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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    I suppose it's just a good time to bring it all up. The attitude is let's get this place up and running.

    Hard to argue with that.

    When I look at the whole thing, there's a site-plan that attempts to be unified, like Rockefeller Center; but of course, it doesn't achieve it. So OK, you get individual buildings, the way most of the area was built. But it's not that either.

    Stuck in the middle.

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    Assuming there are big budget constraints, which get worse over the next year as NY's economy slow downs, do people think it is better to slow down the path of rebuilding and sequence it more, with the end result being superior but taking longer, or to continue with everything at once?

    I am not sure those are actually the two choices, but it seems to me you only get one chance to redo the site and all this value engineering is something we will regret in the years to come.

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    Not sure what would be sequenced ...

    It seems that only 2WTC might be a viable choice for sequencing / constructing at a later date. Unless 2WTC has anchor tenant(s), and then a delay might not be possible there.

    4WTC has tenants who require a deadline date, as does 1WTC. Word is that 3WTC has a big tenant in the pipeline.

    The Memorial must be built now. Same for the Calatrava Trasport hub and the underground parking structure / security entry to same. Not to mention Fulton / Dey Street Transportation Station. The Performing Arts Center is on indefinite delay (should we say "deathwatch"?).

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    Updated World Trade Center Timetable May Have No Dates at All

    Freedom Tower, memorial, PATH hub likely years behind schedule

    by Eliot Brown | June 26, 2008

    Silverstein Properties.

    The Port Authority is expected to deliver its report about World Trade Center timetables and budgets Monday, and the situation looks so grim that the agency appears as though it will throw out the existing dates without setting a new timetable, at least for now, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

    The Port Authority’s initial analysis found that the projects under the agency's control—the PATH hub, the memorial, the Freedom Tower—stand to be delivered years behind schedule and substantially over budget. The agency wants more time to do further analysis, and could set dates at a later time, people briefed on the matter said.

    Multiple previous studies and reports showed that the memorial could be years behind schedule, with the chances of opening in full by the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001 all but an impossibility (more detail on this topic in our article from a couple of weeks back).

    With a newly installed executive director at the Port Authority, Chris Ward, Governor Paterson is seeking to mark a clean break with the Pataki-era timetables. Governor Spitzer declined to readjust them despite knowing that they were unrealistic so as to not further delay the overall complex. This tactic, pushed by some in the governor’s circle including former executive director Tony Shorris, met resistance from others in the administration, and was a subject of dispute between Mr. Shorris and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which advocated for new timetables.

    A Port Authority spokeswoman declined to comment

    © 2008 Observer Media Group

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    That entire site is years behind schedule, so what is the difference?

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    Crain’s New York Business.

    Audit report to show WTC plan in trouble

    Port Authority Executive Director Christopher Ward will lay out 20 issues that need to be solved before the Authority can set new and realistic deadlines for the project.

    June 27. 2008 2:51PM Theresa Agovino

    AP Images

    The effort to redevelop the World Trade Center site is so fraught with problems, delays and cost-overruns that it will take months to sort out all the issues and develop a new time table and budget.

    That’s the message the new chief of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Christopher Ward, will deliver to his board and Gov. David Paterson Monday, according to real estate sources.

    Earlier this month, after the Port missed another construction and excavation deadline, Gov. Paterson had requested an audit of the site by Monday. But sources say in order to fully determine the extent of the site’s challenges and steer clear of setting yet another set of unrealistic deadlines, a thorough examination of the project was necessary.

    “This is an opportunity for Gov. Paterson to try to reform a process that has been stalled. It gives him an opportunity to show leadership,” says Basil Smikle, a political consultant.

    Currently, the Port Authority’s Freedom Tower and Mr. Silverstein’s three buildings are to be completed by 2012. The Memorial Plaza has a 2010 target date while the deadline for the transportation hub and memorial museum is 2011. Government-funded site studies have estimated that the deadlines are likely to be missed by 18 to 36 months and that the $8.4 billion earmarked for the Port Authority isn't enough.

    Mr. Ward is expected to acknowledge those fears could be accurate but will say he hopes revamping the construction plan could allow earlier completion dates.

    Mr. Ward is expected to outline as many as 20 different issues that need to be addressed before new targets can be set ranging from whether the much-lauded, Santiago Calatrava-designed, transit center can be constructed as designed to the complications of building around the No. 1 train.

    High on his priority list will be insuring that Larry Silverstein can deliver one of his planned three office buildings within five years. Mr. Silverstein is negotiating with Merrill Lynch to move its headquarters to the building from the World Financial Center when its lease expires in 2013. Local leaders have said keeping the bank in lower Manhattan is crucial to maintaining the area as a financial industry hub.

    For a complete version of this story, see Monday’s print edition of Crain’s New York Business.

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    What progress has Silverstein made at the site of towers 3 and 4 since the PA turned it over to him and paid penalties for doing so late? I know he asked for an extension on his deadline to complete the towers in order to potentially redesign tower 3 for Merrill Lynch, but don't recall seeing any news as to whether it was granted or not.

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    From: NY1

    June 28, 2008

    Next week, Port Authority will reportedly explain the major problems that are facing the redevelopment at the World Trade Center site.

    The New York Post reported today that on Monday Port Authority executive director Christopher Ward will outline more than 20 major problem areas facing the rebuilding plans, including big cost overruns and impractical construction schedules.

    Sources tell the Post that Governor David Paterson will take about two months to review Ward's outline before suggesting major changes.

    The paper says at least one project, a $2.2 billion transit center originally set to open last year, may not get built at all.

    The Freedom Tower and September 11th Memorial are currently slated for completion in 2011, and the other proposed towers are expected to be done by 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC4Life View Post
    The paper says at least one project, a $2.2 billion transit center originally set to open last year, may not get built at all.
    umm what

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    Quote Originally Posted by philvia View Post
    umm what
    They must be talking about the Calatrava Transit Hub, though i don't recall it was planned to open "last year."

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    I was in the new PATH Station the other day -- it works perfectly fine.

    Has Calatrava's bird flown the coop?

    If so then carve out some additional corridors connecting PATH to the little Fulton / Dey Street hole, throw in some shops and we could have a brand new version of the confusing Times Square Subway Station.

    Serviceable, but not inspiring.

    And what will they do with that now-empty block between 2WTC <> 3WTC

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC4Life View Post

    ... i don't recall it was planned to open "last year."
    last year

    next year



    the new, new york

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    I think that the originally planned targrt date for the Freeom Tower, the memorial and the PATH Station were 09-11-11.

    The other 3 towers were supposed to be around that time as well, since construction on THEM were all supposed to start simutaneously.

    The whole thing was supposed to be done on or about the same time. This was supposed to eliminate the entire project being streched out years beyond that, but now, it appears that this long slow dragged out process might happen anyway.

    Looks like they are all crying poor mouth about rising construction costs and materials to build the complex.

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    front page wsj article today about delays

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    From NY1:

    Port Authority Says WTC Rebuilding Is Behind Schedule

    June 30, 2008

    The rebuilding of the World Trade Center is behind schedule and over budget, according to a letter obtained by NY1 that was sent from the Port Authority to families who lost loved ones on September 11th.

    The Port Authority says deadlines set forth for the project need to be scrapped. Christopher Ward, the agency's new executive director, says the time-frame given to complete the site's new office towers, memorial and transit hub are unrealistic.

    Ward says 15 problem areas remain, including the demolition of the former Deutsche Bank building and the location of the number 1 subway line.

    Earlier this month Governor David Paterson asked the agency to evaluate the existing timelines and budgets for the site, including the memorial. He said many of the cost estimates were made before construction began, but added that it isimperative to complete the project quickly, to honor those whose lives were lost that day.

    "The critical questions of whether the project is on time and whether it's at cost reveals results that can be described as nothing less than unacceptable," said Paterson. "This is the reason we need to address this problem and we need to address it now."

    The Freedom Tower and September 11th memorial are currently slated for completion in 2011, with the rest of the proposed towers expected to be done by 2012.

    Ward has proposed that a committee of leaders involved in the project meet to set new timelines by the end of September.

    Delays could mean the new buildings might not open in time for the 10-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

    Programming Note: New Port Authority Executive Director Christopher Ward will appear on "Inside City Hall" tonight to discuss the World Trade Center rebuilding. Watch tonight at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m.

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