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Thread: Newark Development

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    Very highly priced, but offers proof the Newark market is turning a corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 66nexus View Post

    Very highly priced, but offers proof the Newark market is turning a corner.
    But on the flipside the Newark housing market is still pretty shaky. It ranked 1st out of 40 cities that are at severe risk of a housing crash. The cities were valuated on criteria such as percentage of homes with mortgages in negative equity, foreclosure rates, delinquency rates on mortgage payments, homeowner vacancy rates and rental vacancy rates. I think Newark is definitely starting to turn a corner though.
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    ^Ah yes, I've seen that article. To be fair, Newark's housing market has been on trembling ground for the better part of the last decade. So while still a concern, certainly not a new one. I too hope it really is turning a corner.

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    Images from 3 weeks ago
    1136-1166 Raymond, Homewood Suites by Hilton 153 room hotel conversion, still no progress

    Future Burlington Coat Factory conversion

    Skinny 26 story hotel site

    At some point, they are supposed to fix up this awful excuse for a sidewalk

    One Theater Square

    Shaq Tower Rector Street

    Griffith Building and Kislak Building (48 apartments)

    That building on the right side with the florist has new owners since August at 569-577 Broad Street

    While we wait for the potential 20 story office tower at 562 Broad Street, a new Korean BBQ restaurant has opened called BulgogiZip that hopefully will bring a little more street life here.

    540 Broad Street "Walker House" which will have a rock climbing gym, Brick City Brewing Company is moving in and calling the place Bell House Brewing or Newark Beer Company in 2020, and will be closed Monday and Tuesday and will be open Wednesday and Thursday 4:00-8:00 PM, Friday 4-10 PM, Saturday Noon-10 PM, and Sunday Noon-8 PM.

    Car stackers are being added

    Looks like this plaza behind the IDT Building will also be ruined by car stackers

    Amazon's Headquarters

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    Part 2 from 3 weeks ago
    47 Central Avenue, Rutgers development

    Compare with August 2015 in Google Streetview

    31 Central Avenue, which seemed to still be occupied by the artists upstairs. It will be replaced with a 10 story building that will preserve the facade stonework in the lobby

    Rutgers Honors Living-Learning Campus and McGovern's Tavern rebuild

    155 Washington Street (the base) and 151 Washington Street (the 18 story/208 foot tower) will be renovated in 2 separate projects into apartments and ground floor retail, plus an addition on the surface lot. It will total 220 apartments, 6000 square feet of retail space, 4000 square feet of space for Rutgers. The addition will contain 29 additional apartments and an unknown amount of retail across 30,000 square feet which would be 4 floors.

    From 2 months ago, 87 Halsey Street was renovated. I missed it on this trip

    BurgerIM is still on it's way

    137 Halsey Street is being renovated

    45 Academy Street, the brown building with the old Coleman ad mural in the background, will become the home of Paramount Assets with 70 employees across 12,000 square feet.

    29 Academy Street is still being renovated. Each visit, a few more windows change. The plan is for 8 to 10 units on the upper floors and retail at street level. It was recently bought by the same developer that is doing 30 and 36-40 Clinton Street.

    New 7Eleven in 165 Halsey

    The old Rite-Aid spot on the end is being completely renovated for new tenants

    The plain metal wall on 128 Market Street gained a mural

    The theater building with the TOP 2000 store in it is supposed to be renovated into apartments

    Branford Place, this site was supposed to be renovated into apartments and retail stores, but the building was half demolished instead. The back box of the theater will either be gut renovated or demolished and replaced, keeping the grand frontage on the Market Street side.

    221-225 Halsey Street surface lot gained formal entrance gates

    The Halo, site for the twin 40 story residential towers

    303 Washington Street itself is an office building and is being renovated.

    95 William Street, a Verizon Long Lines building, is still being renovated for the past several years.

    Looks like movement at 43-45 William Street for a 4 story residential building as the narrow Bronze Shield building has been demolished

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    Part 3 from 3 weeks ago

    Teacher's Village

    The renovation of 36-38 William Street for 25 loft apartments and 2694 square feet of ground floor retail continues.

    The Calumet replacement is essentially complete, and a plaque states it was the site of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    According to Jersey Digs, the Treat Place, the street along side this building could become a pedestrian plaza!

    The Vibe, a 21 story tower, will replace these 3 buildings and demolition has not yet begun.

    William Flats, now complete by the same developer who did Halston Flats

    Compare with September 2016 Google Streetview

    915 Broad Street, 84 apartments (46 affordable, 38 market-rate) and 9050 square feet of retail space, part for the iHop pancake restaurant across 5 floors.

    Just BeClaws and the Armed Forces Recruitment Center (moving from the National Newark Building) in the Marriott Hotel

    Immediately after the lease with the Newark Parking Authority was signed, construction began on the City Hall Parking Deck at 43-67 Green Street. 5 floors with 515 parking spots, a cafe with outdoor seating, and office space for City Hall that will stand 72 feet high. It will cost $34 Million and replaces a 258 space surface lot.

    Mulberry Commons and the Ironside Newark

    The pictures are taken from the far end of the render, across the street from the Prudential Center

    The Shaq Tower 2 site in the foreground is being used as temporary parking for city vehicles evicted from the 43-67 Green Street site.

    193-195 Market Street, to be developed into a 30ish story tower.

    192 and 196-198 Market Street (Bonnell Building) renovations

    New Dunkin Donuts

    The new tallest building in Newark could be built on this corner, and it is unknown how far it will stretch, as to whether or not it will include the McDonalds. With a half ounce of luck, the stuccoed bank facade will be preserved by the new development, as the old stonework is believed to be hidden underneath.

    765 Broad Street underwent a complete interior renovation across 100,000 sq ft very recently

    30 Clinton Street, renovation to 20 apartments and 1430 square feet of retail

    36-40 Clinton Street, 27 apartments on floors 3-8 with the Post Office and its office space remaining

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    Part 4 from 3 weeks ago
    28-40 McWhorter Street lot, who knows what will happen after the MX-3 decision, but hopefully it will be a better design with more retail and less parking wall.

    167 Lafayette Street is completed for 3 apartments

    118-126 Green Street, "Textile Lofts"

    58 Elm Street, 30 apartments on 7 floors

    This corner building at 52 Elm Street, 20 units on 4 additional floors above the warehouse base for parking, and the fence posts would imply that construction will start very soon.

    114-126 Walnut Street, five story, 57 foot tall building with 29 apartments and 16 parking spots

    New York Avenue infill

    156 Adams Street (tan and gray 4 story building)

    295 Lafayette complete, 297 Lafayette to be built later

    124 Adams Street residential conversion complete

    135 Monroe Street lofts complete

    Ironbound Pestana/former Carvi Hotel site, with development complete at 135 Monroe, work should start soon, hopefully!

    113 Monroe, to be converted into apartments

    114-116 Madison Street, completed

    108 Ferry Street, storefront renovation

    36 Madison Street, a SLOW development that may be continuing with progress since July 2018,
    July 2018 Streetview, and hopefully they will put the historic detailing back!

    472-474 Market Street, I was certain they were going to flatten this one but instead it will be extended into a 5 story building

    152 Ferry Street renovation

    94-106 Polk Street, 4 Floors/42 Units with a 25 year tax abatement and it appears the mural might be staying, although it is not in the renders

    This massive site bounded by Ferguson, Clover, and Polk Street officially became a nearly 400 spot surface lot, which should be illegal according to the NZLUR zoning.

    73-75 Ferguson Street, a Bayonne Box and a companion

    Market and Polk Street, still being used for a truck parking lot and who knows what that steel is for. 5 floors/56 units are planned

    All of the photos above were taken on 3/24/2019, 3 weeks ago. There are on my blog,

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    ^Whoa loaded pic update! That is really awesome work sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by 66nexus View Post
    ^^WOW. That's an incredible upgrade of that eyesore of a building. Really looking forward to seeing this one come together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by West Hudson View Post
    ^^WOW. That's an incredible upgrade of that eyesore of a building. Really looking forward to seeing this one come together!
    Right! That will activate a nice chunk of that stretch, especially considering how imposing that damn thing is currently.

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    Default MTV to hold 2019 Video Music Awards (VMA) in Newark at Prudential Center

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    The old post office on corner of Atlantic and Bridge Street. Signs up that it is going to be renovated and 11 parking spots made on corner lot where they cleaned up and kicked out homeless

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    Borders Tex-Mex Cantina closed

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    Quote Originally Posted by taxmanic View Post
    Borders Tex-Mex Cantina closed
    That was quick.

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