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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    Im a New Yorker, but I must say, with the proposals of other buildings worldwide, Freedom Tower isnt gonna take the WTB crown. Its a shame where New York has gone as far as skyscraper boom. Its at a halt I would say, compared to other international cities who are catching up. New York needs a New York sized skyscraper. New York is not the top dog anymore, and its a shame. No other city in the world should be able to take that crown from New York. The WTC looked alot taller in my opinion, and looked alot better. All FT is is a smaller building, with an antenna thats supposed to make up for its WTB. The 4 tallest buidlings are from the 1930s, whats going on? Build more modern skyscrapers...


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    The "Freedom" Tower coin is a fraud.
    Associated Press
    Friday, September 10, 2004

    The U.S. Mint advised consumers Friday that a widely advertised coin commemorating the World Trade Center is not a genuine U.S. coin.

    National Collectors Mint Inc. has been marketing the "2004 'Freedom Tower' Silver Dollar," which it claims has been created using silver from Ground Zero, the site where the World Trade Center towers fell Sept. 11, 2001.

    One side of the coin shows the Freedom Tower planned for the site and bears the phrase "In God We Trust." The other side shows the old Manhattan skyline, with the World Trade Center still standing, and the phrase "One dollar." The company marketing the coin says it is the first "legally authorized government issue silver dollar ... to commemorate the World Trade Center and the new Freedom Tower."

    The company is not connected to the U.S. government, the U.S. Mint said Friday. The U.S. Mint is the only government entity in the United States with the authority to coin money.

    National Collectors Mint is advertising the coins as products of the U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The U.S. Mint said the commonwealth, as a U.S. insular possession, does not have the authority to coin its own money.

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    I saw that somewhere. Like I said before, I hate people trying to make profit from a tragedy.

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    If that company is using the atrocities of September 11, 2001 to sell counterfeit fraudulent coins to an unsuspecting American public, then that is unconscionable IMO.

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    To make use of an old cliche, look under "tacky" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of that coin.

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    When I got lunch from the local deli, there was a 2 min. mini-infomercial about it on Fox News. I thought it was some political powerplay by Libeskind/Pataki to 'finalize' the design. In the end it's just a bunch of kitch peddling hucksters. Wait a minute...... :wink:

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    The dismantling of the parking structure continues...
    A comparison from 2 wks ago:

    Sept 12th


    Sept 24th


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    Libeskind discusses the Freedom Tower...(GOTHAM GAZETTE)

    This month at Learning from Lower Manhattan, a national conference presented by the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter, Daniel Libeskind, Michael Arad, and Santiago Calatrava, spoke together in person for the first time. The discussion was led by Leonard Lopate of WNYC radio.


    Lopate: Daniel, you originally had gardens in the open-air structure above the enclosed portion of the Freedom Tower. And you've taken them out. Do you know if David Childs is willing to drop the wind turbines which have upset so many bird lovers?

    Libeskind: No. It was an interesting compromise because the gardens which I proposed originally to restore the skyline of New York were something about healing, something very positive, something that is inspiring when you look at the sky. But I also thought of them as an ecological component. It was not just a symbolic component of nature. But what can we do, how can we mark a new awareness of the sky in the 21st century? And I think as someone's response, the windmills were a very inventive response . It wasn't literally the garden, but it had a lot to do with harnessing energy and how to create something that connects that great height with the roof planes at a much lower height. I actually thought it was a very good idea.

    Lopate: But it might kill a lot of birds, I've been told, and that is a concern. Someone asked me if this is all a matter of symbols and how much was someone as hard nosed as Larry Silverstein willing to finance symbols?

    Libeskind: Well you have to ask Mr. Silverstein , but I don't think that Mr. Silverstein does something because it is symbolic, he does things that are profitable. The amount of energy that will be generated by those windmills is very impressive, at least in the design that I stood by. It is a very pragmatic solution to energy needs.

    Lopate: You said in your presentation that the Freedom Tower will be 1,776 feet high but the Times reports that it could be higher, up to 2,000 feet, or we hope if we're sticking to dates, 2001 feet. Does it really matter?

    Libeskind: Yes, it does matter. Often people think of the height of 1,776 feet and a Wedge of Light and the memorial as just symbols, but let's talk about practical things. The amount of height that this tower reaches has an urban application. We don't want to dwarf the memorial; we don't want shadows cast at critical times of the year on the memorial and on the street. We don't intend to simply build buildings that are by themselves, as we had before, and as we have in other cities, Singapore, Chicago, wherever. We want buildings that relate to a new neighborhood. That requires a coordination; it's not just about building the highest building, but how does that building act on the street, what happens on the base?

    And I have to say I did not win all my battles. Just south of the Freedom Tower I proposed Hero's Park, which I though was an important part between the memorial itself and the placing of tower. Because the tower is much bigger in its base, I lost the park. It was a loss, I admit. I couldn't win it. I tried my best. I was fortunate to be able to gain a park space south of Liberty Street.

    I just want to say that this process is dependent on public participation, dependent on people voicing their opinions, voicing their likes and dislikes, bringing in new ideas, I believe that with such pressure on the project, it is only the public that could steer it in a way that it is enlightened. Because this is under pressure and why shouldn't it be-- life is always under pressure.

    Lopate: Part of that 1776-foot tower will be a broadcast antenna won't it? Most people did not like the old World Trade Center towers, and then they stuck that thing on top of it so one of them had a spike on top of it all. That even ruined the design even a bit more. This will be integrated into it?

    Libeskind: The designs that the public saw, which I stood by, which are presented by the governor, and the mayor, and by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, and the developer, mark the skyline in a meaningful way. Again it's not a 150 story office building. It's a 65 story tower, with five stories of public programs, and antennae that reach all the way to 1776 feet; there are the ecological windmills in between. And I thought it was a very interesting and very successful tower, albeit a tower that is molded from many different angles.

    I actually disagree with Paul Goldberger who said that the tower, because it was designed by these forces he said somewhere that it looked like a camel designed by the committee. First of all the camel wasn't designed by committee but by God, and there is nothing wrong with a camel because they have to go into the desert.


    Lopate: But you should recognize that Paul Goldberger was trying to come to your defense when he made that statement.

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    ...and antennae that reach all the way to 1776 feet.
    I wish they would quit calling it the tallest building in the world since antenna height does not meet the criteria. Might as well really make it the tallest building in the world, as the public has accepted it will be. His reasoning not to do so is extremely weak:
    We don't want to dwarf the memorial; we don't want shadows cast at critical times of the year on the memorial and on the street.
    I say, if there is anywhere you want to dwarf a memorial, it is here; the connection with soaring towers is critical. He can't be serious that the difference of a few hundred feet so high up would make a negative impact on the experience at the memorial. And what shadow could he be so worried about? The tower is north of the memorial.

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    Wait....I had always read that the top of the spire would be 1776' high and that the antenna would exceed that height.

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    Me too. With so many things going on reguarding this building, we can never be sure how this building will look or how high it will be.

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    grad to see improvement on the Freedom Tower although very little still, its something

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Kovata
    Wait....I had always read that the top of the spire would be 1776' high and that the antenna would exceed that height.
    That's right. Libeskind's just trying to answer the questions, and not get into any specifics about the FT design - of which he probably knows nothing at this point. Either that, or even he doesn't understand the difference between spires and antennas. The building will be 1,776 ft tall. That antenna won't be included in the official height, though it will likely be higher. Of couse, Libeskind would be very pleased if the antenna only reached 1,776 ft, but that won't be the case.

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    Sounds good.
    Now, are the renderings that were released a while ago still the basis for how the tower will look, or will it be totally different?

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    He does seem to be very clear in his statements that the last time he saw a design of the building was the last press conference.

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