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Thread: Loew's Paradise Theater in the Bronx

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    What, if any, events are scheduled for the Paradise? Couldn't find any on line.

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    It would be great to see some silents there with orchestra.

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    ^ Oh, yes.

    But it's a taste refined as Beluga.

    (Don' know about that.)

    We're talkin' about the Bronx.

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    here are some shots of the paradise from last year from the my annotated grand concourse threads:

    The shots on the right are from 1974 & 1999
    [IMG][/IMG] [img][/img]
    From forgotten ny:
    Stephen Samtur and Martin Jackson describe the Paradise in their book The Bronx: Lost, Found and Remembered 1935-1975:
    It was the place of dreams fulfilled, the object of affection for countless Bronx natives, a wonderland on the Grand Concourse...a grandiose movie palace done in the Hollywood Baroque style so favored in the late 1920s, the Paradise was the premier venue for the Bronx. It wasn't just a theatre. Nobody went only to watch the movie. Going to the Paradise was an event, a signal that the evening's date was more than routine. It was a place to be seen in and a transient bit of elegance that lingered in the memory long after the film itself had been forgotten...
    The lobby itself was a foretaste of delights to come: towering marble pillars and a magical fountain complete with swimming goldfish. The staircases were clad in deep carpets, the walls hung with tapestry and adorned with statuary. Along the walls were wrought iron benches and throne-like chairs for the weary, or for the nearly delirious children to sit briefly. In the restrooms were uniformed attendants, dispensing towels, perfume and a sense of wealth to those utterly without such prior experiences. Consider the impact upon a family of, say, garment workers or municipal employees, who struggled through the Depression in a four-story walk-up off the Concourse. In the days before televison or habitual automobile ownership, an evening at the Patradise was a fantasy come true. Affordable even by the most constrained Bronxites, the Paradise demonstrated anew the wonders of American life and wrote itself indelibly in the memories of two generations.

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