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  • I have come to terms with the new World Trade Center; although it has a number of flaws, I find the design to be acceptable. 5/10

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  • I am wholly disappointed with the New World Trade Center; we will live to regret the final design. 0/10

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  • I am biased, but honest, and hate anything that is not a reincarnation of the original Twin Towers.

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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    I see...

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    I didn't think it was possible, but it looks as if Vesey Street is going to be wide, if not wider than before. Quick question, though, what's the name of the security systems they're installing in the roadways around the site? They look like crossing strips and they roll upward into a bollard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tectonic View Post
    I see...
    If they ever do put open space in this area, the best chance is decking over the BBT portal. At least there are preliminary plans on file, and it would release MTA air-rights.

    The Vesey St streetwall at West St may be the same as before, but the roadway will be much narrower.

    West St sidewalk is now open along the entire WTC site, and has gotten very busy up to Murray St, where there's a bus drop-off.

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    The BBT entrance definitely should get a deck and park. However, additional green space would be nice. Workers on B'Way aren't going to walk to BPF.

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    Cortlandt Way (between towers 3 and 4) partially opened, only the stepped side, so not wheelchair accessible.

    The Church St sidewalk at 4WTC is also open. Crosswalks added at Liberty St and Cortlandt St.

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    Do I catch 3WTC beginning to rise again in that last photo?

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    Yes. They've been back at work going vertical for the last week. It's good to watch on the earthcam -

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    New York Times
    August 13, 2014

    World Trade Center Logo Captures Site’s Destruction and Rebirth


    The new World Trade Center symbol, seen on Wednesday on Vesey and Church Streets, was designed by Landor Associates.

    Can you see a trident — an abstract trident recalling those three-fingered steel columns at the base of the twin towers, still standing after the 2001 attack, symbolizing New York City’s resilience?

    It is there, in the World Trade Center’s new logo, which was revealed on Wednesday when the latest display panels were installed along a construction fence on Vesey Street.

    Do you discern two parallel spaces in the upper half of the logo? They are intended to evoke the memorial beacons of the Tribute in Light. And the two bars on the lower half of the logo? The deep pools of the National September 11 Memorial.

    Look again, and the five bars might be taken for five towers: 7 World Trade Center, long finished and open; 1 and 4 World Trade Center, nearing completion; 3 World Trade Center, under construction; and 2 World Trade Center, still on the drawing board.

    And yes, now that you mention it, the whole thing is a stylized W — for World Trade Center, of course, but also for Westfield World Trade Center, the name of the luxury shopping center that is to open there next year.

    (You are excused if you missed the fact that the slope across the upper bars is at a 17.76-degree angle, reflecting the height of 1 World Trade Center.)

    “The logo acts as an icon for the whole physical space of the 16 acres,” said Erica Dumas, a spokeswoman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the trade center site.

    The new emblem includes the words “World Trade Center” set in the Helvetica Ultra Compressed typeface. It will not replace the logos of individual occupants of the trade center site, but is supposed to lend a graphic unity to way-finding signs, building entrances, digital directories, kiosks, uniforms, websites, apps and marketing materials.

    Landor Associates, a corporate identity firm whose best known creation may be the FedEx brand, was awarded a $3.57 million contract by the authority board in 2013.

    Before Sept. 11, 2001, the trade center’s logo featured the pinstriped twin towers popping out of what almost looked like a Taiji symbol. An impromptu interim emblem was devised by superimposing a billowing American flag on the twin towers.

    Landor faced a challenge in devising a trademark that would be acceptable to all of the site’s occupants, pay homage to a tragic past and create a hopeful image for the future.

    “It’s an impossible task,” said James Biber, a principal at Biber Architects. He works in the nearby Woolworth Building and paused on Vesey Street to inspect the new logo. “It’s so anonymous that it almost evaporates.”

    “Maybe this is the last step in the rebranding of something that has disappeared,” he added.

    Douglas Riccardi, the principal in the design firm Memo, was with Mr. Biber. He seemed more forgiving of the complex design. “Its strength is its ability to be seen in many ways,” he said. “You could never get more meaning in five little bars. The problem is that people may not bother to find out what the meanings are.”

    2014 The New York Times Company

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    nice, a minecraft logo for the WTC. My 6 year old will be all over that!

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    My logo had the new towers in the same format as the original WTC's logo, popping out of what they call a Taiji symbol. Oh well, the trident logo makes sense, I guess.

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    Can't believe the PA spent $3.6 million on that shit. Couldn't they ask a few interns in their office to come up with that or possibly something much better than that?

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    Terrible. Just plain awful. I've never seen a logo be so plain and clunky at the same time. I don't see any of the connections they claim to make. And the words on the right look so out of context.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    Can't believe the PA spent $3.6 million on that shit. Couldn't they ask a few interns in their office to come up with that or possibly something much better than that?

    I strongly disagree. I think the new logo is worth at least $5M. The PA must have gotten a government discount. Our tax and toll dollars well spent!

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