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    I will try to entertain with my vacation pictures. I was in Riga for a day in July of this year on my way from St. Petersburg to Lithuania.

    The Riga TV tower is located on an island, in an isolated place. There is an observation deck, but not too many people are visiting. There used to be a restaurant in the tower, but it is out of business now. The elevators are located in two of the tower's legs.

    One of the tallest structures in Europe, with the height of 1,209 ft (368 m), the Riga TV tower was built in 1987 on the Zakusala island.

    On the picture, the first row of windows is at 93 m, and that's where the restaurant used to be. The second row of windows, at 97 m, is the observation deck. There is another observation deck, at 134 m, but it is not open to public. The antenna starts at 220 m, and the tip is at 368 m.

    The view from the observation deck of Riga TV Tower.

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    Default Riga TV Tower

    Wow! *Thanks for sharing.

    Two words to describe this Riga TV tower...definitely different!

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    Default Riga TV Tower

    One of a few that don't mimic Toronto's CN tower.

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