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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    eNews Park Forest
    October 28, 2012

    Governor Cuomo Directs The Port Authority To Prepare For Potential Flooding And High Winds At World Trade Center Site

    Albany, NY--(ENEWSPF)--October 28, 2012. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has directed the Port Authority to make all necessary preparations to prevent flooding at the World Trade Center site during Hurricane Sandy. In preparation for the storm, the Port Authority halted all major construction work at the site at 4 p.m. Saturday, and efforts to secure the site are ongoing.

    “I’ve directed the Port Authority to ensure that the World Trade Center site and the Memorial are protected from flooding and high winds due to Hurricane Sandy,” said Governor Cuomo. “The World Trade Center is being built well above and beyond normal flood protection standards; however we must take every precaution to ensure the site is protected from a potentially historic storm.”

    All construction materials have been tied down and nailed to concrete floors, or secured with heavy chains. Additionally, all cranes have been secured, including the ones located on Towers 1 and 4. Additionally, aerial lifts are set to their lowest positions.

    For floors above 88 at One World Trade Center -- which are currently surrounded only by netting -- crews have removed or tied down any and all debris that could become airborne during the storm. Throughout the storm, there will be construction staff and maintenance crews will be on site around the clock to deal with issues that may arise.

    The Port Authority is taking all precautions to prevent flooding from potential storm surges. The entire site is equipped with pumps to drain and remove storm water that may enter the site. Operational, security and construction staff has been assigned to closely monitor vulnerable areas and keep all necessary drains clear and equipment operational to minimize water infiltration. The World Trade Center site slopes in elevation with the lowest levels being at West Street and the highest levels at Church Street. These elevations vary from approximately 5 feet above mean high tide to 13 feet at memorial plaza, and 24 feet at Church Street.

    In total, more than one-thousand sandbags have been placed around low lying areas adjacent to Battery Park City and the Hudson River. Extra pumps and sandbags are being delivered to the site as a precaution.

    Crews have tested all pumping equipment and confirmed electric generators are working correctly, with backup plans in place. The site is equipped with redundant power, and additional backup generators are on site. Workers secured all cables and conduits with inflatable bladders to ensure that no water infiltration occurs. Furthermore, the main feeders and cables are surrounded by concrete walls, and drainage and alarm systems are in place to alert maintenance and construction staff the moment moisture seeps into electrical areas.


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    The main thing I'm worried about is the oculus. The memorial pools are designed to drain water, but the oculus could flood from the West Street Underpass or the transit hall itself, leaving it looking like one giant swimming pool.

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    October 29, 2012

    NY1 Exclusive: Cuomo Views Secured WTC Site Before Sandy Strikes

    By Kristen Shaughnessy

    Governor Andrew Cuomo spent part of his morning touring the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan and getting briefed on what has been done to secure it as Sandy approaches.

    Cuomo is crisscrossing the state today, making sure everyone is ready when Sandy strikes tonight.

    The governor said that it was crucial that residents of low-lying Zone A residents evacuate their homes and that New Yorkers remain indoors during the storm.

    "The storm surge is not going to be good, we know that for sure. It may seem fine now if you're outside now, it may look fine, but looks can be deceptive. There is no one who has any need to be on the streets today. They really don't," said Cuomo. "And if you look outside and say 'It's not so bad, I'm going out,' that's a mistake. We don't want them on the streets, we don't want them on the roads. We want emergency vehicles to be able to move around."

    He toured the World Trade Center site with Steve Plate, the director of World Trade Construction. Employees of the Port Authority are working all day and night to prepare the site before the storm arrives.

    "We've been preparing for days. The coordination is very good, all across the state. Agencies are working together very well. So we're really doing everything we can, I think, in terms of preparation. And we just have to see what Mother Nature has in store for us," said Cuomo. "We're focused on the storm surge itself, the wind will be high and there will be rain. But the storm surge is the one thing we really don't have a handle on. Look, whatever it is, we can handle it. We're New Yorkers, that's what we do."

    Cuomo said he's been in constant contact with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other state officials.

    "I worked in the Clinton administration as HUD secretary. One of the things I did was work on disasters and disaster reconstructions all over the country and across the globe. I've never seen a situation where all the officials are in lockstep like they are here," said the governor.

    The Port Authority says the World Trade Center site has more than 80 pumps to deal with flooding from storm surge and overflowing sewers and prevent power outages and electrical fires. There are also another 250 pumps on-hand which can deal with problems.

    Thirty of the pumps are permanent and "strategically located," according to the Port Authority, and another 50 temporary pumps are placed in construction areas.

    There are also thousands of sandbags placed around the World Trade Center site and the National September 11th Memorial to further prevent flooding.
    Construction material and equipment has been secured around the cranes at Towers 1 and 4 and the part of One World Trade Center above the 88th floor.

    Plate said those involved in World Trade Center construction started planning for Sandy a week ago. The director of construction He plans to ride out the storm at the city alongside a number of his workers.

    "We have a series of walls to keep the water from getting here. I almost describe it as an island, to make sure that no water gets near the site. And if anything gets in we pump it right out to protect both the people and the equipment," said Plate. "The second part is the wind, and dealing with that and making sure everything is tethered down, all the equipment, all the material wrapped, tied down, nailed down to the slabs to make sure they are maintained in place."

    Plate said he is sure his workers will encounter unexpected obstacles, but his team is prepared to adjust their plan as they go.

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    A third fountain for the World Trade Center, and THIS one does not cost anything!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daquan13 View Post
    A third fountain for the World Trade Center, and THIS one does not cost anything!!
    but this one will cost hell of money to clean it up although

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    In post 5765, what are those sandbags protecting?

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    It looks like they are protecting a vent or something in the sidewalk..

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    There was a short blurb on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and Gov. Cuomo inside the temporary WTC PATH station. Water was still about 3-4 feet high on the tracks and Cuomo claimed the water had been much higher.

    From Cuomo's twitter:

    Deep water in the Verizon lobby across the street as well. Yikes.

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    How did Goldman Sachs do?

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    They put three foot high sandbag walls around the perimeter of their building. For the most part they're okay, but it looks like all their work has just pushed water elsewhere, if you catch my drift.

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    Sounds about right for them.

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    I assume the museum portion has also been breached? Any mention of the artifacts already in there? (Is the fire truck under water? The "last column"....etc) All the preservation work done could be ruined.

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