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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    Just being selfish, as a resident of the neighborhood, I'll be glad to get a shopping center back. Hell, I still have pants I bought in Structure ( I think ) in the old trade center shopping area.

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    I like that the entire mall is being built to seamlessly flow with Calatrava's transit hub.

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    Tony Shi on Flickr
    January 4, 2014

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    Wall Street Journal
    January 26, 2014

    In WTC Milestone, Fence to Come Down

    After 13 Years, Fencing Around 16-Acre Site To Be Removed


    The redevelopment of the World Trade Center is expected to pass a major milestone in 2014, but one that will be more low-key than others ticked off in recent years such as the opening of the 9/11 Memorial or completing the spire atop One World Trade Center.

    One of the big events of this year: dismantling a blue fence.

    For 13 years, the 16-acre site has been fenced off from the rest of Downtown as the rebuilding process has continued. The memorial opened two years ago, but access has been limited to ticketed visitors who pass through the fence on a narrow walkway.

    In 2014, portions of the fence will be dismantled, enabling people to go back and forth freely between the memorial and parts of downtown, according to Joe Daniels, president of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. He said he is "100%" sure it will happen this year, perhaps as early as May when the 9/11 Memorial Museum on the site is scheduled to open.

    The exact timing on the fence removal, though, remains unclear. A spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site, declined to comment.

    But earlier this month, at a meeting of the downtown community board, a Port Authority representative said possible plans for fencing removal this year would include the west side of the memorial plaza along West Street, the south end along Liberty Street and a portion of Greenwich Street, according to a person who attended the meeting.

    Downtown residents, business owners and landlords have long awaited the blending of the site into the neighboring streets. Once it happens, travel will be easier, more people will want to live and work there and an important psychological step will be taken in healing from the trauma of Sept. 11, they said.

    "It's something I have been looking forward to for a long time," said Sept. 11 memorial designer Michael Arad. "The design of the memorial has always been about connecting the site back to the city and making this part of the city whole again."

    But like most everything else at the World Trade Center site, the removal of the barriers isn't without controversy or complications. While most officials agree the fence will begin to come down this year, the exact plan, timing and security precautions remain unclear.

    Some residents are concerned that, even after the fences start to come down, security concerns will prevent the site from being woven into the city's fabric. Indeed, a group of downtown residents recently went to court to block a plan for controlling vehicle access to the site, warning that it would create "an isolated fortress" downtown.

    "Any fence coming down is a good thing" said Mary Perillo founder of the World Trade Center Neighborhood Alliance and a 30-year resident of the area. "But I can't see the NYPD giving up searching people."

    A New York Police Department spokesman referred questions about the fence to the Port Authority. In a statement, Joe Dunne, the Port's chief security officer, said decisions regarding the fence will "consider ongoing construction needs and other concerns but will keep the safety of visitors and the general public as the top priority."

    The full integration of the World Trade Center site into downtown is still years away. The transportation hub designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava isn't scheduled to be completed until the beginning of 2015. The opening of Greenwich Street, which runs through the site, partly depends on the construction of the transportation hub and 3 World Trade Center.

    But people who live and work in the area said the dismantling of the fence will be a big step in the rebuilding because it will incorporate the memorial plaza into daily life. Today, tourists and others typically plan to visit the memorial, named "Reflecting Absence," to pay respect to the thousands who died in the terrorist attack.

    With the fences down, the eight-acre site also will become more of a park. Workers will go there between appointments or to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee. Pedestrians will traverse it as they walk through the area.

    "It hasn't been part of normal New York City life for a while," said Joe Lincks, 47, of Mahopac, N.Y., an insurance underwriter who has worked in Lower Manhattan for 25 years.

    Downtown landlords in particular are eager to see the fences come down. For years, their tenants have had to put up with the clogged sidewalks and other hassles of being near the massive construction site.

    The downtown office market has rebounded with the rest of Manhattan as the city's economy has improved. Average rents increased to $48.26 in the fourth quarter of 2013 from $38.78 in 2010, according to Cushman & Wakefield Inc.

    But the vacancy grew to 12.2% in 2013 from 8.8% in 2012, in part because of space being added by new construction.

    People involved in the leasing of the new World Trade Center towers predict the removal of the fence will give leasing a boost.

    "People have felt banished up until now," said Jody Durst, president of the Durst Organization, which helped develop One World Trade Center.

    Mr. Arad, the memorial designer, said "Reflecting Absence" is supposed to be integrated with surrounding streets so the city would remember the Sept. 11 victims as a part of everyday life.

    "If you are a visitor to the memorial and see an office worker sitting on a bench, you can't help but think that it was people like them who were targeted and have their names on the panels," Mr. Arad says. "It underscores the importance of what the memorial is about and who is being commemorated."

    Pedestrians walk past the fence surrounding the 9/11 Memorial site.

    --Jennifer Maloney contributed to this article.

    Copyright 2014 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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    It will look so strange without it.

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    Does the State DOT ever plan to finish paving West Street?

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    earthcam today seemed to show them digging in the area along the northbound lanes at the end of Fulton Street where the cross walk will go in.

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    Sean on Flickr
    February 13, 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by BPC View Post
    Does the State DOT ever plan to finish paving West Street?
    Got this from Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center:

    After several years spent coordinating heavy construction alongside the World Trade Center site, finally the New York State Department of Transportation (SDOT) is restoring that section of West Street. The agency shared West Street Promenade Phase 2 project updates at the February Community Board 1 Planning Committee meeting, with representatives noting that the overall completion of the Promenade, between Albany and Vesey Streets, is expected by spring 2016.

    SDOT crews began building the permanent frontage of the WTC Memorial early this year, with steps being installed between the plaza and the future West Street eastern sidewalk. (A "frontage" is the buffer area between the roadway and a building line, including sidewalk, curb, trees, lighting, bollards, etc.)

    That work, active from Liberty to Fulton, is expected to conclude around July 2014, a few months after the WTC Museum opens in mid-May. Meanwhile, the Port Authority has ramped up its own frontage work outside 1 WTC, continuing on the west side of the tower through late spring 2014.

    Across West Street, SDOT will begin restoring the frontage of 1 World Financial Center (WFC), between Albany and Liberty in Battery Park City (BPC), through late spring. That streetscape then will lead into the next frontage-construction phase outside 2 and 3 WFC, between Liberty and Vesey Streets. The entire west-side frontage area is slated for completion in summer 2015 -- which also will bring the restoration of the bikeway and walkway.

    The Liberty Street pedestrian bridge also will return to its permanent configuration across West Street by approximately early 2015, when the new Liberty Park opens just south of the WTC. That bridge-landing relocation will then allow SDOT crews to move the pilings now occupying areas of West Street, and complete final median reconstruction along the highway.

    At the CB1 meeting, committee members advocated for installation of permanent left-turn lanes along West Street in both directions at both Liberty and Albany Streets, citing a substantial increase in traffic to both BPC and Greenwich South neighborhoods. SDOT representatives are collaborating with other agencies to determine the best options, and how to safely queue truck traffic from West Street into the future WTC Vehicular Security Center entrance on Liberty Street.
    Not mentioned above, extending and rehabilitating the Liberty St bridge is the responsibility of BPCA; funding allocated in 2014 capital projects.

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    This may be a rhetorical question but why is it taking so long to move the fence on Vesey street closer to WTC2?? The rush hour foot traffic on that block is ridiculous. That could have been alleviated (many) months ago.

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    Construction vehicle access road?

    There's an entry/exit gate at Vesey and Church.

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    West St

    Any year now, we'll be able to walk around this place.

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    Just getting the fences down around the memorial will be an amazing start.

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    Are those hideous gray contraptions complete? I was hoping they plan to do something more with them. (I'm not sure what.)

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    Plant trees around them, and hope they grow fast.

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