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Thread: Newark Development

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    I have a feeling the the school water crisis will make an outcry of spending the money on a park at this time

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    Quote Originally Posted by towerpower123 View Post
    That rendering from MKWLA is from 2011. It has long since changed.
    The proposal for 2 strips of retail stores turning their backs on the rest of the site is also history. The new design will be somewhat similar to the MKWLA design, but will likely be better designed to integrate with the surrounding developments on the adjacent blocks. Only time will tell, as we have to wait until the design submission proposals are all in in mid-April.
    Good to read, that was an abomination in the making.

    Quote Originally Posted by taxmanic View Post
    I have a feeling the the school water crisis will make an outcry of spending the money on a park at this time
    Hoping the usual stakeholders will step up to privately fund this thing. We already know the re-developers (Edison and J&L) are kicking in a piece - sure it is quite small given their track record. The Devils / Prudential Center are also a funding partner and given the extreme wealth of the ownership group, would not be surprised if their contribution is significant. Nothing civic seems to happen in Newark without Prudential Foundation's name on it so guessing they will also be involved.

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    bears stadium is gone, !!!!!!!!!! If you read my history i kept saying tear the stupid thing down and build a set of condo towers. Nyc and waterfront views, light rail right in front , halsey two blocks away, 280 to turnpike or gsp in 10 mins and trains to nyc across the street and top colleges near by, whole foods across the street. This is a game changer especially if they properly add to the existing parking garages as that is the sore point for 1180. Finally a real home run in that useless space.

    The site at the corner of Broad Street and Orange Street has been sold to the Lotus Equity Group, city officials confirmed this week. Lotus plans to demolish Riverfront Stadium and build a mixed-use, high-rise tower in its place.
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    Would have been nice to see the area around the stadium develop first, Westinghouse and Lincoln Motel sites are development ready. I believe that in the long term, the stadium could have become an asset in some way whether for college or minor leagues. Unfortunately that would be many years out, and to have it sit vacant and lose money is just not a good option. With competing venues in the Prudential Center and Red Bull Arena (and NJPAC too), there aren't many opportunities other than baseball use at this facility and ultimately that's what makes it unviable in the short term.

    Let's hope this development gets done and gets done right. Would love to see a true urban mixed-use development rise quickly and be a catalyst for that entire corridor. The momentum in Newark is palpable.

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    "The city is on the hook to make $14 million of principal and interest payments through 2029, according to bond documents. Annual payments exceed $1 million through 2020 before declining.

    That’s money that could have been used for policing, education and sanitation."

    Is all that getting wiped away or is the City and the taxpayers on the hook still? We should be cautiously optimistic and hopefully it doesn't drag out and take long for this project to get built.
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    1. Black Racism.
    The opposition in City Hall beholden to what I've called in the past "Ghetto Lobbies" (community groups)
    Opposing "gentrification/outsiders." Both code for "whites". If Newark had even a THIRD of JC'S residential
    high rises,the voting demographics would have favored Shaver Jeffries over radical Baraka.
    2. Suburban white fears of Newark. While whites did come by train at first, Soon prejudice won in getting stadium's
    built in Montclair (that's in greater Newark),Sussex,and Somerset county. Even Bergen County flirted with a Minor league park at or near Xanadu American Dream..
    Raritan valley line went from getting Union,Somerset County fans to Newark to getting Essex (Newark),Hudson,Union,Even New Yorkers!! TO SOMERSET PATRIOTS!
    3. NO ADVERTISING WHATSOEVER! !! HONESTLY! I never heard a radio spot for
    Newark Bears Baseball. Yet NYC media has Trenton Thunder,Somerset Patriots & Brooklyn Cyclones /Staten Island Yankees ads all the time!!
    Where the HELL is Liberty Plaza?
    DROVE BY "SHAQ/RECTOR ST" (Bllantine/Science High site) Other than missing windows (nothing new)
    NOTHING IS GOING ON!! NOT EVEN A SIDEWALK BARRIER like all construction sites have.
    That god dammed precinct is still open at NJPAC invisible tower!
    The plot of land between Burger King and Broad street station appears to te cursed. Same for all the vacant lots,westinghouse,parking lots by the newly coined (by me ) "THE BERGER -RUTGERS LANDBANKING COALITION!"

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    This is fantastic news for Newark. Some of the best news in recent years.

    From an abandoned sports field to a condo tower. I'll certainly take it.

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    What I think is the biggest win for downtown and the city as a whole is how many units this project could have. They said anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 that's more then the Shaq tower, NJPAC tower, Hahnes building, and 24 Jones have combined. This could be downtown's signature project and tower, right up there with some of the signature projects in JC. This can change the game for Newark. Hopefully, it isnt held back by municipal politics and gets off the ground within a couple of years.

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    Wonder if the Lincoln Motel site would be included.

    And NO to affordable housing, unless there are strict requirements.

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    Something else planned for the parcels next to 280 and Broad Street station...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nexis4Jersey View Post
    Something else planned for the parcels next to 280 and Broad Street station...
    Nexis gotta give it up to you, you broke this news two weeks ago so big props to you. Can you give us a few hints at what is planned on that land? Also, is there any time line for when this new high rise is set to go up, or is it just still being planned out.

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    I'll have to ask one of my Newark connections....

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    I'm going to wait to see what happens. It seems odd to pay that much when there are two large flattened lots right next door which would seem to be easier to develop. Additionally I had heard NJIT had bid hard on this so I wouldn't be surprise to see some horsetrading. Here is what really scares me, the developer receive a bill for property tax from the city for a developed lot and turns around and demolishes the stadium and leaves it for 10 years sitting fallow like Berger did with the Lincoln Motel site.

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    1500 units is astronomically massive!!!! The site is quite large, but that would still require several very large towers about 40-50 stories high. Remember that NJPAC will only be 242 units (its 44 story incarnation was 484 units) and Shaq will be 169 units. The huge Advance Realty site next to Penn Station is only about 400 units and the big dreams for Four Corners are listed as 800 units. If even a portion of that project comes true, we are looking at a mega-project that will provide the "critical mass" of residential activity desperately needed!

    Also, as part of the land-grab occurring from the expansion of the Port of Newark for New Panamax ships, two huge warehouses will be built soon.
    A 1,006,083 (yes, one million) square foot warehouse will be built at the end of Blanchard street, on the big open site next to the Covanta waste incineration plant.
    A second warehouse of 309,106 square feet will be built on Wilson Avenue next to the NJ Turnpike.

    Yet another project, on the site of the former United Hospital, is adding a 310,000 square foot, three story vocational school for 1100 students, which just broke ground. It will be named Donald Payne Sr. Vocational Technical School in Newark.

    It will look like
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