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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    Observation deck?

    Better glass, though.

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    I need sometime to hypothesize a response. But from the looks of this rendering the building has atleast 80 floors! However no observation deck near 1776 feet.

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    I think you're right. Look at this "a single mast above the spire may extend to 2,100 [feet]." I sure hope they dont mean a mast on the pole on the spire. Do they mean the pole spire or the building-like spire? Why does this have to be so confusing? Let's just build a supertall REAL 1776 footer!

    CALL UP CHILDS, THIS RENDERING SUCKS. I didn't want the spire to be open lattice-work. That's an awful replacement for the twin towers, IMO.

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    WTF!!!! :evil: It hardly looks differant from the last rendering. Stern, is this REALLY Libeskind's new rendering, or just some rejected version stolen by the NY Post?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stern

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    Pretty weak. Have you noticed that with each successive rendering, the details within the silhouette become increasingly drab? There is nothing interesting going on until a peak starts to form 2/3rds of the way up. And the spike looks decorative and insubstantional . It was an integral architectural element in Libeskind's original design.

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    Hmm..I like this rendering...Nice and corporate-sqare floor plates with corner offices... And, didn't some editorialist call that goofy Leibeskind garden(spike) a Minarette, anyway?

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    From asymmetrical to unbalanced...and boring.

    A comparison to a minaret is typical of the inflamatory nonesense published by the NY Post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomAuch

    The new rendering by Libeskind - one of several he is said to be working with - differs from earlier versions in that he leaves out the slashing diagonal lines that crisscrossed the face of the building in previous images he has pasted onto the tower's surface the sort of standard glass and steel "curtain wall" fašade that can be found on many Midtown buildings.
    I'll wait until he comes up with something final and until I hear more details before I judge.

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    Some details:

    Floors: 88
    Top of "building" section 1286 Feet
    Top of "enclosed" space in the spire 1410 Feet
    Top of "point" on spire 1776 Feet
    Top of Antenna 2000-2100 Feet

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    The top of 'building' height is the only nice thing I see...

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    This really just raises the bar for the memorial, which must be truly breathtaking.

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    Default I'm too critical

    Libeskind is not the visionary architect designing for the public and for architectural posterity; he is an architect scared of losing his position with the big bad developer who holds all the cards, so he blands it down and tries to make it safe and familiar to the developer/tennants.

    Good solid blandness is what David Childs has in spades. If Libeskind tries to play by SOM's rules he will lose. Libeskind will only prevail if he is true to his vision- radical and visionary. He has got to make them come to him.

    I'll give him that those upper offices will be spectacular, provided they are not totally given to housing machinery.

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    Real-estate is subject to market this mileu, form follows function. Childs creates a way in which Leibeskind's form *can* function.

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    Default's not THAT bad. The latticework spire could use some work, though.

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    After two years, do you really think that this project is solely about market forces. If that were the case, there would have been no public input, no open design selection. Silverstein would have sat down with the PA and worked out a deal.

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