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Thread: WTC Transit Hub - by Santiago Calatrava

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    I see the north east spines are still out of whack. I'm back to thinking this represents all the worst things about urban planning. It belongs in Empire State Plaza.

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    It looks as if they've finally straightened out the rafters.

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    April 5th, 2015

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    Are the ribs going to remain shorter on one side than the other?

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    Yes. The design was always asymmetric. It would look less weird if tower 2 were being built, as the center was designed to be rather snug between it at tower 3.

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    from the WTC facebook page

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    Looks like the rain will come right down that chute. Maybe there's a drain at the apex that we can't see.

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    There is. You can see it in the overhead views from the Earthcam.

    BTW is that the final paint color? Looks great!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by uakoops View Post
    BTW is that the final paint color? Looks great!!
    I don't think so.

    In some of the shots, sunlight makes the tone look lighter than it really is. The first photo is a more accurate difference from the existing white.

    Also, the coating appears to be a sort of thick polymer spread over a mesh blanket [see edge in last closeup].

    The surface isn't rough in the same way as the interior ribs. You can see seams in the application. If there's another coat, my guess is that it will be white.

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