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    Default Chanin Building Interior

    Does any one know where I can find images of the interior decoration of the Chanin Building - particularly the reliefs by Jacques Delamarre ? Have they been published any where ?

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    Default Chanin Building - interior

    There are two small b&w pictures in Manhattan Skyscrapers by Eric P. Nash (Princeton Architectural press).
    Of course, the Chanin building deserves much more...

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    Default Chanin Building - interior

    These exterior shots aren't what you want, but as a treat...

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    Default Chanin Building - interior

    The apotheosis of American ornament.

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    Default Chanin Building - interior

    There are two colour photos in "Inside New York" by Joe Friedman (pub. 1992). *One is of the bathroom which was originally part of Irwin Chanin's private suite and the other is of one of Delamarre's reliefs.

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    Default Chanin Building - interior

    * There is a fantastic book titled 'Skyscraper Style' that was published in 1975 by Oxford Press. I'll bet you could get it at the library. Some great pics of all your favorite New York art-deco buildings. Including Chanin of course.

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