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Thread: Newark Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by newarkdevil1 View Post
    I think someone posted the article on it but there is something like 90 units going above.
    90 above, or next to it? I know the upper floors are residential but they're putting some more next to it from what I heard.

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    No way 90 units would fit in that building. That number might be for the entire Market Street redevelopment (which includes a few adjacent buildings)

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    Maybe a typo. Id say 9 units above Dino BBQ.

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    Default Dino bbq units

    [QUOTE=Newarkguy;394504] Dino will have 22 units above, the rest of market 68 units !

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    Newark Officials Say Panasonic Is A 'Mountain' On Which To Build

    Last Updated: May 8, 2012 05:54pm ET
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    Richardson said the Brick
    City has $1 billion worth of
    deals in the pipeline.

    (Our first ever New Jersey Real Estate Networking Breakfasttakes place June 5 at The Newark Club. Click herefor more information.)
    NEWARK-“Newark wasn’t on the radar screen” for real estate professionals, an urban strategy consultant deduced last year. Since then, a new marketing effort trumpeting the city’s comeback–and showcasing Panasonic’s decision to build its headquarters here –is sending out strong, positive signals, development officials say.
    At a recent meeting of ICREW NJ, which is the state chapter of a national group that works toward advancement of women in commercial real estate, panel members talked about the need to “build credibility” about Newark’s effort to re-build itself.
    “How do you convince commercial real estate professionals about Newark?” asked Catherine Timko, president of the Riddle Co., which designed the marketing campaign. “You focus on its locational advantages and, ultimately, Panasonic changed the dialogue. We’re now shifting the message—we’re on the mountaintop.”
    The year 2011 was a “watershed” in the evolution of New Jersey’s largest city, said Lyneir Richardson, the chief executive of Newark’s development arm, the Brick City Development Corp. There is now $700 million worth of development underway and another $1 billion in the pipeline, Richardson said.
    “Newark’s comeback is very real,” the development chief added during the presentation at the Newark Club called "The Branding of Newark as a Destination for Business,” which was held in April.
    Panasonic’s announcement last fall that it would relocate its North American headquarters to Newark was a coup, Richardson noted, “and we plan to build on that momentum.” Richardson described a multi-year plan to market sites for development, from groundbreaking to lease-signing. “Our time is now,” he added, “and my job is to make the phone ring.”
    Richardson said that economic redevelopment in Newark is about more than filling office buildings. “That includes everything from new grocery stores to hotel development,” he said. The Marriott Hotel under construction downtown will be the first new hotel in Newark in 38 years.
    The “amenity mix” is growing richer with new restaurants opening around the Prudential Center Arena, and the Teachers Village project underway. Teachers Village will include residences, services, and a home for academic programs for the city's teachers.
    Tom Sullivan, CEO of Princeton Partners, who was also on the panel, said the 40,000 students who attend college in the one square mile of Newark’s University Heights section, amount to one of its chief assets. “The academic names are well-known—Rutgers, Seton Hall, NJIT and UMDNJ, but the student population is not yet integrated into the city,” Sullivan said
    Sullivan noted that Newark has much to crow about in its marketing campaign. Quoting the findings of a Minnesota think-tank, Sullivan said Newark is a walkable, sustainable venue, and the top city in the country for industry “adding value.”
    “This is also a team effort to communicate Newark’s message with commercial real estate brokers,” said Madelyne Kirch, president of Sun & Moon Marketing Communications, another panel member. She said that includes New York brokers. “The message is that Newark is an alternative to Manhattan."
    “We polled senior brokers in New York and found that this information just wasn’t crossing the Hudson,” Kirch said. “There was a lack of familiarity about what is going on here.”

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    Has any been to Dino yet?

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    I stopped in tonight after the Devils viewing party (Go Devils!!!!!). Awesome vibe and great wings!!

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    My Proposed Newark Metro Bus Rapid Transit , Stations would be placed in the center of the highway for faster acceleration proposes , they would come with the re-installation of the HOV lanes...and along Sunken Sections in the Oranges and Newark lid Parks...

    I-280 Rapid Bus

    Parsipanny - Troy Hills
    Cherry Hill Road
    South Beverwyck Road

    East Hanover
    Ridgedale Ave
    Passaic Ave
    Laurel Ave
    West Orange
    Pleasent - Valley Way
    Prospect Ave
    Northfield Ave

    Essex Ave
    East Orange
    South Harrison Street
    Market Street
    (Midtown , Journal SQ and Wall Street buses continue along 280)
    1st Ave & Central Ave
    (UMDNJ / Court House Route)
    1st Ave & Market Street
    Bergen Street & 12th ave - UMDNJ
    Bergen Street & South Orange Ave
    South Orange & Norfolk
    Essex County Court House
    Four Corners
    Newark Penn Station

    (Rutgers Univ / Military Park Route)
    1st Ave & Central Ave
    Central & Norfolk
    Cental & Look
    Central & MLK Boulevard
    Central & Washington
    Central & Broad
    Broad & Raymond
    Raymond & Mc Carter Hwy
    Newark Penn Station

    Route 24 / I-78 Rapid Bus
    Morristown Green
    Columbia Road & Whippany Road

    Florham Park
    Ridgedale Ave
    Greenwood Ave
    Florham Park
    Brooklake Road
    North Passaic Ave
    Short Hills Mall
    Summit Ave
    Hobart Ave

    Main Street
    Union Township
    Vauxhall Road
    Burnet Ave
    Halsey Street

    Piane Ave
    Lyons Ave
    Osborne Terrace

    (Express Buses continue to Midtown , Journal SQ and Wall Street)
    West Runyon Street & Elizabeth Ave
    Elizabeth & Clinton
    Lincoln Park
    City Hall - Govt Center
    Lafayette Street - Prudential Center
    Four Corners
    Newark Penn Station

    Stations would look like this along the Interstates with Caps over the Sunken Interstates...forming a Park.

    Minneapolis Minnesota - Highway 35W Kingfield station 46th street by Lucie Maru, on Flickr

    And Urban / Suburban Stations would look like this...

    E 6th Stop by tracktwentynine, on Flickr

    Sheltered by tracktwentynine, on Flickr

    Buses would mostly likely look like this...

    BRT Vehicle by tracktwentynine, on Flickr

    What do you think ?, I will post my proposals for Newark - Harrison and Bloomfield later

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    Hire more Cops!...

    Group of 10 or 15 'thugs' rob and beat 5 people following Prudential Center concert, cops say

    NEWARK ó A roving band of teenagers assaulted five people as they left a sold-out concert at Newarkís Prudential Center Saturday night, leaving one man unconscious and another with a fractured eye socket during a two-minute crime spree, according to police officials and incident reports.

    The attacks happened as nearly 20,000 guests departed from a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and marked only the second major reported crime at the arena since it opened in 2007, officials said.

    When it was all over, three teenagers and two adults had been beaten and robbed along Broad Street between Market and Lafayette Streets, according to the police reports. One victim, a 23-year-old Pennsylvania man, suffered a fractured eye socket and needed 12 stitches to close wounds to his lip and eyebrow, the reports said.

    The same group attacked a father and son from Morris County, stealing their cell phones and the older manís wallet. The teens cornered the 14-year-old boy and repeatedly punched and kicked him, the reports said. A cab driver and parking attendant intervened and helped the boy, who then discovered his father unconscious and bleeding nearby, according to the reports.

    The same group of thieves, described by Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio as a band of 10 or 15 "thugs," assaulted and robbed two Livingston teenagers, according to the reports.

    "Itís so unfortunate that this one group of kids can cause something like this to happen," DeMaio said. "Itís sad."

    The victims and Mayor Cory Booker declined to comment.

    DeMaio said all three robberies were likely committed by the same group of teenagers. Police did recover a video of the attack, which shows the teens racing along Broad Street throwing fists and feet.

    "Itís a group thatís moving very rapidly, they come through, theyíre hitting, taking stuff, continuing on and running," he said.

    The scene was apparently so out of control that commanders at the 3rd Precinct issued a "citywide alert" for assistance, according to the reports.

    No suspects have been identified, but DeMaio said officers are examining links to other robberies committed by juveniles in the area.

    The attacks came less than a month after the city reduced the number of officers patrolling the arena from 20 to 14, but DeMaio said there were 23 cops assigned to the Prudential Center on Saturday. The victims were attacked in what amounts to a blind spot, DeMaio said. Guests usually walk toward Newark Penn Station or Mulberry Street after events, so officers patrol those areas, more heavily, he said.

    DeMaio said the attacks were only the second major crime connected to the arena since it opened in 2007. A gay couple was attacked during what many termed a hate crime after a Britney Spears concert in 2009, but nobody was seriously injured.

    Arena officials called the attacks an isolated incident.

    "After nearly 8 million fans have walked through our doors, Prudential Center and our neighborhood have an exemplary safety record because the Newark Police Department does such a good job," said arena spokesman Bob Sommer. "We wish our fans who were involved a very speedy recovery."

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    More cops won't solve anything if they don't better patrol around Broad/Market. NPD concentrates too heavily on the Mulberry/Market/Lafayette area. While that's important, it leaves too much gap on Broad/Market.

    Also, I love how the media sensationalizes stuff like this in Newark when it actually happens around MSG but doesn't raise the same flags.

    The hotels opening up on Broad St. will help because it force the NPD's hand.

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    In that same article someone posted that it stemmed from the concert. A large fight broke out of about 200 people, spilled onto Broad Street and teens(who may or may not been from the concert) took their stuff. Folks from the concert were drunk and very high and all heck broke loose. It is a RHCP concert so it wouldn't surprise me; that article did seem odd and lacking more info. The real truth will come out.

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    The Stuff that goes on around MSG is far worse and happens everytime theres an event....It doesn't help that Penn Station is one of the worst stations for crime in NYC mainly due to the Homeless population. Theres usually one arrest a day and one serious injury or crime committed every month... Compared to quiet Newark Penn station which rarely has an incident yet the media ignores that.... There has to be more to this story like Marv said...

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    ^^^In fact, more people are saying that it was a drunken street fight starting from the arena, and opportunistic teens got involved. If that's the case then the Star Liar needs to get its facts straight.

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    Seems like it would be easier to just show video of the altercation(s).

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    Went by BBQ's tonight, the place was ridiculously packed. Perhaps b/c the Red Bulls were playing or maybe the opening novelty but either way the result was the same. The Dino's sign glow definitely added energy to that once drab corner of Market and Mulberry.

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