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Thread: Posting Images and Photos

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    Oh, alright. Thanks for clearing that up Alonzo.


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    Whats with the evil avatar by the way?

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    ^^ How's that evil?

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    It looks like you're coming out of the shadows to attack someone.

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    Default photo posting test

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    I guess I'm an idiot. I've set up a flickr account and am copying and pasting the URL that they assign to my photos. I've tried the manual ([img]) method and by clicking on the "insert image" link above the post. However, for some reason I'm not able to get them to display. I've ensured that the "anyone can see them" option has been selected on flickr. Any suggestions?

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    I just right clicked on the image and selected copy image url which I pasted between the img /img things.

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    Thanks...when I right click, I don't get that option. very odd. I'm on a PC, not a mac, if that makes a difference. I guess I'll devote some time to figuring this out later. thanks though.

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    Prometheus, the problem is that you are using a wrong URL. You are using URL of a Flickr page, not image. As a result, html page inside IMG tags does not show anything.

    To get the right URL, on Flickr page, click "All Sizes", select the right size, then below the image, in the section "2. Grab the photo's URL:" copy the URL and post it between IMG tags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
    I guess I'm an idiot.
    Just remember, you're the one that said it.

    If you have Firefox on a PC:

    With mouse pointer over the image, right-click.

    Click on the menu item "Copy Image Location."

    Paste it inside the [img] brackets.

    Other browsers are similar.

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    I told you I was an idiot! Many thanks to all for your assistance! Cheers!

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    Well, you're not anymore.

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    Is it possible to have an exception to the rule of 800 pixels for the London thread?

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