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Thread: WTC Tower One - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    Quote Originally Posted by yyy
    What is that bridge that you can see in gonzea's picture? Why did they put it there?
    For the same reason the chicken crossed the road.. :lol:

    It's actually a pedestrian bridge.

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    But isn't there a street with a side walk? It looks like the bridge is exactly over the road

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    A former Yale architecture student is suing architect David Childs and architecture firm Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, claiming they stole his design and used it for Freedom Tower at the WTC site. Thomas Shine and his lawyer say that in 1999, Shine's design for "Olympic Tower" was evaluated in Yale class by Childs who said of the twisted tower and exterior grid, "It is a very beautiful shape. You took the skin and developed it around the form - great." Naturally, Childs hasn't been available for comment. Gothamist thinks Daniel Libeskind is laughing somewhere. Childs is the master architect of Freedom Tower, ever since developer Larry Silverstein appointed him in charge of the building and taking that power from WTC site master planner Libeskind. Gothamist thinks the current design sucks, so it might present a curious dilemma for Childs: Either deny he took ideas from Shine (ideas are derivative!) and stand behind Freedom Tower, which is most likely, or claim that the acid reflux made him delirious and caused him to crib Shine's design and create this mess.

    From Newsday:

    Freedom Tower idea mine, Yalie's suit sez

    A former Yale architecture student says Freedom Tower designer David Childs stole his skyscraper idea and turned it into the centerpiece for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.

    Thomas Shine says he created his "Olympic Tower" for a Yale architecture class and presented it in December 1999 to a panel of jurists that included Childs. Shine says Childs complimented the design in a Yale architecture magazine: "It is a very beautiful shape. You took the skin and developed it around the form - great."

    Shine's attorney, Andrew Baum, said his client's design - a twisting tower and exterior grid - is similar to Childs' design, a 1,776-foot tower with a 276-foot spire meant to evoke the Statue of Liberty torch. Shine, who has his own firm in Massachusetts, accuses Childs of infringing on copyrights he holds to his design.

    Childs, the architect of the Freedom Tower, has clashed with Daniel Libeskind, who designed the master plan for rebuilding the World Trade Center.

    Childs could not be reached for comment.

    Thomas Zambito

    Ex-Yale student sues designer of Freedom Tower, alleges copyright infringement

    Associated Press Writer

    November 8, 2004, 8:56 PM EST

    NEW YORK -- A former Yale University architectural student sued the designers of the World Trade Center site's planned Freedom Tower on Monday, saying the designs for the skyscraper violate copyrights of those he created at school.

    Thomas Shine, of Brookline, Mass., was seeking unspecified damages in U.S. District Court in Manhattan for what he said was the theft of designs for buildings he had titled "Olympic Tower" and "Shine '99."

    Named as defendants in the lawsuit were David Childs and the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP. A message left with Childs at the firm was not immediately returned.

    The lawsuit alleged that the Freedom Tower was "strikingly similar" to Shine's designs for a Manhattan building for the proposed 2012 Olympic Games in New York.

    It said Childs saw the designs when he served in December 1999 on a panel of jurists invited by the Yale School of Architecture to evaluate the students' work.

    According to the lawsuit, an annual Yale School of Architecture magazine featuring selected student works included images of Shine's Olympic Tower with a comment by Childs: "It is a very beautiful shape. You took the skin and developed it around the form _ great!"

    The Olympic design featured a twisting tower with a twisting structural grid and a textured facade, according to the lawsuit.

    The lawsuit alleged that the design for the Freedom Tower shown to the public in December 2003 incorporated a structural grid identical to Shine's Olympic Tower. It alleged that the Freedom Tower's facade is "strikingly similar" to the Olympic Tower design, with an elongated symmetrical diamond pattern.

    The cornerstone was laid on July 4 for the Freedom Tower, which will be the first skyscraper to go up at the 16-acre trade center site.

    The final design of the Freedom Tower is a compromise of designs by Childs and architect Daniel Libeskind, a designer of the master plan for redevelopment of the trade center site. Libeskind had envisioned a 1,776-foot tower with a spiraling shape that echoed the Statue of Liberty.

    Copyright © 2004, The Associated Press

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    So basically it's going to be a 1,500ft bldg. With a 276 foot antannea?
    Is this fair? They should of built 2 towers! One will be missing!

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    Images of the SOM/Shine lawsuit from Archinect:

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    The idea of a twisting tower is hardly original, what young childís mind hasnít conjured it, who hasnít twisted coins, or books, or cdís or anything else. Hell, I think thereís been a spiraling cd-tower around long before the Yaley was even born. Another rather basic element is cross-bracing. To take ownership of these two very basic design principles is absurd.

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    Yawn. I would be more interested in learning from whom Childs stole the (dumb) idea of sticking windmills in the top floors.

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    The pics are very helpfull.
    But it's not as good or as seem as high as it's predisesor.

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    Wow... now I hate it even more.

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    the freedom tower is hidious they should mave made it the hearst tower but 1100 feet taller and with some sort of spire on top and use all of the building instead of using like 65% of it and latticing up to the top

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    Really. They should have just re-erected one of the now defunct Elmhurst oil tanks - but taller - much taller.

    Same EXACT effect on the skyline.

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    November 19, 2004 Friday


    By JILL GARDINER, Staff Reporter of the Sun

    The New York Police Department is concerned about the vulnerability of the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, which is to be erected at the World Trade Center site, a board member at the development corporation has told The New York Sun. The primary concern is that the tower will be set too close to the street and could be susceptible to truck or car bombs.

    The ways to address the police concerns would apparently be either to move the steel-and-concrete tower, which is to be the centerpiece of the redevelopment plan for ground zero, farther back, or to redesign the roadway to ensure a larger buffer zone around the building.

    In addition to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the site's leaseholder, Larry Silverstein, and several other entities are said to be aware of the Police Department's view.

    "The police have some concerns that the building would be only 25 feet, rather than 50 feet, from the roadway," said a board member of the development corporation, Madelyne Wils.

    Reached by phone, Ms. Wils, who is also the chairwoman of Community Board 1, said she did not know how the police concerns were communicated and noted that the issue was not being considered by the board. Ms. Wils also said there were no plans to move the building.

    A spokeswoman for the development corporation, Joanna Rose, said the agency, which was formed after September 11 to address downtown redevelopment, was not formally reviewing the question. She declined to comment further and did not return calls for clarification last night.

    Security and terrorism experts said that concerns about securing the tower from the ground were legitimate and that they should be weighed in the redevelopment plan, especially in light of intelligence reports earlier this year that commercial buildings were considered terrorist targets.

    "I don't think there is anything mystical to it," said a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Jeff Kern.

    Mr. Kern, who specializes in security, said: "If you have more distance it means that any intruder has further to travel from public streets."

    "The most inexpensive way to topple something is to drive a truck loaded with explosives," he said.

    Last month, a suicide bomber drove a truck filled with explosives into a Hilton hotel in Sinai, Egypt. The explosion killed more than 35 people.

    Truck bombs were also used in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the 1995 bombing of a federal office building in Oklahoma City.

    The Freedom Tower, which was designed by the architects Daniel Libeskind and David Childs in a process that has featured considerable creative head-butting, will probably be the tallest in the world when it is completed in 2008 or 2009. Many people are banking on the building to be Lower Manhattan's new marvel.

    Mr. Libeskind also created the master plan for the site, which included the precise location of the skyscraper.

    The building will have 2.6 million square feet of office space and will cost roughly $1 billion.

    The Trade Center site will include five buildings, with 10 million square feet of office space, 1 million square feet of retail space, and an 800-room hotel.

    The founder of the World Trade Center Restoration Movement, an organization that argues for the "full-scale reconstruction" of the Trade Center site, said: "The existing Libeskind site plan meshes every building up against the street."

    "We would rather see buildings set back from the street," the founder, Louis Epstein, said. "Setting them too close to the street makes them vulnerable to truck bombs."

    Others said the real jeopardy would be from the sky, as in the last attack.

    The tower, which is bounded in the ground zero site by Vesey, West, and Church streets, will soar 70 stories, with a tapered top. The cornerstone was laid on the Fourth of July.

    A spokesman for the Police Department, Paul Browne, would not confirm or deny that counterterrorism experts had identified potential security flaws in the current design of Freedom Tower.

    The department has a confidentiality policy with the owners of the buildings it surveys for security flaws, Mr. Browne said, and is therefore prevented from disclosing its security findings on "scores if not hundreds" of existing buildings and new construction sites around the city.

    "We don't go into discussions on any building we look at," Mr. Browne said.

    It is unclear whether the NYPD sent a letter outlining concerns or if it was expressed verbally.

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    Update from the LMDC:

    Update on Construction of the Freedom Tower and World Trade Center 7 Progress

    "On July 4th we laid the cornerstone as promised. The original stone was placed deep inside the trade center and I am pleased to announce a replica of this stone will be created. The replica will be on display at ground level Ė for the public to see Ė and has also been incorporated into the final plans for the Freedom Tower, so that for years to come, it can serve as a visible reminder of our resolve to build a new symbol of American strength and confidence," said Governor Pataki.

    The replica stone will be on display at ground level of the World Trade Center site for the public to see and will be incorporated into the final plans for the Freedom Tower. The Governor also laid out new milestones in the creation of the tallest tower in the world, the 1776 foot Freedom Tower. In February of 2005, excavation reaching depths of 25 feet into solid bedrock will begin and by April, steel and concrete will arrive on the site for construction, and in 2005,the below grade slabs and tower columns will begin to rise off the foundation level and climb into the air.

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    Im excited, I believe in the end this will be a very nice building. At least I hope. :?

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