the real perspectives.

    I welcome many changes to it. But I feel that it has already been compromised too much.

    Raising the memorial ground to grade would be a good idea, as long as it becomes an urban space. I also think that all the structures should be aesthetically cohesive. That rendering showing the polglot of structures look like LA, Manhattan, and Vegas had a baby. Then that child grew up and took acid. It is really bad. Moreover a tall folie of a tower, as Libeskind envisioned it, ir really pathetic.

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    Default Activist Group's Vision of WTC Massacre

    I don't like the Libeskind design that much. The design almost looks like the Bertelsmann Building in Midtown Manhattan. I think they should rebuild it as it was before 9/11, but taller and safer. Also, it should have a memorial.

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