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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    from what the today show looks like childs buidling with libeskinds skinny off center spire....didnt seemuch twisting but they only had one day time rendering

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    First image. Better ones were shown on TV.

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    All I will say is - I am VERY disappointed in that spire. Libeskind had the height taken from 1,776 fto to 1,500 ft for THIS? Unbelievable. Now I definitely have to see Childs' earlier design. I can't believe I waited all these months for this. Its a 1,500 ft tower, I don't want to hear them telling me its 1,776 ft (even if it is by today's skyscraper standards). As far as the building goes, maybe it will look better in the actual renderings...

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    hmmmm ... perhaps it's the angle but the towers seem more tightly packed together than previously ... my initial reaction about the main tower was ... "ok, it could have been worse" if it stays as an opaque white rendering it may pass, yet somehow i think that's not the final cladding :>

    reduced to a number for what it's worth, as a tower ... 8/10 as the response to 911 ... 6/10

    great job getting the images posted so fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulcrapek
    There's a poster among us
    Who comes from NY
    With the smallest of suffix -
    A mere, simple "Guy"

    A poem he penned
    Made everyone giggle
    'Twas so good even -
    My eyes gave a wiggle


    That means I thought your poem was amusing.
    I'm slightly off topic, but THANKS!

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    Looks like Libeskind's other, slanted roof buildings with a mesh top and toothpick. Oh yeah, there's a slight curve. Woo hoo.

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    Gut reaction:

    I am totally disappointed. This "collaboration" was a failure. It is a "memorial to 9/11" in that it represents how high we will no longer build. That "lattice" work is nothing but a void - a void of creativity, a void of inspiration, a monumental objectification of "fear".

    The spire is laughable. If Liebskind fought tooth and nail for its inclusion, by its looks, it wasn't worth the effot. He comes out of this looking like a clod. He fought for "that" - it looks silly. Yet, it is pitiful, unremarkable and a pretty lame way to reach the 1776' height.

    The rush job on this design process will forever be an imprint on our skyline. What a shame. I cannot believe my anticipation was met by this "thing". How incredibly anti-climactic.

    I think that will be the immediate impact on this forum. Posters will inevitably begin employing the phrase, "at least it's better than Freeedom Tower" all over the place.

    At least we have promising news on BoA Tower. Single Controlling Developer + Major Tenant + World Class Architect = Better Than Freedom Tower.

    So ends my rant.

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    As pics of the model dribble out...

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    I still think it will look better than the model, but I agree that the "collaboration" was a joke. In fact, this entire rebuiding process was a lesson on how NOT to rebuild...

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    The second photo in the last post further proves that Liebskind is a friggin nut job. Someone help me out with how the spire is "evoking" the Statue of Liberty. Friggin sham. Liebskind is a windbag and tosses around phrases and sound bites that his designs and plans fail to give any definition to.

    Wow, I can't believe how angry and betrayed I am feeling over this sham of a building. Let's face it, it's a very average 70 story building with an ugly tiara and hairpin.

    Forgive me world for the venom I will release today.

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    I'm disappointed. This antenna makes it a fake 'Worlds Highest Building'. If they are afraid of height, why not build something with 10 floors and a much higher antenna? :?

    Definitively the final cut?


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    Default Call Me Crazy, But...

    ...I actually like it alot. The first rendering picture is the most detailed rendering of what I see as something that demonstrates the best possible compromise given the roller-coaster of emotions that has plagued this process.
    The lattice work to me appears rather decent...not at all flimsy.
    Child seems to have done a rather nice job with the tapering aspect of the building. It makes a transition from solid building to "monument in the sky" in a surprisingly clean and subtle manner.
    With regards to shape, I like the John Hancock-ish way it thins out towarst the top. As a whole, this building will perhaps satisfactorily address most people's massiveness requirements. For if you hearken back to Mr. Libeskind's original plan, the off-center "needle" had been somewhat derided for adding a "wimpy" presence to the skyline. This, IMO, has more "bang for the buck". It does make the spire look small in comparison, but look again and you see no antenna. This will IMO be akin to Conde nast before it's larger antenna was added. In the beginning, *its* spire looked rather stumpy in comparison to the rest of the structure..that is, until now.
    So yes, perhaps more could have been done with the spire if you see it that way. If, in fact, antennae is supposed to bring the whole thing to an even 2K', the spire, it will be argued, looks skimpy for that purpose. Perhaps adding an edditional thin arm that angles out from the antenna could work to support this.
    Just trying to make a silk purse from what many perhaps look at as a sow's ear...

    PS: Since more pics have been added since my last rant, I see it this way: excellent job given the circumstances involved. I said before that the whole process could have been more centralized; but clashing egos, no matter what, could not have been avoided. Perhaps to most of you, this structure *will* serve as a monument on how *not* to steer a rebuilding process; but FWIW, it's elegant.

    Think about it though...people *hated* the twins for *years*, even after BPC was built, citing brutalism, monolithicism, what have you. It was only after they went down in a blaze of non-glory when these same people started eulogizing them. I don't mean to trivialize the loss of the people *in* those buildings. Believe me. But you'd be surprised at how opinions and first impressions (to wit, here) can change and perhaps how something even such as this can grow on a person with time.

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    Its terrible, all air and a symbol of our intimidation.

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    Default Better than earlier reports made it out to be...

    Maybe its a Huntington NY thing, but I like the new look of the tower as well... The renderings are pretty good - especially the nighttime one. If only it looks that nice in reality (doubtful)...

    While it is dissapointing that they wimped out on the upper stories by leaving it an empty shell, based off the criteria already layed out by Silverstein this is no suprise. I remember that he has insisted on only having a 70 story occupied tower for some time now - this is probably as good as its going to get. Particularly compared to some of the horrible sketches posted here over the last few weeks of potential towers...


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