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Thread: Newark Development

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    nice pictures.

    The one thing that still strikes me is the amount of graffiti that is still occurring. Until people start stopping it in their neighborhoods< Newark will struggle to get new blood to move in

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    Graffiti is a fact of urban life. So long as it is not gang signs, it is not actually a bad thing.

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    More info about The Continental:

    The funny part is that I remember that the development used to be advertised for a while at Penn Station back in 2008. I found the old email I've got from them advertising the design, tax abatement and that they just finished demolition at the site. The web site no longer works though.

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    Some great post on developments in the Reddit Newark Thread today: This is a pretty wild swing in terms of a move to residential.

    and this drama just doesn't want to end with Uber:

    Rather than a separate post here is the article and link to architect:
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    Its ridiculous that the port authority is blocking that deal. Sometimes i wish the city would try to find a way to kick out the PA and operate the airport and seaport themselves.

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    For those interested, Rutgers Newark is hosting a conference tomorrow at 15 Washington on historic preservation and development in the city. Sameer Hanini and Ron Beit, among others, are scheduled to attend.

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    Huge news for that Verizon Building! Hopefully more residential will continue to lead to more downtown 24/7 activity rather than just 9-5 offices, although it is whittling down the office population.

    As far as Uber, they do not pay the massive fees that taxi drivers do and many question the safety of the drivers and vehicles. There are a number of problems involving Uber drivers sexually assaulting their passengers and problems with poor car maintenance. However, they do generate more jobs than taxis and are more readily available than taxis, as their hubs are spread out across the city, at each driver's house, rather than a few hubs.

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    Does downtown really need more of an office population, vs residential? It already has plenty of employers including Fortune 500 ones. It's getting folks to live there that's more of a priority(middle class or higher) imo.

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    I am in agreement although I think we all would like to see employment in the state grow as a whole.

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    If you want middle class and above to move in, they have to have corporate jobs to work at

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    Newark has plenty of corporate jobs.The key is to increase attractive residential offerings to get those commuting into the city from the burbs to stay in the city. Plus, the metro area is awash in jobs and folks can commute conveniently where good rail exists.

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    540 Broad St office to residential conversion; 246 luxury apartments:!Offi...f284cf213e6b3f

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    Maybe it's for the better that Shaq and NJPAC never happen. Newark hasn't had what I call a "real" skyscraper since Gateway was built in the 60s and sees to have been limited to 18-20 story midgets. Perhaps if downtown residential living really takes off (a la Hahnes and now Verizon buildings) someone will come in and actually do something with Shaq and NJPAC sites and give us a real skyscraper for the first time in a half-century.

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