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Thread: World Trade Center Developments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stern
    according to, tower 2 will be about 1100. Does anyone know how accurate this information is? or how tall this building might really be?
    Im more interested in whose designing it. I hope Foster.
    I'm hoping for Foster too, but I won't get too excited until its announced. I also hope Tower 2 is pushed to 1,200 ft if possible.

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    Don't be surprised if SOM does them all - unless Silverstein's role is somewhat diminished.

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    I noticed the same thing on!
    I'm hoping that is the height. I often felt solely one very tall tower would not balance out the skyline enough and look odd.

    Secondly, how long can we expect it to be before we start to see some actual construction on the Freedom Tower? How long does it take for them to prepare the foundation, etc....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp
    Don't be surprised if SOM does them all - unless Silverstein's role is somewhat diminished.
    SOM can't even get the Freedom Tower completed. So far, Silverstein hasn't mentioned SOM designing the other towers, so I wouldn't worry about it until then. Actually I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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    I think Silverstein is going to have to have an RFP process to keep the costs competitive and to have the comparative analysis to get the funding necessary for a spec building. It would likely be an iinvited list, rather than open RFP. To keep other firms engaged, he'd have to throw them some bones. So, I would guess we'd see firms other than SOM or form collaborating with SOM.

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    (Posted by savethewtc at SkyscraperCity)

    Jersey Journal

    WTC in Jersey City? That was plan in '63

    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    The dual beams of concentrated light that recently broke through hurricane-influenced night clouds over Manhattan were a wrenching sight, an illuminated remembrance of what was lost three years ago.

    Driving south on Sinatra Drive in Hoboken, I reminded myself that the leveled towers of the World Trade Center were more closely connected to Hudson County than most people realize.

    Those ghostly rays resurrected a startling discovery I made not long ago in the Jersey City Free Public Library - a discovery that was almost impossible to accept as it first flashed on a microfilm machine.

    In the winter of 1963, The Jersey Journal featured an extensive front-page story announcing that the "twin 107-story towers" of the sprawling World Trade Center complex might be built in Journal Square - the city center of Jersey City and hub of Hudson County - and not on the lower west side of Manhattan as previously planned.

    "Twin office towers in Journal Square - each taller than the Empire State Building?" asked the Journal, its editors excited about the economic renaissance that such a colossal undertaking would undoubtedly bring. "If that sounds like a campaign promise, know that some of the best brains in finance, engineering, law and real estate met last week in New York to discuss such a project."

    That meeting turned out to be part of a series of clandestine sessions initiated by an outraged Austin Tobin, the executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the quasi-governmental bi-state agency in charge of the development of the financial center.

    Tobin was fed up with interminable anti-Trade Center demonstrations held by long-time Lower Manhattan merchants, tenants and corporations who were, as a result of the forthcoming center, threatened with displacement and/or financial ruin. Further, he was furious with the lower courts, which sympathized and sided with the organized protesters, thereby stalling the Port Authority's lofty plans. (The victories and defeats of these impassioned citizens are captured in "City in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center," a gripping book by New York Times reporters James Glanz and Eric Lipton; Times Books/Henry Holt and Company; 2003.)

    Whether Tobin was serious about erecting the towers in Journal Square will probably never be known, but his intimation sent shock waves through Port Authority headquarters and across the black-and-white pages of local newspapers, seizing the imaginations of reporters, editors and readers.

    In the end, Tobin never had to test the dense Bergen Hill bedrock of Journal Square, for the prospect of paired sky-bound towers on the left bank of the Hudson River died on the judicial bench in early 1964, almost as fast as it was born in the boardroom.

    Sudden higher court decisions in favor of the Port Authority were publicly announced in the press and on PATH platforms - to the tearful dismay of the opposition - enabling the agency to yield the dreaded swords of eminent domain and condemnation to carry out an ambitious building scheme in Lower Manhattan that would, the courts agreed, benefit the region, the country and the world.

    Tobin's monumental pet project, whose inception could be traced to the 1939 World's Fair, would not be halted. The Jersey Journal ran a follow-up story, showing no sign of disappointment, calling instead for the resumption of an earlier plan to build a new bus and office terminal in Journal Square over PATH tracks deep below the street surface.

    There is no greater "what if?" in Hudson County.

    The construction of the two man-made monoliths would have resulted in the toppling of every structure on the vast Journal Square plateau, including the Loew's, State and Stanley movie palaces; the Trust Company of New Jersey office tower; The Jersey Journal building; and multitudes of surrounding dwellings bounded by Summit Avenue, Tonnelle Avenue, Newark Avenue, and Academy Street.

    The memorial lights that pierce the Manhattan atmosphere annually will, I am certain, trigger thoughts of my microfilmed find. For me - and perhaps now for others, too - the lost towers will always appear every September as spectral skyscrapers on both sides of the Hudson.

    John Gomez can be reached at

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    F'in Jersey.

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    that would had looked very weird when you looked at both skylines at the same time. Thank god that did not happend. who knows what changes would had taken. Maybe New York would had lost huge economic power to Jersey city.

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    Or maybe they would have had two very big empty buildings like the current(former?)Goldman Sachs building.

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    Either way it would have been weird.

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    New Tennis Courts Replace Ones Destroyed On 9/11

    OCTOBER 13TH, 2004

    New tennis courts opened in Lower Manhattan Tuesday, replacing ones destroyed in the World Trade Center attack.

    Governor George Pataki was on hand to open the three new courts at Hudson River Park.

    The tennis courts were built with funding from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Pataki said more improvements to the park are coming.

    “As you come up this magnificent river instead of seeing abandoned piers and decrepit buildings you're going to see marvelous new green spaces and environmental centers and hiking trails and jogging trails and now, right here, three new tennis courts to replace those we lost at Battery Park,” the governor said.

    The courts are free and open to the public from 6 A.M. to sunset during the spring, summer and fall.

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    I read somewhere that the Freedom Tower is supposed to rise to the sky during 2006 - does this mean that they'll the building won't be built at all untill 2006? Will they start buliding it sooner ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yyy
    I read somewhere that the Freedom Tower is supposed to rise to the sky during 2006 - does this mean that they'll the building won't be built at all untill 2006? Will they start buliding it sooner ?
    from my understanding, the freedom tower basement level and the clearing of the construction site has started already and will last till 2006 when the tower will begin to rise above ground to the sky as they said where you read.

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    Ok, thanks. I use this webcam: in order to see the building process but so far I haven't seen any big process I want to see some action like with the 7th WTC building

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    i bet that after the tower starts to rise above ground, the process will be very quick. They got a long way to go to reach max height of 2000 with antena by ready to open in 2009. The process will pobably be at the same
    pase as world trade center 7 only in a much bigger scale. Process will pobably be more noticeable too scince the height is almost triple that of wtc7 and will be completed at about the same range of time.

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