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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    What is the "freedom" part of the freedom tower suppost to represent? Meekness and latticework? This is the lamest supertall I've ever seen. New York City invented the skyscraper, and now we're killing it. :evil:

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    WTC Architects Bury Hatchet

    By Monty Phan
    Staff Writer

    October 29, 2003, 12:11 AM EST

    The two feuding architects charged with designing the first new building at the World Trade Center site met yesterday and agreed to put aside their differences in order to come up with a final plan for the tower, a source said yesterday.

    A months-long disagreement between Daniel Libeskind, whose design for the site includes the 1,776-foot-tall Freedom Tower, and David Childs, leader of the tower's final design team and the architect of the site's leaseholder, Larry Silverstein, could be on hold. Yesterday, Silverstein called Childs and Libeskind together to "put aside any personal differences, put aside any separate designs and get in a room and resolve something," said the source who attended the meeting, during which there were no discussions about the actual design. That goal was accomplished, the source said.

    Libeskind and Silverstein are bound by Gov. George Pataki's charge to lay the Freedom Tower's foundation in August 2004 and to complete the project by the attacks' fifth anniversary on Sept. 11, 2006. That means the two architects needed to come to an agreement on the final plan "rather urgently," the source said. Libeskind's spokeswoman declined to comment and Childs could not be reached late yesterday.

    Copyright 2003, Newsday, Inc.

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    It looks like a marlin, which is unseemly.

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    Kinda looks like the Bertelsmann Building, albeit much more elegant.

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    It looks like a marlin, which is unseemly.
    Ouch, to yankee fans this is like twisting the marlin,- I mean knife. :wink:

    To loosly quote David Childs-

    'Libeskind wants to build an office tower with a sword strapped to the side.'

    Indeed he does.

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    Foregoing any comment on the "erector set" inspired "thing" sticking out the top, I think it reflects a move toward utilizingthe very successful elements of TWC's towers. Of course this is perfectly appropriate for a Childs building - rehash, rehash, rehash.

    A "soaring monument", uh, I don't think so...

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    The problem with the rendering Libeskind released is that you can't see the spire for the building at that angle...

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    (NY Post)


    October 29, 2003 -- We've made no secret of our disdain for celebrity architect Daniel Libes- kind's bizarre vision for the World Trade Center site - even with its latest design changes, as reported in yesterday's Post.
    But at least the public knows in the most general terms what Libeskind would like to see built - he himself never having actually constructed a high-rise building.

    The same, unfortunately, isn't true for the plans being put forward by David Childs, the lead designer of the Freedom Tower and the choice of site developer Larry Silverstein.

    Despite last week's rancorous dispute, which threatened to yet again stall the beginning of Lower Manhattan's reconstruction, Childs' design for the Freedom Tower has yet to be made public. What are he and Silverstein waiting for?

    Under a deal reached last summer, Libeskind ceded ultimate authority for designing the Freedom Tower - the 2,000-foot-plus structure that anchors the rebuilt Ground Zero site - to Childs, who also serves as project manager.

    Libeskind remains as a "consulting architect" during the design phase, and has been modifying his initial concept - the same concept he once swore could not be modified without destroying his entire vision.

    What little New Yorkers know of Childs' proposal comes via sources: As The Post's William Neuman reports, it is "said to be a symmetrical tower that twists and tapers as it rises, with 70 stories of offices.

    "Above the occupied space, the tower would turn into an open latticework framework that rises into the skyline."

    But the public hasn't seen any designs - and apparently is not about to in the near future.

    For better or worse, this entire process was made a very public one on the orders of Gov. Pataki, who effectively controls the Lower Manhattan Development Corp.

    Given this history, there is no call for keeping any designs secret.

    Larry Silverstein was adamant in demanding that his architect be the one in charge of designing the Freedom Tower.

    And he won that fight.

    Now that he's gotten what he wanted, the public needs to see - now, not later - precisely what Team Silverstein intends to build.

    Repeat: Now, not later.

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    Hey! Welcome back NyGuy.

    Will you still be posting at

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    Maybe, maybe not. I'm still having trouble logging in and posting here in this forum.

    Anyway, public pressure may convince Pataki to release some of Childs plans sooner...

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    Though I would love to see a finalized Freedom Tower plan, it suddenly feels like a rush to get something designed as soon as possible (for Pataki's political ends, or before the public can weigh in on the weak Silverstein design).

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    Well I must admit, 88 floors and 1286 feet to the top of the REAL roof doesn't seem that bad at all. However, from there it does go bad. Then you get a spire with a roof, then lattice work section without a roof, then an antenna. I'm glad the spire goes to 1776 feet but that is open lattice work. No roof at all. I am at least glad that occupyable space goes up to 1286 feet. And the roof of the spire goes a little bit higher.

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    The occupied part, at least, will be the tallest building in the City.

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    Christian where did you get that rendering from? Thats not the new design right? It looks exactly the same as the old design just from another angle.

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    Harkening back to Modern Architecture class, from my senior year of college (coffee, slides, cute girls)...I'd have to say that as dumb as the lattice work may be, at least it serves to emphasice the monolithic building that's supporting it...The memorial is, by way of the lattice work, an extension of TRADE (as in WTC), rather than the other way it were, origionally.

    If building is the healed wound (replaced office space), the lattice work is the scar (space that was, literally, once occupied).

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