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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    unloading platforms for the hoist, its covered to keep the rain out

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    Wow, amazing progress in the last weeks! I can't believe they are finally doing the 1 floor / per week thing. The 32nd floor will be done in no time. Jesus, if they continue with this rate 1WTC will be around 600 feet high by the end of the year.

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    LOWER MANHATTAN — Conde Nast has signed a tentative deal to move its headquarters from Times Square to One World Trade Center.

    The magazine publisher will likely lease up to 1 million square feet in the rising 2.6 million-square-foot skyscraper, a source familiar with the discussions confirmed to DNAinfo after the New York Times reported the news Tuesday. Formerly known as the Freedom Tower, the 1,776-foot, $3.2 billion building will be the tallest in the city when it opens.

    Conde Nast COO John Bellando sent Conde employees an e-mail Tuesday morning confirming “active negotiations” over One World Trade Center but said “a final decision is several months away.”

    The move would not take place before 2014, Bellando said in the e-mail obtained by DNAinfo.

    City Councilwoman Margaret Chin, who represents lower Manhattan, called Conde’s likely move “great news” for downtown.

    “It’s so important to bring diverse businesses to the area,” Chin said in a phone interview.

    Chin added that hundreds of workers coming downtown would be a boon to local small businesses.

    When rumors of Conde Nast's move first surfaced in May, Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward told DNAinfo the deal would be “groundbreaking.”

    Conde Nast is now based in 4 Times Square, a building owned by the Durst Organization. Durst recently won a bid to help the Port Authority develop One World Trade Center.

    A move to the new location would enable the mega publisher to house all of its brands in one place.

    A Conde Nast spokeswoman declined to comment on the move, beside saying there were active negotiations.

    The Port Authority released a statement saying, “There is clearly momentum both in the building of the World Trade Center site and the growing interest from potential tenants.”

    Read more:

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    Wow, 1 million sq feet. Too bad for them 1 WTC is a bit too iconic for naming rights.

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    Conde Nast has Women's Wear Daily (or "WWD"). With a slight tweak, the tower could be named "WMD Tower".

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    If you build it they will come baby!!

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    Does anyone know what the level (floor#) that the tower is now at, as well as the present height?

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    It appears they're preparing to lift the south crane again

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can't see the pic much. Seems a bit too light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daquan13 View Post
    Does anyone know what the level (floor#) that the tower is now at, as well as the present height?
    32nd 346' 8"

    I wonder what the fit out cost is on a million s/f ?

    There is considerable cost savings to leasing space in the Tower before it is finished. Conde gets to take advantage of the construction hoists etc. and well probably use contractors already doing work there.

    As an example, let's say that there was an office floor numbered 13 and no one leased it. Let's imagine that it's 2015 and the elevator doors open to floor 13. The first thing that you would notice is the floor is bare concrete and 2 inches lower than the sill of the elevator door. Next you would probably notice the core walls are bare concrete. Stepping down off the elevator and walking down to the end of the center core hall you notice that you can see right out through the windows, there are no walls or doors, in fact there is no ceiling, you can see the beams holding up the floor above you !

    All that "stuff" that is "missing" is for the tenant to buy and pay for. Even the vent ducts !

    All that stuff is called tenant fit out.

    I wonder what the fit out cost is on a million s/f ?

    PS: about half of the ESB was like our imaginary floor 13 for almost 20 years.

    PPS: The Conde lease is a GIANT piece of great news for all of the WTC towers !
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    I've no idea of the actual $$ numbers, but those cost of fit-outs (and re-fit-outs, when a lease ends and a new tenant moves in) are huge factors in the NYC economy. That work employs tons of people.

    I'm always surprised how much stuff is seen tossed into dumpsters when a commercial tenant moves out of a building (not to mention a retail tenant) and a new tenant is prepping the space to move in.

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    A few months ago I did an estimate for an older mid-town building. A major retail chain is moving into the ground floor ( with mezzanine) and most of the basement and sub-basement.

    They had to bring the spaces up to current code, adding a stairway and an elevator, among other things. The cost of the steel work was over $300,000. and that was about 15% of the total re-fit out.

    I think we equipped and furnished the shop office and site office trailer from "dumpster diving" on re-fit out sites. I just sold the last of 460 3 hour fire rated steel doors with stainless steel hardware I hauled back from a building in 2004. For $100 a door, they are about $600 new.
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    great news on Conde Nast moving in!

    When I was at Century 21 yesterday this was starting to look really massive already.

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    Default Tonight

    Cam moved
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    Do you have that in full resolution?

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