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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    That base in Derek's last post looks much better than what they're now planning. Don't know what posessed them to change it. Not that the current one is bad, just that this one is much more welcoming.

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    Oh wow, I never saw the above rendering for the base of that old 1 WTC proposal... makes me doubly disappointed with what we're getting.

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    They changed the whole building design because of NYPD's concerns of the base's ability to withstand a car bomb blast. The original, while very inviting, was too close to a major road and had very little restriction. They could've used bollards, but you'd have to wonder how high they would have to be.

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    The building was a 750' tower with a 450' spire on top of 800' of scrap metal.The tower was beyond ugly.

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    Yeah, I like the old base design- too bad the tower sucked. Now we've got a decent looking tower, but the base kinda sucks.

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    CNN Money
    August 28, 2012

    1 World Trade Center: The ultimate corner office

    Construction on 1 World Trade Center: What it's like to work the cranes atop the tallest building in North America.

    By Ryan Bradley

    Let's start with the rebar, because that's what gets lifted onto the site more than just about anything. A bundle, some 2,500 pounds' worth, arrives on a flatbed that pulls into a narrow lane between two avenues in downtown Manhattan. The lane is blocked off, secure, and in the shadow of the tallest building in North America: 1 World Trade Center. The rebar, if it's headed to the very top, has 1,368 feet to go, straight up. That's 105 floors.

    Steel is the skeleton of the structure, and the rebar will be handled by dozens of the 1,000 men and women working the tower. Pat Foye, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the site, pulls up yesterday's steel report on his BlackBerry. "We installed 121 pieces, welded the 104th-floor column splices, spread steel decking on the 105th floor, and lost nothing to weather." Meaning? "If it's raining or winds are above 30 miles, we've got to stop." Yesterday was hot and hazy; today is the same. Work isn't stopping, so let's follow that rebar.

    From 1,200 feet the city sounds like a dull drone. Tom Gordon leans out in his seat and stares down, like a fisherman attempting to glimpse his bait. He's looking at the bundle of steel far below. Gordon operates a slide crane on the 91st story -- though, as the name suggests, the crane slides up as the tower gets built. The building topped out last week, so in a few months Gordon's crane will come down, piece by piece, carried by another crane on the roof. For now, his operating cabin in the slide crane on the north face of 1 World Trade is the ultimate corner office.

    Gordon laughs at that notion and admits as much. It's quiet up here once the thrum of the 500-horsepower diesel fades to the background. The rebar, like other heavy loads, isn't as tricky to lift as the lighter stuff, like window panes, which catch the wind. Gordon's got maybe 20 feet for error, not much when considering there are thousands of pounds attached to a 900-pound ball attached to 1,000 feet of cable moving up and over toward the tower and the platform on the 93rd floor where concrete workers are waiting for it.

    Gordon goes silent while the crane slowly turns clockwise, the rebar rising across the horizon line, approaching the building. It's an eerie image for a moment, the bundle of steel moving toward the tower. Ken Klemens, a master mechanic standing outside Gordon's cabin, says the memory of the tragedy that preceded this place is inescapable, even 1,200 feet up. "This is the best job we never wanted," he says.

    Inside Tom Gordon's slide crane on the 91st story of 1 World Trade Center. Gordon has been a crane operator for nine years. His day starts at dawn. To enter his "office" at the crane's controls, he climbs two ladders off the side of the tower.

    The slide crane, seen hanging over the north side of 1 World Trade Center, is only used to build extremely tall skyscrapers. Its unique design allows the crane to move up as the tower is built.

    Crane operator Danny Dunn watches the sun rise over Manhattan. His crane, atop the tower, is about six stories higher than the roof of the building. When the slide crane comes down in a few months, the cranes on top will carry it.

    2012 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.
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    nice one Bigmac. Can we have a link to the whole thing?

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    Here you go.

    BTW, "Top of the world, ma" is a line from an old movie.

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    Having intermittent network issues today. The article should be fixed now.

    (John St John Photography on Flickr)

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    More new videos to come in the next few days friends so please stay tuned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMac View Post
    Having intermittent network issues today. The article should be fixed now.

    (John St John Photography on Flickr)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek2k3 View Post
    The Gehry building makes this picture. Just awesome.

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    Default Latest LMCCC Update Aug 24

    *The following information was last updated on August 24, 2012.

    • Tower steel topped out on floor 105 (1368 feet, excluding spire); final roof steel being installed.
    • Facade installation is now above floor 82
    • Concrete is now being installed above floor 93
    • Installation of the 408-foot-tall telecommunications spire in summer 2012 (bringing total tower height to 1776 feet)
    • Spray-on fireproofing underway
    • Elevator shaft fit-out
    • Multiple cranes on site for steel and concrete installation
    • Both the south and north cores are now being erected as the structure rises
    • "Cocoon" safety system now in place around upper perimeter, to rise with structure
    • Utility installation and tie-ins
    • Crews are coordinating substructure construction while maintaining PATH service

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