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Thread: Renovation of the UN - by Fumihiko Maki with S.O.M.

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    I very much doubt that the ESB was completely vacant for several years.

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    Dubai is all wrong for the UN. Why would a city based on slavery, greed and restriction of human rights and freedoms be a good place for an organisation based on peace and well being of the human race?

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    ^exactly. What a ridiculous idea.

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    ^ Yup and here's the latest example of that:

    From The Times

    January 11, 2010
    Woman raped in Dubai charged for having illegal sex

    Hugh Tomlinson in Dubai

    A British woman who alleged that she was raped in Dubai on New Year’s Eve has had her passport confiscated and may face a jail sentence after she was charged with having sex outside marriage with her fiancÚ.

    The 23-year-old woman, a Muslim from London, of Pakistani origin, said that she was attacked by a man who is understood to be a worker in the hotel where she had been drinking with her fiancÚ to celebrate their engagement during a three-day holiday in Dubai

    When she reported to the police that she had been raped, she and her partner, 44, were themselves jailed for sex outside marriage, which is illegal under the emirate’s laws. Unmarried couples are not allowed to share hotel rooms or live together, although many establishments turn a blind eye. The couple were also charged with being drunk outside licensed premises.

    After drinking heavily to celebrate the marriage proposal that evening, the woman passed out in the toilets, where she says that she was followed by a member of staff and attacked. It is unclear if the alleged rape is being investigated by police. The woman’s alleged attacker has denied rape and has claimed that sex was consensual. He has also been charged with illegal sex outside marriage.

    A spokesperson for the Address declined to comment yesterday. Dubai police also declined to comment.

    The woman’s fiancÚ was unaware of the incident and took her home, but when she recalled the attack the next morning they went to the police.

    It is reported that the police focused on the woman’s drinking and her sexual preferences. It is claimed that standard procedures in alleged rape cases were not followed, although legal sources in Dubai dispute this. A blood test proved that the woman had been drinking. The couple were arrested, charged and jailed overnight. They have been released on bail and their passports have been taken away.

    The woman has been advised to drop the rape allegation, admit that she was drunk and marry her fiancÚ immediately if she wants to go home. She told The Sun: “I always dreamed of a big family wedding in Britain, but now I just want to get married so I can get out of here.”

    Copyright 2010 Times Newspapers Ltd.

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    ^ Another pig sty.

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    Awaiting response from Mr. Kotkin ...

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    Giant scaffolding reaching the entire height of the Secretariat installed.

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    They ought to give the northern half of Roosevelt Island to the UN and not allow the diplomats free reign of parking etc. outside of its districts.

    The UN property could then be properly developed.

    Maybe if my Kotkin has his way we could create a gated community and fit about a dozen homes on the property... what a clown.

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    Quiet Storm! (Still In Guatemala)

    Also notice the completed US Mission to the UN.

    The towers on the east side are so boringly pragmatic. Hopefully Foster's tower slated to rise next to Trump World Tower is still a go and will juice things up a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alonzo-ny View Post
    I very much doubt that the ESB was completely vacant for several years.
    Pretty much. For most of the 1930s it only made money from the observation deck.

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    It did earn the nick name "Empty State Building"...but completely empty?

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    My point is that it probably had at least one tenant pretty soon after it opened.

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    When they finish renovating this building, will it retain/regain its midcentury Modernism? Will it still seem Corbusian?

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    Didn't the state kill this years ago because they believe the UN is anti Israel. Well here we go again.

    Crain's NY

    June 13, 2010 5:59 AM
    City plots huge land deal with U.N.
    Plan: Sell East Side city properties to diplos to fund mile-long park.

    City and state officials are crafting a byzantine plan to raise money to close a 21-block gap in the East Side waterfront promenade. The hard part is that it involves selling two city-owned office buildings, razing a playground and constructing a new tower for the United Nations.

    The extraordinarily complicated proposal is still in its early stages, and it could easily fall apart as it moves forward, given all of the moving parts. Yet officials say it has a chance because it would offer a way to fulfill major, long-held goals for both the city and the U.N.: The international body would finally get the additional building it has wanted for years, and the city could add park space and waterfront amenities despite the budgetary crisis.

    “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity,” says Sarra Hale-Stern, district office director for state Sen. Liz Krueger, who is working on the proposal that's being spearheaded by the city's Economic Development Corp.

    Filling the promenade's gap, which extends from East 38th to East 59th streets, would cost $150 million to $200 million. The city would finance the construction by selling two buildings on East 44th Street that it leases to the U.N. Those sales could yield anywhere from $150 million to $300 million. In addition, sources say, the city is seeking at least $75 million from the U.N. for permission to build on Robert Moses Playground, a 29,000-square-foot blacktop across East 42nd Street from the U.N., on First Avenue.

    Trading parkland

    But the deal faces numerous obstacles. The playground transaction would require state legislation because it involves eliminating parkland. The idea would be to compensate the community for the loss by expanding the promenade and adding space to existing area parks.

    “In the legislation, we are going to have to be very specific about what will be constructed if we take the major step of [removing] parkland,” says Brian Kavanagh, a state assemblyman working on the deal.

    Yet getting the OK from Albany may be the easy part. The U.N. would have to approve the deal at a time when it is already spending $1.9 billion on a gut renovation of its headquarters complex.

    The idea of the U.N. building on Robert Moses Playground has been kicking around for years, but two factors have resurrected the concept recently.

    First, about six months ago, the U.N. hired a consultant to study its real estate needs, sources say. The consultant found that the international body needed to extend beyond its renovated headquarters and space it leases elsewhere. In fact, the U.N. is exploring moving some local employees out of the area. Such a move by a major employer would be a big blow to the city.

    The U.N. is also weighing the possibility of constructing a building on its campus, on what is now green space to the north of the General Assembly Building. That's also far from ideal for the city because the U.N. sits on sovereign territory that is exempt from zoning laws, meaning local officials would have no say over what is constructed. Also, the city would be deprived of money if the U.N. built on its own land.

    Long-cherished dream

    Sources say the U.N. has long wanted to build on the playground site because its proximity to its headquarters means a tunnel could be created to connect the two buildings. Also, any building the U.N. constructed on the playground site couldn't be any taller than its current headquarters, sources say.

    “The U.N. really wants to be in that spot, and the community really wants more parkland,” says Dan Garodnick, the local City Council member. “Hopefully, we can get a deal....”

    Full article here

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