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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    Jun 7, 4:17 PM EDT
    Arts center plans at WTC site questioned

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A rebuilding agency on Wednesday added a year to the contract of an architect designing a performing arts center at the World Trade Center site, while a community leader warned that temporary plans to build on the arts center's space would delay the project for years.

    The Lower Manhattan Development Corp. extended a $4.6 million contract for architect Frank Gehry until June 2007. Gehry was hired in 2004 to design the arts center, which would house performance space for two city theater companies. It has no announced budget or opening date.

    Madelyn Wils, an LMDC board member and former chair of a downtown community board, said plans to relocate part of a new transit hub on the arts center's site would indefinitely put off the project.

    "I just want to make sure that this is a project that's not going to fall off the cliff," she said.

    Wils said she feared the plans of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to build temporary entrances to a $2.2 billion transit hub on space slated for the arts center "will put an insurmountable obstacle" to its development.

    Port Authority and LMDC officials said they have agreed to simultaneously build below-ground foundations for the arts center in the same space as the temporary entrance that would bring thousands of commuters into the transit hub.

    "As we're doing it, they can be constructing it," said Kenneth Ringler, the Port Authority's executive director. "If there's an obstacle, that's not the obstacle."

    LMDC President Stefan Pryor said the arts center's foundations could be built around escalators at the new, temporary entrance.

    "It's our hope to compress the time frame as much as possible and to avoid significant delays," Pryor said. "There is a risk of delay, but we are working together to minimize any impact."

    The Port Authority, which owned the trade center, needs to move the entrance while it excavates other land for development, agency spokesman Steve Coleman said. Construction begins next year, and the escalators would be removed a few months after the permanent hub opens in 2009.

    The arts center is part of plans for the 16-acre site that include five office towers and a memorial to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. A nonprofit foundation charged with raising money for the arts center must first raise $500 million to build the memorial, which is being redesigned because it is over budget.

    "It's very difficult, unless you know when something's going to get built, when you can start fundraising for it," Wils said of the arts center.

    © 2006 The Associated Press

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    Default Big Booms for Freedom, NY Daily News

    Big booms for Freedom

    Two blasts rumbled deep beneath Ground Zero yesterday, speeding up excavation for the Freedom Tower.
    The muffled test explosions, 70 feet below street level, were deemed successful by Tishman Construction and the Port Authority, and cleared the way for a total of 60 more rock-loosening explosions over the next two months.
    "They will save us about 2,000 hours of loud pounding with hoe rams," Tishman project executive Mel Ruffini said afterward. "We hope to remove about 7,000 cubic yards of material."
    Ammonium nitrate, set in holes drilled through the concrete floor and into the bedrock below, fueled the blasts.
    The site of the 1,776-foot office building, slated for completion in 2011, clamored with more activity than it has seen since heavy equipment first assembled there on April 26.
    "People keep saying, 'Where's the progress?'" said Mayor Bloomberg. "Well, the Freedom Tower is actually going up."
    Michael Saul and Paul D. Colford

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    Default Bloomberg hitting notes

    The best part about this is the quote from Bloomberg, touting progress at the site. He's moving in the right direction.

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    Liberty Bonds approved for three WTC towers

    by Catherine Tymkiw
    June 14, 2006

    The Liberty Development Corp. gave preliminary approval for $1.67 billion in Liberty Bonds to help build three of the five towers at Ground Zero.

    The City is expected to give preliminary approval for an additional $921 million in Liberty Bonds for the towers next month.

    “We expect that this [approval] will not only help leaseholder Larry Silverstein finalize the balance of his financing, but will facilitate the expenditure of funds at the World Trade Center site and accelerate real progress of construction,” said Empire State Development Corp. Chairman Charles Gargano in a statement.

    The site’s owner, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and Mr. Silverstein originally entered into a 99-year ground lease for the site in the summer of 2001, shortly before the destruction of the original World Trade Center. A revised ground lease is in the process of being negotiated.

    The two sides butted heads earlier this year over who would have control over rebuilding efforts. Gov. George Pataki had made the release of the bonds contingent upon an agreement between the Port Authority and Mr. Silverstein.

    They came to an agreement in April, with Mr. Silverstein giving up development of the Freedom Tower in exchange for these three towers. Port Authority agreed to occupy space in one of the towers and to secure leases for 1 million square feet at the Freedom Tower.

    Construction of Towers Two, Three and Four, which will comprise 6.2 million square feet of space, is slated to start later this year. The whole project is estimated to cost $4.38 billion.

    ©2006 Crain Communications Inc.

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    Is it just my imagination or do I remember hearing that renderings would start coming out in June?

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    Well, it's only halfway through the month now so should be soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by pianoman11686
    Is it just my imagination or do I remember hearing that renderings would start coming out in June?
    In some article recently I seem to recall Foster saying he wouldn't have renderings out for 2 WTC until the fall.

    Not sure about the rest of the site's buildings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pianoman11686
    Is it just my imagination or do I remember hearing that renderings would start coming out in June?
    According to this, concept drawings aren't due until September...

    May 3, 2006
    Richard Rogers to Design Tower at Ground Zero

    ...The design work on both Tower 3 and Tower 4 will begin immediately, Silverstein Properties said, with concept drawings due in four months and construction expected to start in 2007.

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    NY Times

    June 16, 2006

    The Unseen Work Below Ground Zero

    A mobile excavator at the World Trade Center site readies the ground for a test of pilings, 25 feet high and 400 tons, that will support subway tracks as excavation goes on around them.

    There are still financial shadows on the Freedom Tower. Revised plans for the 9/11 memorial remain a mystery. But something else is hidden from public view, far below street level: work is accelerating in almost every corner of the World Trade Center site.

    Two months ago, a dozen workers at most were there every day. The number is now approaching 100, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns and controls the site. By the fifth anniversary of the attack, there will probably be 150.

    "Since April, we seem to have dramatically picked up the pace," said Anthony R. Coscia, the chairman of the authority, after an inspection tour yesterday. "The early-stage work is among the most complex and difficult. Once it picks up, the momentum moves pretty quickly."

    Kenneth J. Ringler Jr., the executive director of the authority, said: "What's being done isn't visible from the street, but it's very necessary in moving this forward quietly. Even the blasting is quiet." (Two blasts on Monday and three on Wednesday to loosen bedrock under the Freedom Tower were scarcely audible outside the site.)

    A dense subterranean structure of footings, foundations, steel columns and concrete walls must be constructed to support the office towers, the memorial, the permanent PATH terminal, the plaza and the performing arts center.

    By the autumn of 2007, the first new aboveground structure at ground zero in four years should be completed, on Vesey Street. This will be a passenger entrance pavilion, or headhouse. It will serve the temporary PATH terminal until the permanent transportation hub, designed by Santiago Calatrava, opens in 2009.

    On Monday, workers about 45 feet below Vesey Street were torching the hefty structural framework of a truck ramp that served the trade center. Its only recognizable trace was a splayed entry and exit apron that once connected to Barclay Street but now leads to thin air.

    Along the west edge of the temporary PATH terminal, 70 feet below street level, a hoe ram — something like a giant jackhammer mounted on tank treads — was chopping up bedrock to prepare for the footings and foundations of a fourth passenger platform.

    On the other side of the No. 1 subway line, which bisects ground zero, a mobile excavator was grading the earth to prepare for a test of the pilings that will be used to support the subway tracks during the excavation and construction around them. The pilings will be made of tubular steel pipes like those used for drilling oil wells.

    Each piling is supposed to support 250 tons. But they are being tested with a 25-foot-tall stack of forged iron blocks and steel plates that weighs 400 tons.

    Near the test pilings, a temporary storage, staging and training area has been set up in a two-block-long abandoned underground chamber that was once the passenger platform hall of the Hudson Terminal. This was built in 1909 by the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad, predecessor to PATH.

    The Hudson Terminal was later used for truck loading docks under 4 and 5 World Trade Center. It will eventually be demolished to make way for the new PATH terminal.

    Phoenix Constructors, a joint venture of Slattery Skanska, Bovis Lend Lease, Fluor Enterprises and Granite Construction, is building the temporary and permanent PATH terminal. Tishman Construction Corporation is building the Freedom Tower.

    On Tuesday, Mr. Coscia warned that the tower would have to be reconsidered if state officials failed to obtain leases for one million square feet from federal agencies by September.

    Yesterday, Frank J. Sciame, a construction executive charged with finding ways to build the memorial and memorial museum for $500 million, made his report in private to Gov. George E. Pataki and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The recommendations are to be released next week.

    Current estimates for the memorial and memorial museum run from $630 million to $672 million, not including the overall costs of preparing the site, estimated at $150 million to $300 million.

    It seems increasingly clear that in order to meet the $500 million memorial budget, at least one of two key elements in the original design by Michael Arad may have to be eliminated: the waterfalls inside the two voids where the twin towers stood or the underground galleries that were to surround the pools at the bottom of the voids.

    A far more certain prospect for construction is PATH's new Vesey Street headhouse, which will replace the concourse and canopy on Church Street that opened in 2003.

    In the reconfigured terminal, commuters will leave through the north end of the existing mezzanine and a new intermediate platform. "Iridescent Lighting," a 118-foot mosaic mural currently on the mezzanine, will be relocated there.

    From the intermediate platform, eight escalators, two stairways and an elevator will rise 42 feet to the headhouse opposite the new park outside 7 World Trade Center. A Hudson News newsstand will occupy one corner of the entrance pavilion.

    Eventually, that site is to be occupied by a performing arts center designed by Frank Gehry. Officials are trying to coordinate the two projects, so that the underground part of the Vesey Street entrance does not interfere with the arts center foundations.

    Charles V. Bagli contributed reporting for this article.

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    "EPA Gives Green Light To Deutsche Bank Work After Asbestos Concerns

    The Environmental Protection Agency says plans for clearing the Deutsche Bank Building can move forward again after investigating asbestos concerns.

    The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation is in the process of tearing down the vacant building and brought in experts to help recover human bone fragments found on the building’s roof.

    The Medical Examiner will test them for possible matches to September 11th victims.

    After the building is cleaned, it will be torn down floor by floor, but that may not happen until July or August.


    what is LS going to do with this site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffpark

    what is LS going to do with this site?
    He gave it back to the PA, in exchange for a lease reduction. Once it's cleaned up, it will probably be auctioned off to private real estate developers for condos.

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    Default Commercial/Residential

    Quote Originally Posted by BPC
    private real estate developers for condos.
    That's what I would have said, but I've heard rummors from the RE markets. Sizable blocks of prime commercial space is starting to be very hard to find. Meanwhile, condos are in development everywhere, and owners of swing buildings are starting to reconsider.

    Now that the PA is the owner of the asset, all of the propaganda goes straight in the garbage. Now the only issue for the PA is how much they can get for it. If commercial brings in more than residential, they'll be singing the market tunes in a second.

    Of course, Bloomberg might have built in a garantee that it wouldn't be made commercial.

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    June 20, 2006 -- After years of delays in rebuilding lower Manhattan, downtown officials are launching a bold new ad campaign that paints a rosy view of what the area will look like in just four years.

    Signs posted on construction sites and pay-phone kiosks feature visions of skyscrapers, a Ground Zero memorial, transit hubs and tree-lined esplanades.

    The campaign, "This is 2010. It's happening now," won't be officially launched by the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center until next week, but signs have been going up for the past few days.

    "These are the projects that will be at or near completion by that time," said Jennifer Nelson, spokeswoman for the center.

    Copyright 2006 NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.

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    Enough with the ad campaigns. How about some construction, for a change?

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    "The design work on both Tower 3 and Tower 4 will begin immediately, Silverstein Properties said, with concept drawings due in four months and construction expected to start in 2007."

    Does this mean Tower 2 is already on the drawing boards, or are they going out of order?

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