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Thread: New Condo Construction in New York City

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    I certainly would like to help get the construction list up-to-date. Let me know how I can help.

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    NY Metro

    Relief is sought as building costs soar
    Construction industry solutions range from traffic to taxes

    by amy zimmer / metro new york

    JUL 31, 2008

    New York is by far the nation’s most expensive city for construction. Since 2004, New York’s construction costs have increased by nearly 40 percent, making it 70 percent more expensive than Chicago, 60 percent more than Dallas and 20 percent more than Los Angeles, a report released yesterday by the New York Building Congress said.

    The construction industry wants to reduce the costs associated with materials, labor and permitting delays. Implementing congestion pricing to reduce traffic — which creates costly delays when transporting materials — and continuing to rezone “idle or derelict industrial land,” were among the report’s suggestions.

    Land costs have “accelerated beyond all other cost factors,” it stated.

    “We’re two-and-a-half times more expensive to build an office building than Chicago,” Building Congress President Richard Anderson said at a forum yesterday. Chicago also faces challenges of building in a dense environment with high labor costs, Anderson said, but New York’s “government procedures are much more onerous.”

    The Bloomberg administration is trying to change this, recently announcing reforms to make city capital construction projects more affordable and increasing competition for bids.

    There was a surge of permits in June — 17,000 were issued citywide compared to 4,028 filed last year —but that 325 percent increase was largely a rush by developers wanting to qualify before the new 421a tax abatements take effect, which will limit developers’ tax breaks in many parts of the city.

    “If prices are going up and taxes aren’t abated, how do you build anything affordable?” asked Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York.

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    I think it would be cool to have a visual aid supplementing the list & map of NYC construction projects. A single page with a "pipeline" schematic that would make it easy to monitor the status of all projects. It wouldn't necessarily have to be the building diagram update a la

    But maybe something like a segmented bar chart that's color-coded by what phase the project is. Examples of phases could be:

    5.topped off
    6.interior work

    Ideally, there would some tie-in to the google map, a link to the project's thread, etc..
    Perhaps other people can develop this idea more or think of ways to make it even better.

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    That's a lot of data maintenance and updates.

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    WOuld there be a way to assign people to be able to update fields in a blog/database/whatever where they could put in the updates/links/dates or other information?

    I know it sounds like a timeline, but I dunno.....

    It would be a lot of work, but I think the hardest would be setting it up to work, assigning people and keeping them on schedule when it came to updating the table.

    Would it really be worth it?

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    Aren't there other websites that already do something similar? maybe?

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    Well there are elements on other sites that are similar, but nothing that fits the bill IMO. I don't think it would have to overly complex - Would only have to be updated monthly and be limited to structures of say, 250 feet or higher. If I get some time, I'll try to whip up a mock-up (in Excel) and upload a screenshot. Was just randomly thinking about the concept when I wrote the post, so didn't think too deeply about how it would function from a technical standpoint.

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    My first attempt (only looking at Manhattan construction, over 300ft)...Green = Proposed, Red = U/C, Blue = Completed

    Things to do:

    1) Fix mistakes, add overlooked ones
    2) Eventually include all new construction (not just over 300 ft.)
    3) Make it collaborative
    4) Expand to outer boroughs and NJ
    5) Get pictures for each site, link to WiredNY page, link to official building URL
    6) Shared Google doc to serve as master spreadsheet (?)

    Any input or advice is greatly appreciated

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    Arrow New Construction: project tracker

    Quote Originally Posted by tone99loc View Post
    5) Get pictures for each site, link to WiredNY page, link to official building URL

    Any input or advice is greatly appreciated
    This is a great idea: thanks. I have my own list of various (proposed or under construction) projects that I try to keep up with - you have got most of them covered.

    Thanks again for investing the required time/effort for making that google link.


    P.S. A map like this would require a member (or group of members) who are willing to track projects and update that map on a periodic basis - easier said than done. I have added you to my list of 'contacts': send me a pm if you want to discuss this idea with me personally.
    Last edited by infoshare; November 10th, 2008 at 09:19 AM.

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    Default Google Map listing of New Construction Projects

    This map is an excellent resource/reference for keeping up to date on new and "currently under construction" projects.

    Thanks again to Tone: If I hear of any new project that can be added to the list - I'll let you know.


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    Thx infoshare


    I've added a few more buildings and put links to the Wired NY forums whenever I could find them...Still have to:

    1) Include all new construction (not just highrises)
    2) Expand to outer boroughs and NJ
    3) Get pictures (of the renders) for each building
    4) Shared Google doc to serve as master spreadsheet (?)

    Edit: I'll provide this link in the main NY Construction forum / I don't know where it belongs, so mods/admins, please feel free to move back if necessary.
    Last edited by tone99loc; November 15th, 2008 at 02:29 PM.

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    Very handy map, good work!

    I'm trying to think where it would be most useful.....

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    Excellent map, great work.

    Here are some others under construction that you might want to add:

    22 Renwick (Condo)

    330 Hudson / Viceroy Hotel (Mixed Use Hotel)

    68 Charlton (Extell Hotel)

    80 Sixth Avenue / Grand Street Hotel (BCRE Hotel)

    50 Franklin Street (Condo)

    79 Crosby (Crosby Street Hotel)

    2 Cooper Square / 37 East 4th Street (Residential)

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    Thanks lofter, good finds!

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    Exclamation New Construction: update

    Time to bump-up this map: most of the information on these projects are still current.

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