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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    NY Post



    October 24, 2003 -- Gov. Pataki yesterday backed Daniel Libeskind's vision for a Ground Zero Freedom Tower - weighing in on a dispute over the structure's design that threatens to stall the progress of lower Manhattan's recovery from 9/11.

    "I think it's very important that the vision that was enunciated for the master site plan be ultimately what is constructed at Ground Zero," Pataki said, when asked about the fight between Libeskind and David Childs, the tower's lead architect.

    "We will continue to work to make sure that every deadline we have set for progress in lower Manhattan is, in fact, achieved, and that will include the Freedom Tower being the Freedom Tower, and not just another office tower."

    Libeskind stormed out of a meeting with Childs on Monday because of a design disagreement.

    Libeskind wants an asymmetrical spire, while Childs has proposed a lattice-like structure rising into the sky.
    Meanwhile, the Port Authority said it bears no responsibility for the 1993 terror bombing of the World Trade Center, and wants the 175 pending lawsuits against it tossed out.

    Arnold Kolikoff, a lawyer for the PA, told a Manhattan Supreme Court hearing yesterday that the bistate agency didn't have a responsibility to provide security for the Twin Towers' underground parking garage because the building had never been attacked before.

    Victor Kovner, a lawyer for the bombing victims, said the agency had plenty of "notice," and pointed to two reports that warned the underground garage would be "highly vulnerable" to a car bombing.

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    New York Daily News -

    PA dodging Ground Zero tower feud


    Friday, October 24th, 2003

    The Port Authority will not help resolve a clash between a pair of architects designing the signature skyscraper at Ground Zero, a top official said yesterday.

    The fight between architects Daniel Libeskind and David Childs over the appearance of the Freedom Tower threatens to delay Gov. Pataki's aggressive rebuilding timetable.

    But PA Executive Director Joseph Seymour said it's not up to the bistate agency to make Libeskind and Childs get along, even though the agency owns Ground Zero.

    "We are not building the building," Seymour said.

    That job falls to developer Larry Silverstein, who holds a 99-year lease on the twin towers' site, Seymour said.

    He added that the PA is working with Silverstein to approve a design for the tower, which would become the world's tallest building.

    But Pataki, who is set to give a speech to business leaders detailing downtown's progress next week, appeared to pick sides in the squabble yesterday.

    Pataki said it was important to "maintain the vision" in Libeskind's overall plan for Ground Zero, which won a worldwide contest in February.

    "I think it is very important that the vision that was enunciated for the master site plan be ultimately constructed at Ground Zero," he said.

    "The public spoke, and they want it to be a Freedom Tower that stands as a symbol of the strength, the confidence and the unity of the people in New York, and that's what we're going to see the people get."

    Libeskind took a secondary role in designing the tower this summer when Silverstein made Childs the lead architect.

    Simmering disagreements between Childs and Libeskind exploded Monday when they had a fight over the tower's appearance and Libeskind walked out of Childs' office.

    Pataki wants the cornerstone of the tower laid by August - before Republicans converge on the city for their national convention.

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    Thank goodness for Gov Pataki! I really hate David Childs and SOM b/c of the fact that they design every freeken building in NY and Chicago! And they all have the same result = BORING. At least Liebenskis are somewhat interesting. If the Freedom Tower were left entirely up to Childs, we would have just a squat rectangle w/ a huge spire on it. Picture it:


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    We probably won't even know what this thing's *really* gonna look like, until the cranes come down...I'm also happy that SOM is involved and that the owner of property (Larry) is calling the shots.

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    October 25, 2003

    Architects Agree to Meet to Work Out Tower Design


    Trying to resolve their differences over the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site, the tower's architect and Daniel Libeskind, the site's master planner, agreed yesterday to work together on a design that would more closely follow the Libeskind plan.

    Mr. Libeskind is expected to meet early next week with David M. Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, who is designing the tower — the site's skyline emblem — for the developer Larry A. Silverstein.

    When the week began, the architects were at an impasse that threatened to slow the progress of development at ground zero. Mr. Libeskind championed an asymmetrical composition of tower and spire that has been in the public eye since his plan was unveiled last year. Mr. Childs proposed a more ordered, symmetrical structure that would twist and taper as it rose.

    In any large-scale project involving more than one architect, there are inevitably conflicts between the master plan and the design of individual buildings. And the plan advanced by Studio Daniel Libeskind is still very much a conceptual framework, not an exact blueprint for construction.

    But Mr. Libeskind stressed that several features were needed to make the Freedom Tower consistent with his vision: that it be asymmetrical, abstractly echoing the Statue of Liberty; that it reach 1,776 feet, though antennas could exceed that; that its western facade align with the wall marking the foundation of the original trade center; and that it crown an ascending spiral of towers.

    Gov. George E. Pataki has set Sept. 11, 2006, as the deadline for the topping off, or structural completion of the tower. He said on Thursday that it was "very important that the vision that was enunciated for the master site plan be ultimately what is constructed at ground zero."

    Mr. Childs said yesterday that he was "working hard to incorporate the concepts of the master plan and to make those essential features of it as strong as I possibly can." Nina Libeskind, Mr. Libeskind's wife and business partner, said, "We're all feeling more confident about the future."

    Mr. Silverstein, who met with Mr. Pataki this week, said through a spokesman yesterday, "The governor will get what he called for: a soaring, wonderful, iconic building."

    "We have to build this building," Mr. Silverstein was quoted as saying by his spokesman, Howard Rubenstein, "and we have to build it on time."

    Copyright 2003 The New York Times Company

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    Seeing how the ESB was built in 366 days, of limestone...theoretically, Leibeskind and Childs could grumble for another year..we have to asume this thing is going to be all pre-fab curtain wall...Anyone know if orders have been placed for materials? Anyone in the construction management biz?

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    Here's an image of construction materials that have recently arrived on site:

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    Tee hee.

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    Awww, I clicked that link with some excitement, I must admit ops:

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    October 28, 2003 -- EXCLUSIVE

    Daniel Libeskind's striking vision for a "Freedom Tower" at Ground Zero has morphed into a more conventional glass-and-steel office building attached to an angular spire, as shown by one of the architect's new drawings obtained by The Post.

    Libeskind has been pushing this revised version of his tower design in a fight with trade center developer Larry Silverstein and his architect David Childs, who is the lead architect for the site's signature building.

    At the urging of development officials, the architects are scheduled to meet today for the first time since Libeskind stormed out of a meeting with Childs last Monday, refusing to work on a different design.

    Childs' design has not been made public.

    The new rendering by Libeskind - one of several he is said to be working with - differs from earlier versions in that he leaves out the slashing diagonal lines that crisscrossed the face of the building in previous images he has pasted onto the tower's surface the sort of standard glass and steel "curtain wall" façade that can be found on many Midtown buildings.

    A spire, evoking the raised torch of the Statue of Liberty, tops out at the symbolic height of 1,776 feet, but technical documents compiled by Libeskind say a broadcast antenna on "a single mast above the spire may extend to 2,100 [feet]."

    In other modifications to Libeskind's tower, the Ground Zero planner has made the office building and spire part of a single structure. The technical documents obtained by The Post also describe "extensive areas of [the] spire without cladding," suggesting the upper section could also be made into an open framework.

    Childs' building is said to be a symmetrical tower that twists and tapers as it rises, with 70 stories of offices. Above the occupied space the tower would turn into an open latticework framework that rises into the skyline.

    * These names were added yesterday to the medical examiner's list of confirmed dead in the WTC attacks:

    Christoffer Mikael Carstanjen, 33; Marlanne Macfarlane, 34.
    So much for Libeskind's plan

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    Did I miss a link? What new drawing?

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    A typical office building, how fitting.

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    That's our new icon?

    This is Libeskind's latest? Now I HAVE to see Childs' design.

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    Awkward... sorry.

    Next up: David Childs

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