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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    The NY Times Magazine is supposed to have a special section this Sunday on Ground Zero.

    Also, if you've been watching the US Open on TV you may have noticed that they have been using a sort of stylized version of Libeskind's skyline rendering as the background for a lot of their graphics and fades.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    That's Liberty "Enlightening the World" looking over to the East across Governors Island, where Orville Wright took off from with reportedly a canoe lashed to the bottom of the plane as he flew up the Hudson River and back to Governors Island. Interesting what they can do with computer graphics. Personally it reminds me a bit of Superman's father's place (Marlon Brando) on Krypton, or perhaps "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" doomsday rocket launch console a little. Will those diagonals and angles cast bright spots? Perhaps at sundown or some other time, shafts of light through the air? Hope not, Long Island Helicopters (covered the Watkins Glen Music Festival of 1974) was arbitrarily and capriciously stopped from operating (from Roosevelt Field, NY) by the former Mayor before 9/11/01 and I would hope they are FAA approved.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    In that last rendering the wtc looks like those crystals that you can buy that have been randomly chopped into shape.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments


    NY Post

    September 2, 2003 -- While planners try to put the finishing touches on a revised Ground Zero blueprint, sources said development officials continue to argue over where to put retail space at the site - with the city trying to block the return of a large underground shopping mall.

    The retail dispute - which pits city planners against the Port Authority - is "the only debate left" before a new site plan is finalized, one official said.

    The city is insisting that shops be located at street level or above, while the PA, which owns Ground Zero, is still seeking to recreate at least a portion of the underground mall that was in the original World Trade Center.

    At issue is a four-block-long subterranean concourse running parallel to Church Street that, in the PA's plans, would connect to a new, state-of-the-art PATH station and be lined with big-name stores.

    The PA favors the underground layout because it could bring higher rents - due to the large number of commuters that would walk by every day.

    But city officials want the concourse eliminated or scaled back, fearing an underground mall will sap life from the streets.

    Planners have already eliminated much of the spider-like sprawl of underground concourses shown in the site plan by architect Daniel Libeskind that was approved last February - and which is now being reworked.

    The revised plan - which also includes a glass-covered "galleria" of shops at Cortlandt Street - will be revealed later this month.

    The debate over how to lay out the shops comes as the company that owns the right to rebuild the retail area of the trade center is actively trying to find a way out of the project - talking to the PA and others about selling its interest at the WTC.

    Westfield America has also talked to its WTC partner, Twin Towers leaseholder Larry Silverstein, who is eager to buy them out - except he doesn't have the money to do it.

    Westfield has made no secret of its dislike for the Libeskind plan, and the company has also talked with developers Forest City Ratner and the Related Companies about taking over its role at the trade center, sources said.

    Sources said that if the PA were to buy out Westfield, which signed the WTC lease just weeks before the 9/11 attack, the agency would later resell the retail rights.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    There's a number of unveilings this month, right JM?

    Its an important time to focus on rebuilding.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    I dont know if anyone has already asked this, but is the glass on the wtc going to be mirrored or blue or that purple in the above rendering?

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    There's a number of unveilings this month, right JM?
    The final site plan is definitely scheduled for this month and I wouldn't be surprised if the Freedom Tower came along with it. But, I also wouldn't be surprised to see the Freedom Tower's unveiling to come in October.

    IMHO, the way to do it is to unfurl the new renderings on 130 Liberty St. during a press conference at the site.

    I dont know if anyone has already asked this, but is the glass on the wtc going to be mirrored or blue or that purple in the above rendering?
    Its it still totally up in the air as to what the facades and even the shapes will look like at this point.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    Quote: from Stern on 10:32 am on Sep. 2, 2003
    There's a number of unveilings this month, right JM?

    Its an important time to focus on rebuilding.
    It will most likely mirror the new 7 WTC from Child's earlier statements...

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    A quick video shot...

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    Quote: from NYguy on 1:37 pm on Aug. 25, 2003
    I'll have to check it out again. *From that angle it appeared that the ramp was gone, and a new roadside structure was built in its place. *That could be completely wrong though, but I'm almost sure it was roadside....

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    If you look closely in the video, you can see the small structure that rises up above West St...

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    Looks like it goes all the way down to the bedrock. I wonder what that is, temporary stairway maybe? Oh well, we're soon to see much more significant structures than that go up.

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    Default Ground Zero Developments

    Just in case this link hasn't been posted recently, here is the Ground Zero live webcam:

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    The battle over Ground Zero

    Two years after the attack on the World Trade Center, intense passions still swirl around the redevelopment project.

    This week, a group of victims' families gathered at the construction site in Lower Manhattan to protest against plans to rebuild on the foundations of the obliterated twin towers.

    They argue it constitutes a sacred cemetery for the thousands of people who died there.

    This latest protest is one of countless wrangles that have dogged the project so far. The rebuilding has only inched forward and looks certain to take a lot longer to complete that first planned.

    Further, designs to rebuild the 17-acre complex may yet be altered by the powerful parties who hold a stake in the site.


    Last February, architect Daniel Libeskind won a competition to redesign the World Trade Center site, in a very public selection process.

    With its overt symbolism, the design was a popular choice. But, since then, Mr Libeskind's artistic vision has clashed with the commercial demands of prime real estate.

    Many people, such as the victims relatives' groups, are questioning whether the public's voice will, in the end, be drowned out.

    Part of the problem is that this is widely seen as one of the most important urban redevelopment sites in the world and there are so many interested parties whose differences need to reconciled - victims' families, downtown residents, businessmen, architects, developers and politicians.

    Responsibility for the site is divided between the governors of the states of New York and New Jersey, who own the land through the Port Authority and Larry A Silverstein, the leaseholder who holds the right to redevelop the office space.

    Two main features of the Libeskind plan aroused opposition from the outset - the centrepiece "Freedom Tower" and a sunken memorial garden, which was welcomed by victims' relatives.

    The tower was to be 1,776ft (540m) high, echoing the date of the founding of the republic. Its off-centre spire at the top conjured up the Statue of Liberty's torch.

    Changing the spiral

    But business groups and leaseholder Mr Silverstein questioned the wisdom of building such a large tower. They asked whether companies would, indeed, want to lease space in such a tall building anymore.

    Although Mr Silverstein has no legal right to say what should or should not be built, he has much financial and political clout. He is still paying the rent on the site and it is his multi-billion-dollar insurance claim that is paying for the rebuilding.

    A property developer in his 70s, Mr Silverstein has already brought his weight to bear on the design of "Freedom Tower".

    He argued that the symbolic spiral at the tip of the tower is too expensive to build and pushed for something more straightforward. As part of a compromise, Mr Libeskind relinquished control for the tower to another architect chosen by Mr Silverstein.

    The property developer has also suggested that the tower be moved to a site closer to the transport hub, where he says it will be easier and more profitable to rent.

    A further bone of contention in Mr Libeskind's plans is the 4.7-acre pit that was once the foundations, or footprint, of the twin towers. A 70-foot steel-enforced concrete "slurry wall", once encased these foundations.


    After the attacks, the wall, which was all that was left of the trade center complex, kept the waters of the Hudson River at bay. Mr Libeskind has imbued it with heroic status, as an emblem to resistance to terrorism.

    But Mr Silverstein and business groups argued that it would inflict a perpetually open wound on Lower Manhattan. They said companies moving into the trade center may not want to be constantly reminded of their vulnerability. Mr Silverstein also complained that the slurry wall, which was to remain exposed, was simply ugly.

    Mr Libeskind originally intended the garden to go the full 70-feet down to the bedrock. This was welcomed by victims' families, who point out that many of their loved ones' remains are still there.

    But in the spirit of commercialism there are now plans to build a subterranean shopping complex and a huge public transit terminal from 30ft below ground level.

    Many downtown residents were against having the garden sunk at all. One survey carried out during the summer suggested that a majority of New Yorkers wanted it to be at ground level so it is easier to cross the site and reach the planned transportation hub, shops and office buildings.

    Many of the victims' families fear that amid the talk of office space, building design, street grids, transit hubs and financing, their voices are becoming fainter.


    Dan Cruickshank is a British architectural historian who has talked to relatives, politicians, planners, the leaseholder and the architects over a period of 14 months for a BBC programme documenting the evolution of the plans.

    He concludes that while sentiment remained strong for a long time after the attacks, "it is all very ruthless again."

    "New York is a very tough place," he says. "At first there were grand gestures to console the public but now it boils down to Larry Silverstein and his obligation to build office and commercial space.

    "Mr Silverstein is hard-nosed and tough and he's the one calling the shots. Many of the victims' families are finding the whole process depressing. There was a sense of listening for a year but now commerce is coming to the fore."

    Mr Cruickshank says the complex will be built over 20 years, as and when there is commercial demand. The real battle for how it will eventually look may only have just begun.

    Towering Ambitions: Dan Cruickshank at Ground Zero is broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday 7 September at 2100 BST.

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    "New York is a very tough place," he says. "At first there were grand gestures to console the public but now it boils down to Larry Silverstein and his obligation to build office and commercial space.
    This is ok with me. Function is a form of beauty. Castles weren't build to be romantic, they were build to be defensive. Cathedrals weren't just eye-candy; religious statues and painted ceilings were non-verbal instructions for an illiterate congregation.

    Downtown is about business and the pursuit of efficient buildings gave us the Twin Towers in the first place. When they first went up, everyone moaned about them being boring boxes in the sky, eyesores on the landscape. Now their absense is like a stab in our hearts.

    I disagree with the view of Dan Cruickshank, we shouldn't cling to expectations. We should give Childs a chance to change our sensabilities.

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    55 Water is quite functional.

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